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Image for Safco TripleCheck™ sterilization pouches
Safco TripleCheck™ sterilization pouches

Premium self-seal sterilization pouches. Easy to read internal and external color-changing process indicators. See-through blue...

View Safco TripleCheck™ sterilization pouches

Image for One Coat 7 Universal
One Coat 7 Universal

Light-cure, one-component bonding agent. Can be used with the self-etch, selective etch or total etch...

View One Coat 7 Universal

Image for Safco Excel™ vinyl polysiloxane
Safco Excel™ vinyl polysiloxane

Safco''s most popular vinyl polysiloxane impression material. Odorless and tasteless.   Working time Setting time Regular...

View Safco Excel™ vinyl polysiloxane

Image for Cetacaine®

Triple-active formula is well-suited for scaling and root planing, or pre-injection. Pleasant taste. Active ingredients:...

View Cetacaine®

Image for Safco ZirconCut FG diamonds
Safco ZirconCut FG diamonds

Cuts through zirconia, ceramic and lithium disilicate significantly faster and longer than other diamonds. All...

View Safco ZirconCut FG diamonds

Image for Bone Surgery tips
Bone Surgery tips

Medical grade steel surgical tips designed to provide durability and precision. Anatomical adaptability for a...

View Bone Surgery tips

Image for Safco CleanCare™ prophy paste
Safco CleanCare™ prophy paste

Safco CleanCare 1.23% fluoride prophy paste is the perfect solution for those seeking fast and...

View Safco CleanCare™ prophy paste

Image for Safco CleanCare™ disposable prophy angles
Safco CleanCare™ disposable prophy angles

Experience superior cleaning with our versatile selection of rib/web cups, available in various cup designs...

View Safco CleanCare™ disposable prophy angles

Image for Safco Kleer™ mirrors
Safco Kleer™ mirrors

Chromium and titanium coated front surface mirror in a stainless steel frame. Images of exact...

View Safco Kleer™ mirrors

Image for Two Striper® diamonds
Two Striper® diamonds

Two Striper® stays sharp longer and delivers faster cutting than electroplated brands, which means less...

View Two Striper® diamonds

Image for Safco DoubleCheck™ sterilization pouches
Safco DoubleCheck™ sterilization pouches

Premium grade self-seal sterilization pouches. Easy to read internal and external color-changing process indicators. See-through...

View Safco DoubleCheck™ sterilization pouches

Image for Piezotome Cube
Piezotome Cube

Ultrasonic bone surgery unit engineered specifically for atraumatic extraction and implant surgery. Features a minimally...

View Piezotome Cube

Image for Stela

Stela is the ultimate high-performance self-cure flowable composite and the ideal restorative for Classes I,...

View Stela

Image for Safco explorers
Safco explorers

Our standard handle explorers offer the grip and responsiveness for the most precise diagnostic procedures....

View Safco explorers

Image for Waterpik<sup>®</sup> Cordless Advanced 2.0
Waterpik® Cordless Advanced 2.0

Perfect for those who want to water floss, but don’t have the space for a...

View Waterpik® Cordless Advanced 2.0

Image for Embrace™ Varnish
Embrace™ Varnish

5% NaFl with Xylitol-coated calcium and phosphate in a permeable resin matrix that does not...

View Embrace™ Varnish

Image for Strata-G™

The Strata-G system offers adaptability and consistency during restorations. They are built to handle wide...

View Strata-G™

Image for 430 SWL® 45 and 430 SW™ 45 handpieces
430 SWL® 45 and 430 SW™ 45 handpieces

45° angled head provides access to the posterior area of the oral cavity. Engineered for...

View 430 SWL® 45 and 430 SW™ 45 handpieces

Image for 430 SWL® fiber optic handpiece
430 SWL® fiber optic handpiece

LubeFree autochuck cartridge with ceramic bearings improves efficiency, saves time, and eliminates the high cost...

View 430 SWL® fiber optic handpiece

Image for 430K® handpiece
430K® handpiece

The 430K offers a high speed autochuck handpiece featuring a LubeFree cartridge with ceramic bearings....

View 430K® handpiece

Image for 430 SW™ handpiece
430 SW™ handpiece

High speed non-fiber optic autochuck handpiece. LubeFree cartridge with ceramic bearings. Available in original smooth...

View 430 SW™ handpiece

Image for 430 SW™ Torque and 430 SWL® Torque handpieces
430 SW™ Torque and 430 SWL® Torque handpieces

430 Torque Series offers a wide range of options in an incredibly powerful handpiece at...

View 430 SW™ Torque and 430 SWL® Torque handpieces

Image for Safe-Flo<sup>®</sup> saliva ejectors and valves
Safe-Flo® saliva ejectors and valves

Valves prevent fluid retraction from within the vacuum line and stop fluids in the line...

View Safe-Flo® saliva ejectors and valves

Image for TidiShield™ intraoral camera covers
TidiShield™ intraoral camera covers

Clear plastic disposable sleeves with removable paper backing to aid insertion of sensor into the sleeve....

View TidiShield™ intraoral camera covers

Image for Tün® Endodontic Tips
Tün® Endodontic Tips

These endodontic ultrasonic tips are made from all stainless steel and armored with Duracoat diamond...

View Tün® Endodontic Tips

Image for BioCoat™

Bioactive resin pit and fissure sealant provides relentless protection and superior handling. Opaque shade with...

View BioCoat™

Image for AeroPro™ cordless hygiene handpiece
AeroPro™ cordless hygiene handpiece

Lightweight, ergonomic cordless and pedal-less handpiece for unlimited mobility. Generates less aerosol & less splatter...

View AeroPro™ cordless hygiene handpiece

Image for 3Demax Complete 3D Printing Solution
3Demax Complete 3D Printing Solution

The 3Demax is a compact, high-precision, high-speed 3D printer that can be used for a...

View 3Demax Complete 3D Printing Solution

Image for Dentapen

Powered anesthetic injector provides a more comfortable, practical and effortless injection. Battery-powered; cordless. Delivers consistent...

View Dentapen

Image for Premier® Implant Cement™
Premier® Implant Cement™

Non-eugenol radiopaque resin cement in an automix syringe. Provides secure long-term retention for permanent implant-retained...

View Premier® Implant Cement™

Image for NexTemp<sup>® </sup>Temporary Cement
NexTemp® Temporary Cement

Non-eugenol, resin based cement in an automix syringe. Initial gel-set stabilizes the temporary; final set...

View NexTemp® Temporary Cement

Image for Enamel Pro®
Enamel Pro®

The only prophy paste formulated to deliver ACP! ACP (Amorphous Calcium Phosphate) stimulates remineralization of tooth...

View Enamel Pro®

Image for iStar® cordless prophy handpiece
iStar® cordless prophy handpiece

Prophy handpiece that features a compact, cordless design to simplify prophy procedures. It eliminates stress...

View iStar® cordless prophy handpiece

Image for Enamel Pro® Varnish
Enamel Pro® Varnish

The only 5% sodium fluoride varnish formulated to deliver ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate). Desensitizes dentin...

View Enamel Pro® Varnish

Image for Traxodent®

Traxodent is a 15% aluminum chloride retraction paste. Once placed in the sulcus, the absorbent...

View Traxodent®

Image for Enamelon®

Treats sensitivity, helps prevent cavities, and relieves the discomfort of dry mouth tissues.* Relieves sensitivity...

View Enamelon®

Image for Crest Splitting tips
Crest Splitting tips

Crest Splitting tips that smoothly enlarge the crest, avoiding the risk of bone fracture. Provides...

View Crest Splitting tips

Image for SimpliShade™

Light-cured resin-based nano hybrid restorative formulated with Adaptive Response Technology (ART) to cover all 16...

View SimpliShade™

Image for Herculite® Ultra
Herculite® Ultra

This innovative nanohybrid composite offers advanced nanofiller technology that delivers superior esthetics and optimal handling....

View Herculite® Ultra

Image for Predicta® Bioactive Bulk
Predicta® Bioactive Bulk

A bioactive, dual-cure, bulk-fill resin composite that releases calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions to stimulate...

View Predicta® Bioactive Bulk

Image for Vertise™ Flow
Vertise™ Flow

Self-adhering, light-cured, resin-based flowable composite restorative. Greatly simplifies the direct placement procedure by incorporating the...

View Vertise™ Flow

Image for Nexus™ RMGI
Nexus™ RMGI

Resin modified glass ionomer for the final cementation of porcelain-fused-to-metal, porcelain-fused -to-zirconia, metal based crowns,...

View Nexus™ RMGI

Image for Maxcem Elite™ Chroma
Maxcem Elite™ Chroma

Smart cement changes color when it’s time to clean up! Dual cure, self-etch/self-adhesive resin cement...

View Maxcem Elite™ Chroma

Image for Harmonize™

Harmonize is a nanohybrid light-cured, esthetic resin-based, universal composite designed for the placement of direct restorations. Harmonize...

View Harmonize™

Image for Expasyl™

Expasyl is a viscous paste, consisting of micronized kaolin, aluminum chloride, and water, which is...

View Expasyl™

Image for CaviWipes<sup>®</sup>

Disinfecting towelettes presaturated with CaviCide (quaternary/alcohol based surface disinfectant). Durable, non-woven, non-abrasive towels won’t bunch...

View CaviWipes®

Image for Maxcem Elite™
Maxcem Elite™

Dual cure, self-etch, self-adhesive all-purpose resin cement packaged in a dual-barrel syringe with automix tips....

View Maxcem Elite™

Image for Piezocision tips
Piezocision tips

Specifically designed tips for accelerated orthodontic surgery in adults. Perfect for mini-incisions and mini-invasive procedures....

View Piezocision tips

Image for Premise™

Universal nanofilled restorative composite offering superior esthetics and handling, along with outstanding strength and ultra-low...

View Premise™

Image for NX3 (Nexus®)
NX3 (Nexus®)

Third generation esthetic permanent resin cement for all indirect applications, including veneers. Patented amine-free redox...

View NX3 (Nexus®)

Image for Monarch™ CleanStream
Monarch™ CleanStream

Proprietary blend of EDTA, non-foaming surfactants and chelating agents penetrate and loosen calcifications to increase flow and...

View Monarch™ CleanStream

Image for Occlubrush® Polishers
Occlubrush® Polishers

Pre-polish and finish restorations to a high gloss with one instrument. Occlubrushes come in three...

View Occlubrush® Polishers

Image for AlgiNot™

Automix VPS impression material for quick, long-lasting impressions without the messy, time consuming hand mixing...

View AlgiNot™

Image for OptiDisc®

Translucent finishing and polishing disc system. These flexible polyester discs are designed for use with...

View OptiDisc®

Image for Root ZX3
Root ZX3

The Root ZX3 is the latest generation of the world’s best-selling apex locator. Brand new...

View Root ZX3

Image for 3M™ Impregum™ Penta™ Soft
3M™ Impregum™ Penta™ Soft

Challenging, complex cases require 3M™ Impregum™ Polyether Impression Material. It is available in your preferred delivery system and...

View 3M™ Impregum™ Penta™ Soft

Image for 3M™ Protemp™ Plus
3M™ Protemp™ Plus

Automix bis-acrylic temporary material for crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers and long-term temporization. Highest fracture...

View 3M™ Protemp™ Plus

Image for AIRFLOW<sup>®</sup> Prophylaxis Master
AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master

The latest EMS innovation for caries prevention and perio maintenance. AIRFLOW has been designed with the...

View AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master

Image for Fusion™ Anterior Matrix System
Fusion™ Anterior Matrix System

The Fusion Anterior Matrix is a complete system to help recreate ideal interproximal anatomy quickly...

View Fusion™ Anterior Matrix System

Image for iCare maintenance system
iCare maintenance system

Automatic maintenance system cleans and lubricates up to four handpieces at once. The maintenance of...

View iCare maintenance system

Image for Beautifil® Kids SA
Beautifil® Kids SA

Beautifil Kids SA is a self-adhesive, nano-hybrid flowable composite restorative material with GIOMER Technology. It...

View Beautifil® Kids SA

Image for 3M<sup>™</sup> Filtek<sup>™</sup> Supreme Flowable Restorative
3M Filtek Supreme Flowable Restorative

The 3M™ Filtek™ Supreme Flowable Restorative offers long-lasting wear resistance and polish retention. It is...

View 3M Filtek Supreme Flowable Restorative

Image for 3M™ Protemp™ Crown
3M™ Protemp™ Crown

Deliver a custom fit for your patients in less than four minutes! The pre-formed, malleable...

View 3M™ Protemp™ Crown

Image for Tri Auto ZX2+
Tri Auto ZX2+

The Tri Auto ZX2+ is a cordless endodontic handpiece with a built-in apex locator. Its...

View Tri Auto ZX2+

Image for 3M™ RelyX™ Ultimate
3M™ RelyX™ Ultimate

Industry-leading bond strength. World-class esthetics. Extraordinary versatility. RelyX Ultimate dual cure adhesive resin cement offers...

View 3M™ RelyX™ Ultimate

Image for 3M™ Clinpro™ 5000 Toothpaste
3M™ Clinpro™ 5000 Toothpaste

Prescription-strength 1.1% sodium fluoride dentifrice with tri-calcium phosphate (TCP). Aids in caries prevention, helps strengthen...

View 3M™ Clinpro™ 5000 Toothpaste

Image for 3M™ Filtek™ Supreme Ultra
3M™ Filtek™ Supreme Ultra

The versatile 3M™ Filtek™ Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative delivers excellent polish retention, exceptional handling and...

View 3M™ Filtek™ Supreme Ultra

Image for 3M™ Vanish™ White Varnish
3M™ Vanish™ White Varnish

An optimized, clear varnish formulated to stay in contact with the teeth longer for effective...

View 3M™ Vanish™ White Varnish

Image for 3M™ RelyX™ Unicem 2 Automix
3M™ RelyX™ Unicem 2 Automix

Next generation self-adhesive resin cement features enhanced bond strength, mechanical properties, and esthetics. Automix syringe saves...

View 3M™ RelyX™ Unicem 2 Automix

Image for 3M™ Intra-Oral Syringes
3M™ Intra-Oral Syringes

Single-use ergonomically designed syringes deliver wash material with easier handling and significantly less material waste....

View 3M™ Intra-Oral Syringes

Image for 3M™ Scotchbond™ Universal Adhesive
3M™ Scotchbond™ Universal Adhesive

Versatile, multi-purpose adhesive that can be used for total-etch or self-etch techniques. Bonds reliably to...

View 3M™ Scotchbond™ Universal Adhesive

Image for 3M™ RelyX™ Luting Plus Automix
3M™ RelyX™ Luting Plus Automix

Advanced resin-modified glass ionomer formula offers enhanced marginal integrity with low solubility, high strength, and...

View 3M™ RelyX™ Luting Plus Automix

Image for 3M™ Filtek™ Bulk Fill Flowable
3M™ Filtek™ Bulk Fill Flowable

The 3M Filtek Bulk Fill Flowable Restorative uses an ideal blend of fillers and monomers...

View 3M™ Filtek™ Bulk Fill Flowable

Image for 3M™ Imprint™ 4 Garant™
3M™ Imprint™ 4 Garant™

Get more control over the process of gathering accurate dental impressions with 3M™ Imprint™ 4...

View 3M™ Imprint™ 4 Garant™

Image for 3M™ Imprint™ 4 Penta™
3M™ Imprint™ 4 Penta™

Choose the right material for your impression. 3M™ Imprint™ 4 VPS Impression Material is available...

View 3M™ Imprint™ 4 Penta™

Image for 3M™ Ketac™ Universal Aplicap™
3M™ Ketac™ Universal Aplicap™

Radiopaque, fluoride-releasing glass ionomer restorative. Self-adhesive and self-curing, so it eliminates the need for conditioning,...

View 3M™ Ketac™ Universal Aplicap™

Image for NiTin™ Sectional Matrix System
NiTin™ Sectional Matrix System

The NiTin™ system differentiates itself from the competition by its ring construction. It is designed...

View NiTin™ Sectional Matrix System

Image for Variolink® Esthetic
Variolink® Esthetic

Esthetic cementation made simple. A light and dual-curing luting composite for the esthetic and permanent...

View Variolink® Esthetic

Image for ChemFil™ Rock
ChemFil™ Rock

Advanced glass ionomer restorative with a unique zinc-reinforced chemistry. This formulation of glass fillers modified with...

View ChemFil™ Rock

Image for Integrity® Multi-Cure
Integrity® Multi-Cure

Provisional material offers 30% reduced procedure time through dual cure capability compared to original Integrity material,...

View Integrity® Multi-Cure

Image for Calibra® Universal
Calibra® Universal

Two-component, dual-cure, high strength self-adhesive resin cement which contains fluoride. Combines esthetic shading with a...

View Calibra® Universal

Image for Aquasil<sup>®</sup> Ultra+ 50ml cartridges
Aquasil® Ultra+ 50ml cartridges

ATTENTION: Aquasil Ultra+ cartridges have a new design that only works with the new specially...

View Aquasil® Ultra+ 50ml cartridges

Image for Enhance®

One-piece pre-mounted finishing discs, cups and points eliminate cumbersome and multiple disc changes; you can...

View Enhance®

Image for Aquasil® Ultra+ Digit Power®
Aquasil® Ultra+ Digit Power®

An innovative dispenser system to deliver Aquasil Ultra+ low viscosity materials with control and precision....

View Aquasil® Ultra+ Digit Power®

Image for Palodent® Plus sectional matrix system
Palodent® Plus sectional matrix system

Nickel-titanium rings create a consistent force to separate teeth, and then return to their original shape...

View Palodent® Plus sectional matrix system

Image for Aquasil™ Ultra Cordless
Aquasil™ Ultra Cordless

Retractionless tissue managing impression system: The first and only impression system that does not require...

View Aquasil™ Ultra Cordless

Image for Esthet-X<sup>®</sup> HD
Esthet-X® HD

High definition micro matrix restorative. Optimized nano-filler particle distribution provides faster, easier to achieve, brilliant and...

View Esthet-X® HD

Image for Prime & Bond Elect™
Prime & Bond Elect™

Universal dental adhesive for any bonding technique. Allows your choice of total-etch, self-etch, or selective-etch; across all...

View Prime & Bond Elect™

Image for SS White® Fissurotomy® burs
SS White® Fissurotomy® burs

Tapered FG carbide bur cuts a minimally invasive groove in suspect pits and fissures to...

View SS White® Fissurotomy® burs

Image for SS White<sup>®</sup> Great White<sup>®</sup> Ultra burs
SS White® Great White® Ultra burs

Indicated for For Crown & Bridge Procedures.It keeps cutting fast & smoothly with minimal clogging, even...

View SS White® Great White® Ultra burs

Image for SS White<sup>®</sup> Great White<sup>®</sup> Gold Series burs
SS White® Great White® Gold Series burs

With enhanced blade geometry and increased dentates, Great White Gold Series restoration removal burs cut...

View SS White® Great White® Gold Series burs

Image for Piranha® diamonds
Piranha® diamonds

Piranha single-use diamond burs are specifically designed to increase office efficiency and clinical effectiveness by using...

View Piranha® diamonds

Image for D-Lish® Varnish
D-Lish® Varnish

Translucent 5% sodium fluoride varnish that provides sensitivity relief for patients of all ages. Gluten-free formula. Sweetened with Xylitol....

View D-Lish® Varnish

Image for Young Classic
Young Classic

Each Young disposable prophy angle is lubricated for a reliable, smooth, vibration-free operation.Unlike other brands,...

View Young Classic

Image for Young Contra
Young Contra

Prophy angles feature a contra bend in the neck that allows your arm to stay...

View Young Contra

Image for Vera by Young™
Vera by Young™

Young’s innovative latex-free prophy angle design addresses common polishing difficulties for hygienists and patients.Vera stands for Visibility, Ergonomics, Reach...

View Vera by Young™

Image for Varnish Pen™
Varnish Pen™

A faster, easier, mess-free fluoride varnish. Sodium fluoride varnish packaged in a unique delivery system...

View Varnish Pen™

Image for Extraction tips
Extraction tips

Specifically engineered for the purpose of atraumatic extractions and the preservation of bone. Designed for...

View Extraction tips

Image for Comfort Plus® premium saliva ejectors
Comfort Plus® premium saliva ejectors

Uniquely designed, blunt-ended saliva ejector prevents tissue from blocking suction. Engineered with rounded edges, smooth...

View Comfort Plus® premium saliva ejectors

Image for XCP-DS Fit® universal sensor holder system
XCP-DS Fit® universal sensor holder system

Universal design features a self-adjusting clip that stretches to fit all popular sensor sizes and...

View XCP-DS Fit® universal sensor holder system

Image for Com-Fit Plush™
Com-Fit Plush™

ASTM Level 1, 2 and 3 earloop face masks. Innovative inner material feels silky soft...

View Com-Fit Plush™

Image for A+ Wedge™
A+ Wedge™

The A+ Wedge controls gingival bleeding making restorations cleaner and quicker. In addition to adapting...

View A+ Wedge™

Image for Sporox® II
Sporox® II

Glutaraldehyde-free. Safer for soft metal instruments containing brass or copper; not for use with carbide...

View Sporox® II

Image for Fuji Triage®
Fuji Triage®

Glass ionomer sealant and protection material provides higher fluoride release than other glass ionomer and...

View Fuji Triage®

Image for G2-BOND Universal
G2-BOND Universal

State of the art 2-component, 2-step bonding system. This versatile adhesive may be used in...

View G2-BOND Universal

Image for MI Paste™ (without fluoride)
MI Paste™ (without fluoride)

Sugar-free topical paste containing a special blend of polishing, cleaning and dentin tubule sealing agents....

View MI Paste™ (without fluoride)

Image for MI Paste™ Plus (with fluoride)
MI Paste™ Plus (with fluoride)

Sugar-free topical paste containing a special blend of polishing, cleaning and dentin tubule sealing agents....

View MI Paste™ Plus (with fluoride)

Image for MI Paste® ONE
MI Paste® ONE

Two-in-one application (toothpaste and MI Paste Plus) containing Recaldent™ and fluoride. This product presents another...

View MI Paste® ONE

Image for MI Varnish®
MI Varnish®

5% sodium fluoride varnish with Recaldent™ (CPP-ACP) binds bio-available calcium and phosphate ions to tooth...

View MI Varnish®

Image for FujiCem™ 2
FujiCem™ 2

Next generation resin reinforced glass ionomer luting cement. Powered by F2 Flex Fuse Technology to...

View FujiCem™ 2

Image for G-Cem™ Capsules
G-Cem™ Capsules

Dual-cure self-adhesive resin cement. Designed for adhesive luting of all-ceramic, metal or composite indirect restorations....

View G-Cem™ Capsules

Image for EXA'lence™

Vinyl PolyEther Silicone (VPES) impression material combines the advantages of polyether and vinyl polysiloxane. Provides...

View EXA'lence™

Image for Kalore™

Universal light-cured composite utilizes a new monomer technology from DuPont to create a putty-like property...

View Kalore™

Image for G-Aenial™ Universal Injectable
G-Aenial™ Universal Injectable

Light-cured, injectable, high-strength nano-particle composite. High flexural strength and wear-resistance enable durable and long-lasting restorations...

View G-Aenial™ Universal Injectable

Image for G-aenial™ Universal Flo
G-aenial™ Universal Flo

Truly universal light-cured injectable composite that has the handling of a flowable (low flow) with...

View G-aenial™ Universal Flo

Image for everX Flow
everX Flow

Short-fiber reinforced flowable composite indicated for dentin replacement in bulk-fill and core build-up applications, and...

View everX Flow

Image for TempSmart™

Automix, bis-acrylic provisional composite material formulated using microfilled resin and nano-filler technology. Ideal for temporary...

View TempSmart™

Image for G-Premio BOND<sup>™</sup>
G-Premio BOND

One component, universal (8th generation) bonding agent that is compatible with total-etch, self-etch and selective...

View G-Premio BOND

Image for G-aenial™ Bulk Injectable
G-aenial™ Bulk Injectable

Injectable high-strength nano-particle composite with ideal viscosity, handling and adaptation characteristics. Used as a one-step...

View G-aenial™ Bulk Injectable

Image for Flexi-Flange®

Parallel-sided threaded post designed for situations where there is inadequate dentin:Wide flange for extra lateral...

View Flexi-Flange®

Image for Flexi-Post®

Patented split-shank parallel sided serrated threaded post, designed for cases where adequate coronal dentin exists;...

View Flexi-Post®

Image for Safesiders® reamers
Safesiders® reamers

Non-circular, non-interrupted flat-sided reamers designed to reduce endodontic stress and advance faster with less resistance...

View Safesiders® reamers

Image for EZ-Fill® cement
EZ-Fill® cement

Non-eugenol epoxy root canal cement. Compatible with all bonding agents and composites. Radiopaque.

View EZ-Fill® cement

Image for Cavitron® 300 Series
Cavitron® 300 Series

Ultrasonic scaler (no air polisher) Less heat, less water, and greater patient comfort.The newest addition...

View Cavitron® 300 Series

Image for Cavitron® Plus™
Cavitron® Plus™

Ultrasonic scaler (no air polisher) Ultrasonic scaler with Tap-On™ Technology to reduce leg strain and...

View Cavitron® Plus™

Image for Cavitron® slimLINE® FSI®-SLI® inserts
Cavitron® slimLINE® FSI®-SLI® inserts

Cavitron FSI SlimLINE inserts are ideal for use as your primary insert, providing highly efficient...

View Cavitron® slimLINE® FSI®-SLI® inserts

Image for Cavitron® Powerline® FSI® inserts
Cavitron® Powerline® FSI® inserts

Cavitron FSI PowerLine inserts feature beveled edges for improved removal of heavy deposits. Focused spray...

View Cavitron® Powerline® FSI® inserts

Image for Cavitron® THINsert® inserts
Cavitron® THINsert® inserts

Key features: 47% thinner than the FSI-SLI-10S to provide maximum subgingival and interproximal access. Unique...

View Cavitron® THINsert® inserts

Image for Cavitron® Jet Plus™
Cavitron® Jet Plus™

Air polisher and ultrasonic scaler. Total prophy system in an attractive, space-saving design.  Exclusive Tap-On™ Technology reduces...

View Cavitron® Jet Plus™

Image for Cavitron® Prophy Jet®
Cavitron® Prophy Jet®

Air polisher (no ultrasonic scaler). Air polishing prophy system which uses air/water/cleaning powder slurry to remove...

View Cavitron® Prophy Jet®

Image for Oraqix®

Lidocaine and prilocaine periodontal gel, 2.5%/2.5%. Autoclavable dispenser (sold separately) is required for application. Oraqix...

View Oraqix®

Image for Nupro® White Varnish - original package
Nupro® White Varnish - original package

5% sodium fluoride varnish. Quick and easy to apply to wet teeth, with no dripping or stringing....

View Nupro® White Varnish - original package

Image for Nupro® White Varnish - easy application package
Nupro® White Varnish - easy application package

Easy application package, with the varnish and brush packaged together in a sealed foil tray....

View Nupro® White Varnish - easy application package

Image for Midwest® E Electric handpiece system
Midwest® E Electric handpiece system

One of the smallest and lightest electric handpiece motors offered, and features an intuitive color...

View Midwest® E Electric handpiece system

Image for Lime-Lite™ Enhanced
Lime-Lite™ Enhanced

Light-cure, radiopaque and moisture-friendly cavity liner and base material. Specially formulated for use with adhesives, composites...

View Lime-Lite™ Enhanced

Image for Activa™ BioActive-Base/Liner™
Activa™ BioActive-Base/Liner™

Bioactive, dual-cure base/liner with an ionic resin matrix, a shock-absorbing resin component, and bioactive fillers...

View Activa™ BioActive-Base/Liner™

Image for Activa™ Presto™
Activa™ Presto™

Highly esthetic, stackable, light-cure universal composite that is strong and durable, plus wear and fracture...

View Activa™ Presto™

Image for AirFlow One
AirFlow One

The AIRFLOW® One is the latest offering in “Guided Biofilm Therapy” from leading equipment manufacturer EMS....

View AirFlow One

Image for Venus White® Pro
Venus White® Pro

Take-home mint flavor whitening gel for custom trays. Updated formula has a stickier, more viscous...

View Venus White® Pro

Image for Venus White Max
Venus White Max

38% hydrogen peroxide gel produces results in an hour or less – just three or...

View Venus White Max

Image for iBond® Universal
iBond® Universal

Light-curing adhesive for any bonding technique, all indications, and is compatible with all light-, self-,...

View iBond® Universal

Image for Flexitime® Fast & Scan
Flexitime® Fast & Scan

Fast setting VPS material with the additional properties of scan-ability. Powder-free scanning for increased precision...

View Flexitime® Fast & Scan

Image for Xantasil®

A-silicone alginate substitute covers all anatomical impression indications for which traditional alginates would typically be...

View Xantasil®

Image for Gluma® Desensitizer
Gluma® Desensitizer

Glutaraldehyde/HEMA formula acts in seconds to seal dentinal tubules, preventing the fluidshifting recognized as the...

View Gluma® Desensitizer

Image for Flexitime® 50ml cartridges
Flexitime® 50ml cartridges

Innovative flexible working time adapts to your individual working style. Flexitime combines the advantages of...

View Flexitime® 50ml cartridges

Image for Tempit<sup>®</sup>

Temporary filling material in pre-filled syringeable tips. TempitFor use as an endo capping material for up...

View Tempit®

Image for Access Crown®
Access Crown®

Bis-acryl resin for provisional crowns and bridges. High compressive flexural strength. Low shrinkage. Rapid cure...

View Access Crown®

Image for FluoroDose® Varnish
FluoroDose® Varnish

5% sodium fluoride varnish in an ultra-thin, clear (non-yellowing) shade. No grittiness or clumping. Sets...

View FluoroDose® Varnish

Image for Multilink® Automix
Multilink® Automix

Self-etching dual cure resin cement designed for all indirect restorations including strengthened-core posts fabricated from zirconia...

View Multilink® Automix

Image for Monobond® Plus
Monobond® Plus

Universal single component silane primer for all indirect restorative materials including metal, all-ceramic, zirconia and...

View Monobond® Plus

Image for OptraGate®

Extra soft, disposable lip and cheek retractor gently and evenly retracts to provide a full...

View OptraGate®

Image for OptraDam<sup>®</sup> Plus
OptraDam® Plus

Three-dimensional natural rubber latex dam that is flexible and has an anatomical shape. Significantly reduces...

View OptraDam® Plus

Image for Tetric EvoFlow®
Tetric EvoFlow®

A light-cured, nano-optimized flowable composite that provides higher radiopacity, lower shrinkage and lower wear. Perfect...

View Tetric EvoFlow®

Image for Silamat® S6
Silamat® S6

Universal high speed (4,500 rpm) mixer that accommodates all popular amalgam and glass ionomer capsules...

View Silamat® S6

Image for ScanX Classic View Phosphorous Plate Scanner
ScanX Classic View Phosphorous Plate Scanner

The New Standard for Digital X-Rays Air Techniques has been shaping the field of dental...

View ScanX Classic View Phosphorous Plate Scanner

Image for Guidor® e<em>asy-graft®</em> Classic
Guidor® easy-graft® Classic

Synthetic particulate bone grafting material designed to be syringed directly into the bone defect.  Hardens...

View Guidor® easy-graft® Classic

Image for IPS Empress® Direct
IPS Empress® Direct

Nano-hybrid, light-cured resin filling material for direct restorations. The true-to-nature shades and calibrated translucencies eliminate...

View IPS Empress® Direct

Image for Adhese® Universal
Adhese® Universal

Single-component, light-cured adhesive for direct and indirect bonding procedures that features compatibility with all etching...

View Adhese® Universal

Image for Sinus lift tips
Sinus lift tips

Designed to provide a straightforward and safe option for lateral sinus elevation. Risk of membrane...

View Sinus lift tips

Image for Tetric EvoCeram®
Tetric EvoCeram®

Nano-optimized composite restorative. The unique combination of nano technologies in Tetric EvoCeram enables you to...

View Tetric EvoCeram®

Image for AccuDent® XD
AccuDent® XD

Dual-phase tray and syringe alginate material. Ideal for fabrication of custom impression trays, cast metal...

View AccuDent® XD

Image for 3s PowerCure™ System
3s PowerCure™ System

Comprised of four coordinated products designed to work together for maximum efficiency and positive outcomes:...

View 3s PowerCure™ System

Image for Tetric® PowerFlow
Tetric® PowerFlow

Tetric® PowerFlow is a nano hybrid, flowable, posterior 4-mm composite with all the benefits of...

View Tetric® PowerFlow

Image for BioSonic® UC150
BioSonic® UC150

The BioSonic UC150 is a quiet, compact 1.5 gallon ultrasonic cleaner with features that include:...

View BioSonic® UC150

Image for ScanX Intraoral View Phosphorous Plate Scanner
ScanX Intraoral View Phosphorous Plate Scanner

Air Techniques has been shaping the field of dental imaging for decades.  The ScanX Intraoral...

View ScanX Intraoral View Phosphorous Plate Scanner

Image for ScanX Swift View Phosphorous Plate Scanner
ScanX Swift View Phosphorous Plate Scanner

The New Standard for Digital X-Rays Air Techniques has been shaping the field of dental...

View ScanX Swift View Phosphorous Plate Scanner

Image for Fill-Up!™

Dual-cure flowable composite for bulk-filling posterior restorations.  The dual-cure capability enables fillings of unlimited depth...

View Fill-Up!™

Image for Hygenic® rubber dam clamps
Hygenic® rubber dam clamps

View Hygenic® rubber dam clamps

Image for BRILLIANT EverGlow™ Flow
BRILLIANT EverGlow™ Flow

Submicron hybrid composite in a flowable consistency. Combines high stability and excellent flowability in an...

View BRILLIANT EverGlow™ Flow

Image for FitStrip™

FitStrip, a complete line of interproximal trimmers and finishers, makes your finishing and contouring procedure...

View FitStrip™

Image for Surgitip-endo

Surgitip-endo is an aspirating tip intended for aspiration during endodontic treatments and specifically for drying...

View Surgitip-endo

Image for Alpen<sup><sub>®</sub></sup> carbide burs
Alpen® carbide burs

Provide clinicians with a comprehensive line of advance one-piece carbides. Almost all carbides currently sold are based...

View Alpen® carbide burs

Image for Hyflex® CM™ nickel titanium rotary files
Hyflex® CM™ nickel titanium rotary files

Pre-sterilized nickel titanium rotary files packaged in individual blister packs. Controlled memory files manufactured utilizing...

View Hyflex® CM™ nickel titanium rotary files

Image for LuxaCore® Z Dual Smartmix
LuxaCore® Z Dual Smartmix

Core build-up combining zirconia filler with patented nanotechnology to provide improved strength and flowability. Ideal...

View LuxaCore® Z Dual Smartmix

Image for Kolorz® ClearShield™ Varnish
Kolorz® ClearShield™ Varnish

5% sodium fluoride varnish goes on clear, with no yellow discoloration. Sweetened with Sucralose and Xylitol; contains no...

View Kolorz® ClearShield™ Varnish

Image for LuxaCore® Z Dual Automix
LuxaCore® Z Dual Automix

LuxaCore Z Dual - One material for core build-ups and post cementation. Cuts remarkably like dentin....

View LuxaCore® Z Dual Automix

Image for Icon®

A micro-invasive approach to the early-stage treatment of carious lesions without drilling, pain, or loss...

View Icon®

Image for TempoCem® ID
TempoCem® ID

All-purpose, urethane dimethacrylate, non-eugenol temporary cement that is invisible under restorations, yet detectable for easy...

View TempoCem® ID

Image for Ecosite Bulk Fill
Ecosite Bulk Fill

Light-cured, highly esthetic composite for posterior restorations. Ability to fill up to a 5mm layer...

View Ecosite Bulk Fill

Image for LuxaCrown

LuxaCrown is a long-term provisional crown and bridge self-curing composite, directly chairside, with high fracture...

View LuxaCrown

Image for Beautifil Flow Plus®
Beautifil Flow Plus®

Light-cured, hybrid composite for all indications including Class II restorations. Combines the delivery of a...

View Beautifil Flow Plus®

Image for Beautifil® II LS
Beautifil® II LS

Fluoride releasing, bioactive, nano-hybrid composite indicated for all restorations, I - V. The low-shrink (LS)...

View Beautifil® II LS

Image for Beautifil® Bulk Flowable
Beautifil® Bulk Flowable

Incorporates Shofu''s bioactive Giomer filler technology within a fast and easy bulk fill composite. Delivers...

View Beautifil® Bulk Flowable

Image for FIT SA

Nanohybrid, self-adhesive, flowable restorative restorative with bioactive Giomer Technology that releases and recharges 6 beneficial...


Image for GUM® Proxabrush® Go-Betweens® Cleaners
GUM® Proxabrush® Go-Betweens® Cleaners

Interdental cleaner ideal for patients with healthy gingiva, dental restorations, orthodontics, or those who have trouble...

View GUM® Proxabrush® Go-Betweens® Cleaners

Image for VivaScan™ Intraoral Digital Scanner
VivaScan™ Intraoral Digital Scanner

The VivaScan™ Intraoral Digital Scanner is designed as a compact, intuitive solution for those practices...

View VivaScan™ Intraoral Digital Scanner

Image for Secure Fit® Isofluid®
Secure Fit® Isofluid®

ASTM Level 1 earloop face mask   Built-in aluminum chin and nose strips create a...

View Secure Fit® Isofluid®

Image for Secure Fit<sup>®</sup> Procedural
Secure Fit® Procedural

ASTM Level 2 earloop face mask   Built-in aluminum chin and nose strips create a...

View Secure Fit® Procedural

Image for Secure Fit<sup>®</sup> Ultra Sensitive
Secure Fit® Ultra Sensitive

ASTM Level 3 earloop face mask   Fluid resistant outer layer, white hypoallergenic cellulose inner...

View Secure Fit® Ultra Sensitive

Image for Super Sani-Cloth®
Super Sani-Cloth®

Extra-strength quaternary ammonium-based hard surface disinfectant wipes with 55% alcohol. Kills TB and HIV-1 (AIDS)...

View Super Sani-Cloth®

Image for SmearOFF™ 2-in-1
SmearOFF™ 2-in-1

SmearOFF is a proprietary EDTA / CHX mix formulated with wetting agents and surface modifiers....

View SmearOFF™ 2-in-1

Image for Pinnacle Complete Curing Light Sleeve for Demi
Pinnacle Complete Curing Light Sleeve for Demi

Sleeve covers the entire curing light from handle to tip; ventilating slits on the side...

View Pinnacle Complete Curing Light Sleeve for Demi

Image for CaviWipes1™

For faster order processing, please order 12 canisters when you want to order a full...

View CaviWipes1™

Image for OraVerse®

Click here to see full prescribing information Local anesthesia reversal agent restores normal sensation to...

View OraVerse®

Image for Biodentine®

Bioactive dentin substitute, in single-dose capsules, replaces natural dentin with similar mechanical behavior and properties....

View Biodentine®

Image for BioRoot™ RCS
BioRoot™ RCS

Bioactive mineral-based permanent root canal sealer provides outstanding adhesion to dentin and gutta percha. Uses...

View BioRoot™ RCS

Image for BioRoot™ Flow
BioRoot™ Flow

Permanent mineral-based root canal sealer for all obturation techniques (warm and cold). Proprietary Active Biosilicate...

View BioRoot™ Flow

Image for Maillefer ReadySteel™ FlexoFiles®
Maillefer ReadySteel™ FlexoFiles®

The Ready-Steel FlexoFile hand file combines the best stainless steel technology with enhanced flexibility for cleaning and...

View Maillefer ReadySteel™ FlexoFiles®

Image for BrandMax™ Tri-Clean™ ultrasonic cleaner
BrandMax™ Tri-Clean™ ultrasonic cleaner

Tri-Clean ultrasonic cleaners by BrandMax provide superior cleaning power which results in cleaner instruments. All...

View BrandMax™ Tri-Clean™ ultrasonic cleaner

Image for Maillefer K-Files
Maillefer K-Files

Precision handling and superior cutting efficiency. Features a twisted design and manufactured from a square...

View Maillefer K-Files

Image for Maillefer ReadySteel™ C+ File
Maillefer ReadySteel™ C+ File

Ultra-stiff tapered files for extreme calcification. Pyramid shaped tip and unique taper provide added stiffness...

View Maillefer ReadySteel™ C+ File

Image for AH Plus® Jet™
AH Plus® Jet™

The time-tested formula of AH Plus in a double-barrel automix syringe. Ready-to-use efficiency with no...

View AH Plus® Jet™

Image for iVisor™ Loupe
iVisor™ Loupe

Comfortable, reusable visor fits over glasses, loupes and lights to protect against sprays, splashes and...

View iVisor™ Loupe

Image for Transcend™

Powder-free nitrile exam gloves. Low Derma technology reduces the risk of skin irritation. Textured fingertip...

View Transcend™

Image for Cover-It™

Barrier film sheets offer effective and affordable protection from cross-contamination and limit fomite-transmitted infection risk....

View Cover-It™

Image for NeoDrys®

Controls the risk of parotid saliva contamination while providing outstanding cheek protection. Keeps the parotid...

View NeoDrys®

Image for Clearfil™ Photo Core
Clearfil™ Photo Core

Bis-GMA light-cured composite resin. Outstanding polymerization depth (up to 9mm), excellent physical properties and proven...

View Clearfil™ Photo Core

Image for Clearfil™ SE Protect
Clearfil™ SE Protect

Clearfil SE Protect contains the same proprietary self-etching, light-cure technology as Clearfil SE Bond, with...

View Clearfil™ SE Protect

Image for Clearfil Majesty™ ES-2 Universal
Clearfil Majesty™ ES-2 Universal

Single shade universal composite for all posterior restorations, regardless of the color of the underlying...

View Clearfil Majesty™ ES-2 Universal

Image for Clearfil Majesty™ ES Flow
Clearfil Majesty™ ES Flow

With its simplified polishing and high gloss capability, Clearfil Majesty ES Flow functions better than the...

View Clearfil Majesty™ ES Flow

Image for Teethmate™ Desensitizer
Teethmate™ Desensitizer

Biocompatible desensitizer that works with water to form hydroxyapatite. Use it to close exposed or prepared dentin....

View Teethmate™ Desensitizer

Image for CLEARFIL<sup>™</sup> Universal Bond Quick
CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick

Unit dose standard packs #373-2611 will be unavailable from the manufacturer until August 2019. To...

View CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick

Image for Panavia™ V5
Panavia™ V5

Dual-cure esthetic resin cement for the permanent cementation of all silica-based ceramics (including lithium disilicate),...

View Panavia™ V5

Image for Blu-Mousse®

Vinyl polysiloxane for occlusal registrations and much more. Before setting, it’s so fluffy (like whipped...

View Blu-Mousse®

Image for Irritrol™

Irritrol is a single step disinfecting endodontic irrigation solution, used as a final rinse after...

View Irritrol™

Image for Twist®

Prophy angle reciprocates 90° back and forth. Does not rotate, does not build up heat, does...

View Twist®

Image for Nupro Freedom™ cordless prophy system
Nupro Freedom™ cordless prophy system

Lightweight cordless design gives hygienists total freedom from handpiece tubing, unlimited portability, less fatigue and...

View Nupro Freedom™ cordless prophy system

Image for Nupro® Revolv® Slim
Nupro® Revolv® Slim

Nupro Revolv Slim 90° disposable prophy angles offer improved visibility and maneuverability over traditional prophy angles....

View Nupro® Revolv® Slim

Image for Cavitron® SofTip™ implant insert
Cavitron® SofTip™ implant insert

Ultrasonic insert designed to enable safe plaque removal around titanium implants and abutments. Internal water...

View Cavitron® SofTip™ implant insert

Image for Oxivir® 1 Wipes
Oxivir® 1 Wipes

Hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant wipes kill 81 pathogens including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and TB in 1...

View Oxivir® 1 Wipes

Image for Hu-Friedy Symmetry Piezo Scaler Tips
Hu-Friedy Symmetry Piezo Scaler Tips

Special blend of stainless steel works in harmony with your generator’s sonic energy to optimize...

View Hu-Friedy Symmetry Piezo Scaler Tips

Image for Hu-Friedy universal curettes
Hu-Friedy universal curettes

View Hu-Friedy universal curettes

Image for Hu-Friedy stainless steel molar crowns
Hu-Friedy stainless steel molar crowns

Stainless steel primary and permanent molar crowns. Pre-trimmed and crimped for quick, simple placement. Accurate...

View Hu-Friedy stainless steel molar crowns

Image for Hu-Friedy Gracey curettes
Hu-Friedy Gracey curettes

Hu-Friedy instruments are designed to perform consistently with every patient, every day. Every Hu-Friedy instrument,...

View Hu-Friedy Gracey curettes

Image for Hu-Friedy Swivel™ inserts
Hu-Friedy Swivel™ inserts

Swivel™ Inserts set you free!Imagine what it would be like if your chair or stool...

View Hu-Friedy Swivel™ inserts

Image for Piezon 250
Piezon 250

Combines power, precision, design and function in a self-contained package with an irrigant bottle. The...

View Piezon 250

Image for Hu-Friedy Swivel™ Direct Flow® inserts
Hu-Friedy Swivel™ Direct Flow® inserts

Swivel™ Inserts set you free!Imagine what it would be like if your chair or stool...

View Hu-Friedy Swivel™ Direct Flow® inserts

Image for Hu-Friedy scalers - double-end
Hu-Friedy scalers - double-end

High quality stainless steel double-ended scalers for everyday use. Balanced and comfortable to reduce fatigue.

View Hu-Friedy scalers - double-end

Image for AdvantaClear™

Broad-spectrum disinfectant that cleans and disinfects in 1 minute. 1 minute kill time includes: MRSA,...

View AdvantaClear™

Image for Sidekick™ instrument sharpener
Sidekick™ instrument sharpener

Designed to perform routine maintenance sharpening of scalers and curettes. Battery powered with instrument Guide...

View Sidekick™ instrument sharpener

Image for GUM® Summit®+
GUM® Summit®+

GUM® Summit+ has unique bi-level tapered bristles that reach further below the gum line and...

View GUM® Summit®+

Image for Prophyciency™

Cleans and polishes without paste. Polishing and cleaning agents are incorporated into the cup to provide superior stain removal...

View Prophyciency™

Image for Mr. Thirsty™ One-Step
Mr. Thirsty™ One-Step

Hands-free suction device lets dentists and hygienists work continuously without repeated use of a saliva...

View Mr. Thirsty™ One-Step

Image for Tastytooth™ Varnish
Tastytooth™ Varnish

New improved formula with enhanced flowability and better consistency. 5% sodium fluoride varnish for the...

View Tastytooth™ Varnish

Image for Prospray™

Ready-to-use phenol-based surface disinfectant. Tuberculocidal, virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal. So safe it is now approved for...

View Prospray™

Image for Protector™ Needle Sheath Prop
Protector™ Needle Sheath Prop

Securely holds needle cap in a ready position for safe, one-handed recapping. Non-sterile. OSHA compliant.

View Protector™ Needle Sheath Prop

Image for Prospray™ wipes
Prospray™ wipes

Presaturated towelette wipes for hard-surface disinfection. Kills HIV-1, Herpes Simplex I and Herpes Simplex II in...

View Prospray™ wipes

Image for K3™ nickel titanium rotary files
K3™ nickel titanium rotary files

Triple-fluted, asymmetric endodontic files cut quickly, efficiently and safely. Unparalleled debris removal that channels coronally.

View K3™ nickel titanium rotary files

Image for ZenFlex™ NiTi files
ZenFlex™ NiTi files

NiTi rotary shaping files that combine excellent flexibility, controlled memory, and minimal invasiveness to reduce...

View ZenFlex™ NiTi files

Image for ZNano™

Universal nanocomposite that simplifies the color-matching process. 5 adaptive shades that blend easily to a...

View ZNano™

Image for Hemaseal & Cide
Hemaseal & Cide

Dentin disinfectant and desensitizer. 4% chlorhexidine with HEMA in an aqueous solution. Increases bond strength...

View Hemaseal & Cide

Image for EndoRing® II - Jordco®
EndoRing® II - Jordco®

Directly place, store, measure and clean endo instruments within the operating field. Reduces the risk...

View EndoRing® II - Jordco®

Image for EndoRing® FileCaddy®
EndoRing® FileCaddy®

Bulk storage solution for endodontic files with four compartments to organize files by size or...

View EndoRing® FileCaddy®

Image for Mint-A-Kleen®

Registered by EPA and FDA and compatible with all dental unit water systems, Mint-A-Kleen is...

View Mint-A-Kleen®

Image for Kromopan®

Dustless, chromatic color-changing alginate. Chromatic phase indicators ensure a perfect mix and perfectly timed insertion,...

View Kromopan®

Image for Millenium®

Enhanced formulation provides the outstanding detail reproduction necessary for non-removable prostheses. Thixotropic viscosity is compatible...

View Millenium®

Image for IRIS<sup>®</sup> X90<sup>®</sup> Intraoral Camera
IRIS® X90® Intraoral Camera

The Iris X90 is Digital Docs newest 1080P High Resolution Intraoral Camera designed specifically to...

View IRIS® X90® Intraoral Camera

Image for Crown extension tips
Crown extension tips

Specifically engineered for precision. Allows ease of access for crown lengthening procedures. Designed for ostectomy...

View Crown extension tips

Image for Solmetex<sup>®</sup> NXT Hg5® Amalgam Separator
Solmetex® NXT Hg5® Amalgam Separator

ISO 11143 certified and meets or exceeds all state and federal requirements for the safe...

View Solmetex® NXT Hg5® Amalgam Separator

Image for ConFirm® mail-in biological monitor
ConFirm® mail-in biological monitor

Easy-to-use mail-in service provides verification and legal documentation of sterilizer performance (steam, chemical vapor, dry...

View ConFirm® mail-in biological monitor

Image for BluTab®

COVID19 DUWL Protocol For Limited or Postponed Care: Waterlines that sit stagnant for an extended...

View BluTab®

Image for Express Waterline Test Kit
Express Waterline Test Kit

Free pre-paid FedEx overnight shipping now included in every kit! Easy and reliable method to...

View Express Waterline Test Kit

Image for Flo™ Water Testing Service Kit
Flo™ Water Testing Service Kit

The most advanced mail-in waterline testing service, with same-day test results. Utilizes Flow Cytometry analysis...

View Flo™ Water Testing Service Kit

Image for BluTube<sup>®</sup>

Water purification treatment providing safe, compliant dental unit water quality. Proven to maintain water quality...

View BluTube®

Image for <p>QuickPass® in-office dental water test</p>

QuickPass® in-office dental water test

The only in-office waterline test designed specifically for the dental industry. Quick-growing media for 48-72...


QuickPass® in-office dental water test

Image for Tokuyama Universal Bond
Tokuyama Universal Bond

Two-component self-cured universal adhesive system that is compatible with all etching techniques: total, self, and...

View Tokuyama Universal Bond


Just One Shade to Match All Patients! Groundbreaking universal composite utilizes Smart Chromatic Technology to...


Image for Omnichroma Flow
Omnichroma Flow

Single-shade universal flowable composite that esthetically matches every tooth color with a single shade. Suitable...

View Omnichroma Flow

Image for Estelite® Sigma Quick
Estelite® Sigma Quick

Universal supra-nano filled resin composite ideal for anterior and posterior restorations. Spherical fillers provide a...

View Estelite® Sigma Quick

Image for Shield Force Plus
Shield Force Plus

One-component, single application, light cured sealant for the treatment of hypersensitive dentin. Infiltrates and seals...

View Shield Force Plus

Image for Estelite® Bulk Fill Flow
Estelite® Bulk Fill Flow

Flowable bulk fill composite requires no capping layer. Produces restorations that are fast, strong and...

View Estelite® Bulk Fill Flow

Image for Vita shade guides
Vita shade guides

Vita Classical Shade Guide Universal, easy-to-use method for shade matching. Includes standard shades: A1, A2,...

View Vita shade guides

Image for PDT Gracey curettes
PDT Gracey curettes

All stainless steel instrument in an ultra-light solid resin handle. Extended knurling pattern on handle...

View PDT Gracey curettes

Image for PDT titanium implant scalers
PDT titanium implant scalers

PDT implant instruments are designed with a uniquely processed titanium that does not scratch implants...

View PDT titanium implant scalers

Image for PDT universal curettes
PDT universal curettes

All stainless steel instrument in an ultra-light solid resin handle. Extended knurling pattern on handle...

View PDT universal curettes

Image for PDT scalers
PDT scalers

All stainless steel instrument in an ultra-light solid resin handle. Extended knurling pattern on handle...

View PDT scalers

Image for Riva Star
Riva Star

Silver diamine fluoride and potassium iodide formula provides immediate relief of sensitivity that lasts over...

View Riva Star

Image for TempSpan®

Dual-cure composite specifically formulated to produce highly esthetic and durable provisional restorations in the shortest...

View TempSpan®

Image for Build-It® FR™
Build-It® FR™

Dual-cure glass fiber filled core material provides a compressive strength of 320 MPa for a...

View Build-It® FR™

Image for Citrisil™

COVID-19 information from Sterisil Waterlines that sit stagnant for an extended period of time, such...

View Citrisil™

Image for Sterisil<sup>®</sup> Straw
Sterisil® Straw

COVID-19 information from Sterisil Waterlines that sit stagnant for an extended period of time, such...

View Sterisil® Straw

Image for Ti-Max Z
Ti-Max Z

All “Z” models feature a contra-angle attachment for e-type motors. With a smaller head, slim...

View Ti-Max Z

Image for HVE Air Protect XL
HVE Air Protect XL

Captures 90% of aerosols with a large 16mm opening, offering more protection for staff and...

View HVE Air Protect XL

Image for Monarch® 1 Surface Disinfectant
Monarch® 1 Surface Disinfectant

Ready-to-use, broad-spectrum, surface disinfectant cleaner. Fragrance-free. Kills the Human Coronavirus in just 1 minute. Ethyl...

View Monarch® 1 Surface Disinfectant

Image for Monarch® Lines Cleaner
Monarch® Lines Cleaner

Ready to use solution for shock and weekly maintenance treatment of independent water bottle systems....

View Monarch® Lines Cleaner

Image for <p>Monarch® Surface Disinfectant Wipes</p>

Monarch® Surface Disinfectant Wipes

Single step cleaning and disinfecting in just 1 minute. Effective broad- spectrum kill of 25...


Monarch® Surface Disinfectant Wipes

Image for OPT<em>IM</em><sup>®</sup> 1 Wipes
OPTIM® 1 Wipes

One minute broad-spectrum contact time. 30-second virucidal contact time is effective against the Novel Coronavirus...

View OPTIM® 1 Wipes

Image for Ceramir® Crown & Bridge
Ceramir® Crown & Bridge

A bioceramic luting cement for the permanent cementation of full coverage crowns and bridges made...

View Ceramir® Crown & Bridge

Image for Ceramir® Restore QuikCap
Ceramir® Restore QuikCap

Resin-free and self-curing bioceramic restorative material. By combining a conventional glass ionomer with the Ceramir...

View Ceramir® Restore QuikCap

Image for AED Plus® Defibrillator
AED Plus® Defibrillator

This is the brand hospitals choose most for professional defibrillators. Supports the entire Chain of...

View AED Plus® Defibrillator

Image for Expasyl™ Exact
Expasyl™ Exact

All the benefits of Expasyl in single-use capsules containing the exact amount of material for...

View Expasyl™ Exact

Image for Newtron® P5XS B.LED ultrasonic scaler
Newtron® P5XS B.LED ultrasonic scaler

Innovative Newtron technology featuring color-coded tip indication that provides outstanding performance and comfort. Separate external...

View Newtron® P5XS B.LED ultrasonic scaler

Image for Newtron® Ultrasonic Prophylaxis Tips
Newtron® Ultrasonic Prophylaxis Tips

A variety of tips with exclusive designs to meet all clinical needs. Specifically engineered with...

View Newtron® Ultrasonic Prophylaxis Tips

Image for Newtron® Ultrasonic Periodontic Tips
Newtron® Ultrasonic Periodontic Tips

A variety of tips with exclusive designs to meet all clinical needs. Specifically engineered with...

View Newtron® Ultrasonic Periodontic Tips

Image for Newtron® Ultrasonic Endodontic Tips
Newtron® Ultrasonic Endodontic Tips

Wide range of endodontic tips provide the specialized tip for any application including: loosening tips,...

View Newtron® Ultrasonic Endodontic Tips

Image for Newtron® Ultrasonic Prosthesis and Esthetic Tips
Newtron® Ultrasonic Prosthesis and Esthetic Tips

Specifically designed tips to provide painless crown preparations with a smoother tooth surface than using...

View Newtron® Ultrasonic Prosthesis and Esthetic Tips

Image for MouthWatch® intraoral camera
MouthWatch® intraoral camera

An affordable, easy-to-use fixed focus intraoral camera that produces extremely sharp, color-accurate images to help...

View MouthWatch® intraoral camera

Image for MASTERtorque LUX M8900 L
MASTERtorque LUX M8900 L

Direct Stop Technology (DST) stops the bur in one second, increasing efficiency and improving safety...

View MASTERtorque LUX M8900 L

Image for MASTERtorque Mini LUX M8700 L
MASTERtorque Mini LUX M8700 L

Direct Stop Technology (DST) stops the bur in one second, increasing efficiency and improving safety...

View MASTERtorque Mini LUX M8700 L

Image for MULTIflex couplers
MULTIflex couplers

KaVo MULTIflex coupling: Just a “Click” does the trick! Just a quick push and a...

View MULTIflex couplers

Image for KaVo replacement turbines
KaVo replacement turbines

Genuine KaVo turbines are individually balanced and electronically tested to meet the highest concentricity requirements....

View KaVo replacement turbines

Image for DryShield<sup>®</sup>

This innovative isolation system is ideally suited to reduce the risk of contamination through aerosol...

View DryShield®

Image for Intralift tips
Intralift tips

Fast, safe and minimally invasive. Internal sinus lift by the crestal approach, the Intralift kit...

View Intralift tips

Image for Aquasil™ Ultra Xtra 50ml cartridges
Aquasil™ Ultra Xtra 50ml cartridges

Aquasil™ Smart Wetting® impression material offers an extremely low contact angle. When taking multiple unit impressions, Aquasil Ultra...

View Aquasil™ Ultra Xtra 50ml cartridges

Image for Predicta® Bioactive Desensitizer
Predicta® Bioactive Desensitizer

Bioactive desensitizer uses the elements that are naturally found in the tooth and restores them...

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Image for Alasta® Aloe
Alasta® Aloe

Soft-Fit™ powder-free nitrile exam gloves. The Alasta Aloe nitrile exam gloves are a great choice...

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Image for Bluephase® Style
Bluephase® Style

Cordless LED light features a compact and ergonomic style to fit the hand more comfortably....

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Image for Variolink<sup>®</sup> Esthetic LC HV
Variolink® Esthetic LC HV

Variolink Esthetic is a versatile solution when looking for maximum flexibility in the permanent adhesive...

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Image for ZenFlex™ ONE
ZenFlex™ ONE

Reciprocating files used for root canal shaping and cleaning during endodontic treatment. With the perfect balance...

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Image for Omnichroma Flow Bulk
Omnichroma Flow Bulk

One-shade bulk fill composite, capable of shade-matching any tooth color from A1 to D4. It...

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Image for B&L BioTech BL Tips
B&L BioTech BL Tips

Sharp, abrasive micro-projections integrated onto the main body of the tip will not wear off...

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Image for Composi-Tight<sup>®</sup> 3D Fusion™
Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™

Get predictable results on all Class II restorations with the The Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™ sectional...

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Image for Composi-Tight<sup>®</sup> Soft Face™ 3D Rings
Composi-Tight® Soft Face™ 3D Rings

The original Soft Face™ 3D Ring is used in most circumstances. Ease of placement Ability to...

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Image for XTG<sup>®</sup> Mini-S Handheld X-ray
XTG® Mini-S Handheld X-ray

The Digital Doc XTG handheld X-ray increases operatory efficiency and improves patient workflow. Unit moves...

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Image for Glo Pro Power+
Glo Pro Power+

In-office modern technology for fast, effective, and pain-free teeth whitening. Advanced dual-barrel whitening gel formulation...

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Image for PacEndo™ 17% EDTA Solution
PacEndo™ 17% EDTA Solution

The PacEndo™ EDTA is intended to facilitate removal of dentinal debris from the walls of...

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Image for <p>EdgeFile® X3</p>

EdgeFile® X3

The EdgeFile X3 rotary files are used in Endodontics for the removal of dentin and root...


EdgeFile® X3

Image for Save-A-Tooth<sup>™</sup>

Save-A-Tooth is a device for saving knocked out teeth. It preserves and protects the tooth on...

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Image for RE-GEN<sup>™</sup> Bioactive EndoSealer
RE-GEN Bioactive EndoSealer

RE-GEN Bioactive Endo Sealer is a hydraulic, ready-to-use injectable bioactive paste that utilizes moisture naturally...

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Image for GripStrips<sup>™</sup>

Every GripStrip features two grit sizes, innovative grip tabs and is autoclavable. Diamond-coated design to...

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Image for Reflective Shields Plus®
Reflective Shields Plus®

Reflective Shields Plus are exceptionally popular with both dentists and patients. They are uniquely crafted...

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Image for HySolate Fiesta Color-Coded Matte Finish Clamps
HySolate Fiesta Color-Coded Matte Finish Clamps

High-quality, stainless steel Coltene dental dam clamps make placing clamps quick and easy. Each clamp...

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Image for Steri-Endo Guard
Steri-Endo Guard

Organize your instruments for use during the procedure and keep them safe during the sterilization...

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Image for LightSpeed™ LSX™
LightSpeed™ LSX™

The LightSpeed LSX instrumentation system is the only endodontic instrument designed to create root canal...

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Image for MTA Applicators
MTA Applicators

The MTA applicator is a dental instrument for the application of materials in dental cavities....

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Image for Touch Activated Gas Burner
Touch Activated Gas Burner

The Blazer portable touch activated gas burner is completely self-contained and features instant ignition for...

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Image for Microlux 2<sup>™</sup> Transilluminator
Microlux 2 Transilluminator

This ergonomic high intensity model includes features that have been requested by many dentists. An...

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Image for <p>EdgeFile® X1</p>

EdgeFile® X1

The revolutionary EdgeFile X1 is a NiTi rotary file that uses flexible FireWire NiTi forged...


EdgeFile® X1

Image for EdgeFile® X7
EdgeFile® X7

The EdgeFile X7 rotary files are used in Endodontics for the removal of dentin and root...

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Image for GP Gauge & Cutter
GP Gauge & Cutter

Use to cut gutta percha cone at your desired size. Press the button at the...

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Image for FXP File Extraction Probes
FXP File Extraction Probes

The Laschal file extraction probes are micro thin for access to the tightest areas. Flexible,...

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Image for SofTouch<sup>®</sup> Suture Scissors
SofTouch® Suture Scissors

Laschal has designed the perfect scissors for safely cutting sutures without disrupting tissue. Ball-point tips gently...

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Image for Enbio S Class B Sterilizer
Enbio S Class B Sterilizer

The Enbio S is the world's fastest Class B sterilizer, offering best-in-class technology not found in...

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Image for FirstClass Aligners
FirstClass Aligners

High quality and affordable clear aligners and retainers for mild to moderate cases. Includes an...

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