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At Safco Dental Supply, we offer a wide variety of cements and liners that are designed to meet your specific needs, including temporary and permanent options, as well as self-adhesive and light-cured varieties. Our products are easy to use and provide reliable, long-lasting results, giving you the confidence you need to provide the best possible care for your patients. Trust Safco Dental Supply for all your cement and liner needs.

Types of Cements And Liners We Offer

  • Orthodontic Cement:There are several types of orthodontic cements available, including resin-modified glass ionomers, conventional glass ionomers, and self-curing acrylics.With a wide range of orthodontic cements available, dental professionals can find the right product to meet their patient's needs and achieve successful orthodontic outcomes.
  • Permanent Cements:Permanent cements are typically used for a range of procedures, including fixed prosthodontics, endodontics, and implant dentistry. We offer a wide variety of types, such as resin-based, glass ionomer, and zinc phosphate cements.
  • Temporary Cements:Temporary dental cements are used for provisional restorations, such as crowns or bridges until a permanent restoration can be placed. They offer good retention and easy removal and can be used as a trial restoration to evaluate fit and esthetics. Temporary cements can also be used for cementing temporary restorations during endodontic treatment or while a final restoration is being fabricated. We offer a wide range of temporary cements at Safco Dental Supply.
  • Bases & Liners:Both bases and liners can be made from a variety of materials, including calcium hydroxide, glass ionomer, and resin-modified glass ionomer. Their use can help to prevent post-operative sensitivity and promote long-term success for restorative procedures.
  • Cleaning Paste:Safco Dental Supply offers a wide variety of cleaning pastes that cater to the specific needs of each dental practice. By choosing Safco Dental Supply, dentists can be assured of high-quality cleaning pastes that help maintain optimal oral hygiene for their patients.
  • Desensitizers:Safco Dental Supply offers a range of effective desensitizers including potassium nitrate, fluoride, and amorphous calcium phosphate. Dentists should choose Safco Dental Supply for their desensitizer needs to provide their patients with relief from dental hypersensitivity.
Image for Ceramir® Protect LC
Ceramir® Protect LC

Light-cured, resin-modified bioceramic pulp protectant for direct and indirect pulp capping. The significant release of...

View Ceramir® Protect LC

Image for Safco cavity liner placer instrument
Safco cavity liner placer instrument

The Safco Cavity Liner Placer Instrument is designed to simplify the application of cavity liners...

View Safco cavity liner placer instrument

Image for 3M™ Vitrebond™
3M™ Vitrebond™

Light cure glass ionomer liner/base. Combines light cure convenience with sustained fluoride release to help...

View 3M™ Vitrebond™

Image for Life®

Calcium hydroxide pulp capping material.Minimum work time on pad: 3 minutes for regular set 2 minutes for...

View Life®

Image for 3M™ Vitrebond™ Plus
3M™ Vitrebond™ Plus

Light-cured, resin-modified paste-liquid glass ionomer base/liner protects like a conventional glass ionomer liner without the...

View 3M™ Vitrebond™ Plus

Image for Activa™ BioActive-Base/Liner™
Activa™ BioActive-Base/Liner™

Bioactive, dual-cure base/liner with an ionic resin matrix, a shock-absorbing resin component, and bioactive fillers...

View Activa™ BioActive-Base/Liner™

Image for Copalite®

Cavity varnish provides protection for dentin; penetrates, fills and seals dentinal tubules. Bacteriostatic.

View Copalite®

Image for Biodentine® XP
Biodentine® XP

Provides clinicians with an optimal solution for vital pulp therapy. It is a highly-pure bioactive...

View Biodentine® XP

Image for Prisma® VLC Dycal®
Prisma® VLC Dycal®

Light cured calcium hydroxide base.Note: Prisma VLC Dycal has a 1-year shelf life. You can...

View Prisma® VLC Dycal®

Image for 3M™ Ketac™ Bond
3M™ Ketac™ Bond

Self-cure, highly radiopaque glass ionomer base material offers high, long-term fluoride release and molecular adhesion...

View 3M™ Ketac™ Bond

Image for Biodentine®

Bioactive dentin substitute, in single-dose capsules, replaces natural dentin with similar mechanical behavior and properties....

View Biodentine®

Image for Seal & Protect™
Seal & Protect™

Protective sealant for exposed dentin in Class V areas. Seals off the dentinal tubules from...

View Seal & Protect™

Image for GlasIonomer® Base Cement
GlasIonomer® Base Cement

Self-cure base cement for use under amalgam, composite, and porcelain. Biocompatible. Bonds chemically to dentin...

View GlasIonomer® Base Cement

Image for Ionosit Baseliner
Ionosit Baseliner

Light cure single component resin ionomer adheres to composite and dentin. Controlled expansion compensates for...

View Ionosit Baseliner

Image for Lime-Lite™ Enhanced
Lime-Lite™ Enhanced

Light-cure, radiopaque and moisture-friendly cavity liner and base material. Specially formulated for use with adhesives, composites...

View Lime-Lite™ Enhanced

Image for Fuji Lining LC Paste Pak
Fuji Lining LC Paste Pak

Light-cured glass ionomer for base and lining. Very low solubility, exceptional biocompatibility, fluoride release for...

View Fuji Lining LC Paste Pak

Image for Copaliner®

Copaliner protects the dentin and penetrates, fills, and seals the tubuli. It insulates against thermal,...

View Copaliner®

Image for Dycal®

Radiopaque calcium hydroxide composition is a rigid, self-setting material useful in pulp-capping, and as a...

View Dycal®

Image for Neo Dental Vitapex
Neo Dental Vitapex

Vitapex can be used as a temporary or permanent root canal filling material after pulpectomy....

View Neo Dental Vitapex

Image for Fuji Lining LC
Fuji Lining LC

Light-cured glass ionomer for base and lining. Very low solubility, exceptional biocompatibility, fluoride release for...

View Fuji Lining LC

Image for KATANA<sup>™</sup> Cleaner
KATANA Cleaner

Cleans prosthetic restorations after intraoral try-in to restore original bond strength before final cementation. With...

View KATANA Cleaner

Image for ZR-C™ Universal Cleanser
ZR-C™ Universal Cleanser

Aqueous based universal cleanser suitable for non-abrasive cleaning of the intaglio surface of prosthetic restorations...

View ZR-C™ Universal Cleanser

Image for Ivoclean

Universal cleaning paste effectively cleans the bonding surface of prosthetic restorations after intraoral try-in. Creates...

View Ivoclean

Image for Hema-Benz™ and Hema-Glu™
Hema-Benz™ and Hema-Glu™

HEMA-based one-step desensitizing agent with disinfectant. For use in a broad spectrum of applications including...

View Hema-Benz™ and Hema-Glu™

Image for Telio®

Indicated for reducing and preventing dentinal and postoperative hypersensitivity. Suitable for conditioning and disinfecting exposed...

View Telio®

Image for Teethmate™ Desensitizer
Teethmate™ Desensitizer

Biocompatible desensitizer that works with water to form hydroxyapatite. Use it to close exposed or prepared dentin....

View Teethmate™ Desensitizer

Image for Shield Force Plus
Shield Force Plus

One-component, single application, light cured sealant for the treatment of hypersensitive dentin. Infiltrates and seals...

View Shield Force Plus

Image for Gluma® Desensitizer
Gluma® Desensitizer

Glutaraldehyde/HEMA formula acts in seconds to seal dentinal tubules, preventing the fluidshifting recognized as the...

View Gluma® Desensitizer

Image for Hemaseal & Cide
Hemaseal & Cide

Dentin disinfectant and desensitizer. 4% chlorhexidine with HEMA in an aqueous solution. Increases bond strength...

View Hemaseal & Cide

Image for Predicta® Bioactive Desensitizer
Predicta® Bioactive Desensitizer

Bioactive desensitizer uses the elements that are naturally found in the tooth and restores them...

View Predicta® Bioactive Desensitizer

Image for HurriSeal®

HEMA-based non-glutaraldehyde formulation of benzalkonium chloride treats cervical sensitivity and provides immediate relief for up...

View HurriSeal®

Image for MicroPrime™

HEMA-based formula seals tubules to prevent post-op sensitivity. Use under amalgam, composite, cements, provisional or...

View MicroPrime™

Image for Calm-It™

Glutaraldehyde-based desensitizer that delivers a fast and effective treatment for the prevention of dentinal hypersensitivity....

View Calm-It™

Image for Fuji Ortho Band LC Paste Pak
Fuji Ortho Band LC Paste Pak

Light-cured, resin-reinforced orthodontic glass ionomer cement in easy-to-use automix Paste Paks. Longer-lasting results, with adequate...

View Fuji Ortho Band LC Paste Pak

Image for Fuji Ortho LC Paste Pak
Fuji Ortho LC Paste Pak

Light cure resin reinforced glass ionomer cement specially formulated for cementation of orthodontic brackets, bands, and...

View Fuji Ortho LC Paste Pak

Image for Fuji Ortho Band Paste Pak
Fuji Ortho Band Paste Pak

Self cured resin modified, blue color glass ionomer cement in a paste-paste formula. Use for...

View Fuji Ortho Band Paste Pak

Image for Fuji Ortho LC
Fuji Ortho LC

Light cure resin reinforced glass ionomer cement specially formulated for cementation of orthodontic brackets, bands,...

View Fuji Ortho LC

Image for Fuji Ortho Gel Conditioner
Fuji Ortho Gel Conditioner

20% polyacrylic acid designed to mildly condition enamel.

View Fuji Ortho Gel Conditioner

Image for G-Cem™ Capsules
G-Cem™ Capsules

Dual-cure self-adhesive resin cement. Designed for adhesive luting of all-ceramic, metal or composite indirect restorations....

View G-Cem™ Capsules

Image for 3M™ Ketac™ Cem powder/liquid
3M™ Ketac™ Cem powder/liquid

Glass ionomer luting cement with fluoride release. Extremely low film thickness optimizes fit and marginal...

View 3M™ Ketac™ Cem powder/liquid

Image for Panavia™ Veneer LC
Panavia™ Veneer LC

Light-cure resin cement with excellent color stability, high wear resistance, long working time and easy...

View Panavia™ Veneer LC

Image for Infinity® SE Syringeable
Infinity® SE Syringeable

Self-etch formulation of Infinity Syringeable dual cure, self-adhesive resin ionomer cement. Recommended for all-porcelain, zirconium,...

View Infinity® SE Syringeable

Image for Tylok®-Plus™

Anhydrous polycarboxylate luting cement. Requires only water for mixing.

View Tylok®-Plus™

Image for 3M™ Durelon™
3M™ Durelon™

Carboxylate luting cement. A fluoride-releasing, hand-mix cement with a relatively neutral pH value that reduces...

View 3M™ Durelon™

Image for Fleck's® Cement
Fleck's® Cement

Zinc phosphate permanent cement.

View Fleck's® Cement

Image for CemPower<sup>™</sup>

Self-etch, self-adhesive, dual-cured resin cement. Bis-GMA free blend of monomers ensures superior long-term hydrolytic stability...

View CemPower

Image for Riva Cem Automix
Riva Cem Automix

Self-curing, radiopaque, fluoride releasing paste/paste resin modified glass-ionomer luting cement. Features ionglass™ technology, a unique...

View Riva Cem Automix

Image for Ultra-Bond® Plus
Ultra-Bond® Plus

Versatile dual-cure resin cement for bonding of veneers, inlays, onlays and ceramic crowns. Automix syringe...

View Ultra-Bond® Plus

Image for Comspan®

Fine particled Bis-GMA permanent cement. Especially useful for attaching resin bonded retainers (Maryland Bridge) via...

View Comspan®

Image for 3M™ RelyX™ Universal Resin Cement
3M™ RelyX™ Universal Resin Cement

Universal dual-cure resin cement for virtually all adhesives and self-adhesive indications. Works great as a...

View 3M™ RelyX™ Universal Resin Cement

Image for 3M™ RelyX™ Ultimate
3M™ RelyX™ Ultimate

Industry-leading bond strength. World-class esthetics. Extraordinary versatility. RelyX Ultimate dual cure adhesive resin cement offers...

View 3M™ RelyX™ Ultimate

Image for Fuji Plus®
Fuji Plus®

Resin reinforced multipurpose glass ionomer cement. Offers ease-of-use, excellent physical properties, sustained fluoride release, and...

View Fuji Plus®

Image for ZR-Cem™

Dual-cure, self-etch, self-adhesive universal resin cement specifically formulated for zirconia restorations. Optimal viscosity and easy...

View ZR-Cem™

Image for Breeze®

Self-adhesive resin cement with a dual-cure option for maximum versatility. The cement quickly conditions dentin,...

View Breeze®

Image for 3M™ RelyX™ Unicem Aplicap™
3M™ RelyX™ Unicem Aplicap™

Dual cure self-adhesive universal resin cement. Eliminates the need for etching*, priming, and bonding steps....

View 3M™ RelyX™ Unicem Aplicap™

Image for 3M™ RelyX™ Luting Plus Automix
3M™ RelyX™ Luting Plus Automix

Advanced resin-modified glass ionomer formula offers enhanced marginal integrity with low solubility, high strength, and...

View 3M™ RelyX™ Luting Plus Automix

Image for 3M™ Ketac™ Cem Maxicap™
3M™ Ketac™ Cem Maxicap™

Glass ionomer luting cement with fluoride release. Extremely low film thickness optimizes fit and marginal...

View 3M™ Ketac™ Cem Maxicap™

Image for Infinity® Syringeable
Infinity® Syringeable

Dual cure, fluoride-releasing, self-adhesive resin cement. Convenient automix syringe speeds placement and minimizes waste. Indicated...

View Infinity® Syringeable

Image for Calibra® Veneer
Calibra® Veneer

Visible light cured resin cement for the permanent cementation of ceramic, porcelain and composite veneers....

View Calibra® Veneer

Image for Embrace™ Wetbond™ Resin Cement
Embrace™ Wetbond™ Resin Cement

The first self-adhesive resin cement that bonds to the slightly moist tooth. Embrace is a...

View Embrace™ Wetbond™ Resin Cement

Image for Set PP
Set PP

Self-etch, self-adhesive, dual-cure resin cement for final cementation of metal, resin and ceramic based restorations...

View Set PP

Image for ZirCAD® Cement
ZirCAD® Cement

Radiopaque, self-curing, fluoride releasing, resin-modified glass ionomer luting cement. Tack cure option for easy removal...

View ZirCAD® Cement

Image for Secure®

Dual-cure 4-META adhesive resin cement. Generates strong bond to tooth with use of unique self-etch...

View Secure®

Image for Ceramir® Bioceramic Implant Cement
Ceramir® Bioceramic Implant Cement

Permanent, 100% resin-free radiopaque bioceramic cement with excellent handling properties. Its inherent ability to form...

View Ceramir® Bioceramic Implant Cement

Image for Fynal®

Polymer-reinforced zinc oxide-eugenol (ZOE) composition final cement for finished crowns, bridges, and inlays.

View Fynal®

Image for G-Cem LinkForce™
G-Cem LinkForce™

An all-in-one system approach indicated for the cementation of all types of ceramic, resin and...

View G-Cem LinkForce™

Image for Maxcem Elite™ Chroma
Maxcem Elite™ Chroma

Smart cement changes color when it’s time to clean up! Dual cure, self-etch/self-adhesive resin cement...

View Maxcem Elite™ Chroma

Image for Multilink® Hybrid Abutment
Multilink® Hybrid Abutment

Self-curing luting composite. For permanent, extraoral cementation of ceramic and PMMA structures on titanium bases....

View Multilink® Hybrid Abutment

Image for 3M™ RelyX™ Veneer
3M™ RelyX™ Veneer

Veneer cement that is simple to dispense, apply and seat.  Ideal viscosity keeps veneers in...

View 3M™ RelyX™ Veneer

Image for 3M™ Durelon™ Maxicap™
3M™ Durelon™ Maxicap™

Carboxylate luting cement. A fluoride-releasing, hand-mix cement with a relatively neutral pH value that reduces...

View 3M™ Durelon™ Maxicap™

Image for MonoCem®

Self-adhesive resin cement containing a self-etch primer. Bonds to all substrates, has high retention values,...

View MonoCem®

Image for Cement-It™ Universal C&B™
Cement-It™ Universal C&B™

The ideal choice for all indirect bonding needs. Can be used when bonding indirect composite,...

View Cement-It™ Universal C&B™

Image for NX3 (Nexus®)
NX3 (Nexus®)

Third generation esthetic permanent resin cement for all indirect applications, including veneers. Patented amine-free redox...

View NX3 (Nexus®)

Image for SpeedCEM® Plus
SpeedCEM® Plus

Self-adhesive, self-curing resin cement with a light-curing option. Produces high bond strength on zirconium oxide,...

View SpeedCEM® Plus

Image for CX-Plus GlasIonomer Cement
CX-Plus GlasIonomer Cement

An enhanced glasionomer luting cement with extended working time (3' 30") and a snap set....

View CX-Plus GlasIonomer Cement

Image for Calibra® Universal
Calibra® Universal

Two-component, dual-cure, high strength self-adhesive resin cement which contains fluoride. Combines esthetic shading with a...

View Calibra® Universal

Image for Premier® Implant Cement™
Premier® Implant Cement™

Non-eugenol radiopaque resin cement in an automix syringe. Provides secure long-term retention for permanent implant-retained...

View Premier® Implant Cement™

Image for FujiCem™ 2
FujiCem™ 2

Next generation resin reinforced glass ionomer luting cement. Powered by F2 Flex Fuse Technology to...

View FujiCem™ 2

Image for Calibra® Dual Cure Automix
Calibra® Dual Cure Automix

Dual cure esthetic resin cement. Dual barrel syringe minimizes waste and eliminates hand mixing. For...

View Calibra® Dual Cure Automix

Image for 3M™ Durelon™ CD
3M™ Durelon™ CD

Carboxylate luting cement. A fluoride-releasing, hand-mix cement with a relatively neutral pH value that reduces...

View 3M™ Durelon™ CD

Image for G-Cem LinkAce™
G-Cem LinkAce™

Dual-cure, self-adhesive resin cement designed for luting of all-ceramic, metal and composite indirect restorations. Creates...

View G-Cem LinkAce™

Image for Maxcem Elite™
Maxcem Elite™

Dual cure, self-etch, self-adhesive all-purpose resin cement packaged in a dual-barrel syringe with automix tips....

View Maxcem Elite™

Image for Calibra® Bio
Calibra® Bio

Bioactive permanent cement with a calcium aluminate ionomer chemistry. The unique chemistry adapts seamlessly at...

View Calibra® Bio

Image for Ceramir® Crown & Bridge
Ceramir® Crown & Bridge

A bioceramic luting cement for the permanent cementation of full coverage crowns and bridges made...

View Ceramir® Crown & Bridge

Image for Breeze™ RMGI
Breeze™ RMGI

Designed to deliver a stable and long-term durable restoration with its outstanding bond strength. For...

View Breeze™ RMGI

Image for BeautiLink SA
BeautiLink SA

Self-adhesive, dual-cured resin cement specifically designed for zirconia restorations. Exclusively formulated to provide superior retention...

View BeautiLink SA

Image for Predicta® Bioactive Cement
Predicta® Bioactive Cement

Bioactive, self-adhesive, dual-cure resin cement that fills and seals microgaps. Alleviates or prevents microleakage that...

View Predicta® Bioactive Cement

Image for Panavia™ F 2.0
Panavia™ F 2.0

Dual-cure fluoride-releasing resin cement. Cure time is just 30 seconds. Antibacterial, self-etching and self-adhering. Bonds...

View Panavia™ F 2.0

Image for Fuji I®
Fuji I®

Designed for the final cementation of crown and bridge restorations. Bonds chemically to tooth structure...

View Fuji I®

Image for SoloCem®

Dual-cure, self-adhesive resin cement with antibacterial zinc oxide that ensures reliable, tight restoration, in concert...

View SoloCem®

Image for CemEZ™

Dual-cure universal adhesive resin cement for luting crowns, inlays, onlays, and posts. CemEZ incorporates IntelliTek™...

View CemEZ™

Image for 3M™ RelyX™ Unicem Maxicap™
3M™ RelyX™ Unicem Maxicap™

Dual cure self-adhesive universal resin cement. Eliminates the need for etching*, priming, and bonding steps....

View 3M™ RelyX™ Unicem Maxicap™

Image for GC Paste Pak dispenser
GC Paste Pak dispenser

View GC Paste Pak dispenser

Image for Panavia™ V5
Panavia™ V5

Dual-cure esthetic resin cement for the permanent cementation of all silica-based ceramics (including lithium disilicate),...

View Panavia™ V5

Image for Premier<sup>®</sup> Implant Cement™ Plus
Premier® Implant Cement™ Plus

Non-eugenol resin cement in an automix syringe. Now with significantly greater radiopacity for excellent visibility...

View Premier® Implant Cement™ Plus

Image for EsteCem II
EsteCem II

Dual-cured resin cement for all restorative materials. When used with Tokuyama Universal Bond, does not...

View EsteCem II

Image for 3M™ RelyX™ Luting Plus Clicker™
3M™ RelyX™ Luting Plus Clicker™

Advanced resin-modified glass ionomer formula offers enhanced marginal integrity with low solubility, high strength, and...

View 3M™ RelyX™ Luting Plus Clicker™

Image for SmartCem2

Self-adhesive, dual-cure resin based cement. Provides excellent retentive and mechanical strengths with low film thickness...

View SmartCem2

Image for 3M™ Ketac™ Cem Aplicap™
3M™ Ketac™ Cem Aplicap™

Glass ionomer luting cement with fluoride release. Extremely low film thickness optimizes fit and marginal...

View 3M™ Ketac™ Cem Aplicap™

Image for PermaCem 2.0
PermaCem 2.0

Self-adhesive dual-cure composite luting cement for the permanent cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and...

View PermaCem 2.0

Image for 3M™ RelyX™ Unicem 2 Clicker™
3M™ RelyX™ Unicem 2 Clicker™

Simple and time-saving one-step solution. Requires only a few working steps - no pre-treatment, such...

View 3M™ RelyX™ Unicem 2 Clicker™

Image for Nexus™ Universal
Nexus™ Universal

Permanent resin cement for all indirect restorations including veneers, inlays, onlays, crown & bridge, posts,...

View Nexus™ Universal

Image for 3M™ RelyX™ Luting
3M™ RelyX™ Luting

Resin-modified glass ionomer permanent cement.  Fast setting, with a mousse-like consistency for easy mixing, loading...

View 3M™ RelyX™ Luting

Image for ACTIVA™ BioActive-Cement™
ACTIVA™ BioActive-Cement™

Dual-cure bioresponsive resin cement for indirect restorations including zirconia, ceramic, CAD/CAM, metal and resin. ACTIVA...

View ACTIVA™ BioActive-Cement™

Image for Panavia™ 21
Panavia™ 21

Self-cure esthetic resin cement. Bonds directly to metal and silanated surfaces with no need for...

View Panavia™ 21

Image for C&B Metabond® Quick
C&B Metabond® Quick

Adhesive resin cement for bonding any metal to dentin or enamel. Retains crowns on preps...

View C&B Metabond® Quick

Image for Variolink<sup>®</sup> Esthetic LC HV
Variolink® Esthetic LC HV

Variolink Esthetic is a versatile solution when looking for maximum flexibility in the permanent adhesive...

View Variolink® Esthetic LC HV

Image for Calibra® Ceram
Calibra® Ceram

One out of 5 crowns are non-retentive preparations that require extra strength. Calibra CEram cement...

View Calibra® Ceram

Image for Variolink® Esthetic
Variolink® Esthetic

Esthetic cementation made simple. A light and dual-curing luting composite for the esthetic and permanent...

View Variolink® Esthetic

Image for 3M™ RelyX™ Unicem 2 Automix
3M™ RelyX™ Unicem 2 Automix

Next generation self-adhesive resin cement features enhanced bond strength, mechanical properties, and esthetics. Automix syringe saves...

View 3M™ RelyX™ Unicem 2 Automix

Image for G-CEM ONE™

This self-adhesive resin cement is universal and technique tolerant. It has excellent self-curing ability and...


Image for Nexus™ RMGI
Nexus™ RMGI

Resin modified glass ionomer for the final cementation of porcelain-fused-to-metal, porcelain-fused -to-zirconia, metal based crowns,...

View Nexus™ RMGI

Image for FujiCEM<sup>®</sup> Evolve
FujiCEM® Evolve

Next generation resin-modified glass ionomer (RMGI) cement in a syringe delivery system. Ideal cement for...

View FujiCEM® Evolve

Image for Calibra™

Combines ease of use, excellent handling, and shade-stable chemistry in a versatile light-cure/dual-cure system. Calibra...

View Calibra™

Image for Panavia™ SA Cement Universal
Panavia™ SA Cement Universal

Dual-cure, self-adhesive, fluoride-releasing resin cement with dual monomer technology that eliminates the need for a...

View Panavia™ SA Cement Universal

Image for Multilink® Automix
Multilink® Automix

Self-etching dual cure resin cement designed for all indirect restorations including strengthened-core posts fabricated from zirconia...

View Multilink® Automix

Image for Geristore® Syringeable
Geristore® Syringeable

Dual cure, fluoride-releasing hybrid resin-ionomer composite.  Self-adhesive formula bonds to all surfaces including enamel, dentin,...

View Geristore® Syringeable

Image for TempoCem and TempoCemNE Smartmix
TempoCem and TempoCemNE Smartmix

Temporary zinc oxide cement provides low film thickness, reliable adhesion, easy and clean removal. Excess...

View TempoCem and TempoCemNE Smartmix

Image for GC Fuji Temp™ LT
GC Fuji Temp™ LT

Glass ionomer temporary cement indicated for temporary cementation of all-ceramic provisionals, resin and metal-based crowns...

View GC Fuji Temp™ LT

Image for Access® Automix Temporary Cement
Access® Automix Temporary Cement

Access Automix Temporary Cement is the perfect choice for longer-term temporary use. The automix formula...

View Access® Automix Temporary Cement

Image for Safco CleanTemp™ temporary cement
Safco CleanTemp™ temporary cement

Safco CleanTemp automix, non-eugenol temporary cement is the ultimate solution for cementing temporary crowns or...

View Safco CleanTemp™ temporary cement

Image for Zone™

Zinc oxide, non-eugenol, translucent temporary cement. Ideal for the temporary cementation of provisionals or permanent...

View Zone™

Image for Temp-Bond® NE™
Temp-Bond® NE™

Non-eugenol temporary cement that will not inhibit the polymerization of resin cements and acrylic temporaries....

View Temp-Bond® NE™

Image for Temp Advantage®
Temp Advantage®

Eugenol-free zinc oxide temporary cement. Contains fluoride and potassium nitrate to minimize sensitivity. Contains chlorhexidine....

View Temp Advantage®

Image for Telio® Link
Telio® Link

Non-eugenol, dual-cure luting composite for the esthetic temporary cementation of provisional crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays...

View Telio® Link

Image for NexTemp<sup>® </sup>Temporary Cement
NexTemp® Temporary Cement

Non-eugenol, resin based cement in an automix syringe. Initial gel-set stabilizes the temporary; final set...

View NexTemp® Temporary Cement

Image for Temrex® Temporary Cement
Temrex® Temporary Cement

ZOE temporary cement inhibits microbial growth and minimizes microleakage. Indicated uses include temporary retaining of...

View Temrex® Temporary Cement

Image for SensiTemp® Resin
SensiTemp® Resin

High strength non-eugenol desensitizing temporary cement with a unique 2-stage setting reaction for easy clean-up....

View SensiTemp® Resin

Image for Integrity® TempGrip®
Integrity® TempGrip®

Non-eugenol zinc oxide temporary cement with low film thickness and high compressive and flexural strength....

View Integrity® TempGrip®

Image for Temp-Bond®

Self-curing, zinc oxide eugenol temporary cement for trial cementing restorations or cementing temporary crowns and...

View Temp-Bond®

Image for TempoCem and TempoCemNE Automix
TempoCem and TempoCemNE Automix

Temporary zinc oxide cement provides low film thickness, reliable adhesion, and clean removal. Excess can...

View TempoCem and TempoCemNE Automix

Image for Temp-Bond® Clear™
Temp-Bond® Clear™

Dual-cure, non-eugenol, temporary resin-based cement with triclosan for use in cementation of temporary and provisional...

View Temp-Bond® Clear™

Image for Zone Free™
Zone Free™

Zinc oxide, non-eugenol, translucent temporary cement that uses reflective nanofillers to create color blending for...

View Zone Free™

Image for NoMix®

Single-component temporary cement. Requires no mixing whatsoever. Moisture-activated, and is ideal for short term in-office...

View NoMix®

Image for E.T.C.™ Easy Temporary Cement
E.T.C.™ Easy Temporary Cement

Dual-cure, easy-to-use non-eugenol cement offering strong adhesion to temporary prostheses. Low viscosity allows for the...

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Image for Embonte™+

Enhanced formulation offers better bond strength, consistency, clean-up and removal of excess material. ZOE-based temporary...

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Image for TempSpan® Transparent
TempSpan® Transparent

Dual-cure, resin based, eugenol-free temporary cement. Offers strong, long-lasting restorations while allowing easy removal when...

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Image for 3M™ RelyX™ Temp E <em>and</em><br />3M™ RelyX™ Temp NE
3M™ RelyX™ Temp E and
3M™ RelyX™ Temp NE

Zinc oxide temporary cement offers strong adhesion and extremely low film thickness. Excess material is...

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3M™ RelyX™ Temp NE

Image for TempoCem® ID
TempoCem® ID

All-purpose, urethane dimethacrylate, non-eugenol temporary cement that is invisible under restorations, yet detectable for easy...

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Image for Rodin<sup>®</sup> Intecem
Rodin® Intecem

Intermediate Restorative Material is indicated for intermediate restorations intended to remain in place for up...

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Image for Interval

Interval Temporary Filling Material is indicated for endodontic access preparations, restoring fractured or lost amalgam...

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Image for Interval II® Plus
Interval II® Plus

Interval II Plus is a temporary filling material and use for restoring both vital and...

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Image for IRM® Intermediate Restorative Material
IRM® Intermediate Restorative Material

Intermediate restorative material; ZOE with polymer reinforcement. Strength properties approach those of zinc phosphate cement;...

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Image for Telio® Inlay/Onlay
Telio® Inlay/Onlay

Same great consistency and modeling properties as the Fermit line, with a reduced curing time of...

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Image for DuoTEMP

DuoTEMP is a dual-curing temporary filling material. It is a white-colored material that is eugenol-free,...

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Image for ZOE B&T®

Eugenol-containing base and temporary filling material. May be used as temporary restoration for up to...

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Image for Coltosol F
Coltosol F

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