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Dental Evacuation products

Image for Bio-Pure®

Bio-Pure is an eVac cleaner that will restore your pipes. It is a microbial cleaner...

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Image for Monarch™ CleanStream
Monarch™ CleanStream

Proprietary blend of EDTA, non-foaming surfactants and chelating agents penetrate and loosen calcifications to increase flow and...

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Image for DryShield<sup>®</sup>

This innovative isolation system is ideally suited to reduce the risk of contamination through aerosol...

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Image for HVE Mirror Connect
HVE Mirror Connect

The HVE Mirror Connect transforms standard four-handed dentistry into comfortably streamlined two-handed dentistry. Features a...

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Image for Hygoformic<sup>®</sup> Bio
Hygoformic® Bio

Saliva ejector with unique coil design and tongue holder. Produced in fossil-free Green PE, a...

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