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Dental Articulating Paper, Film & Materials

Image for TrollFoil articulating foil
TrollFoil articulating foil

Premounted, framed foil. Precise registration gives a more accurate picture of patient bite. Fast and convenient...

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Image for Madame Butterfly articulating silk
Madame Butterfly articulating silk

A 3/4" inking ribbon; .0031" thickness. Cut to size preference. 18 yard rolls.

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Image for Holg Mark:Rite articulating paper
Holg Mark:Rite articulating paper

View Holg Mark:Rite articulating paper

Image for Crosstex® articulating paper, film and foil
Crosstex® articulating paper, film and foil

The Crosstex articulating paper is specially designed for patient comfort with its soft, smooth, non-stick...

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Image for Ardent™ articulating paper
Ardent™ articulating paper

Non-smudging articulating paper for wet or dry fields.

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Image for Safco articulating paper
Safco articulating paper

Experience precision and accuracy like never before with Safco Articulating Paper. Our product is specially...

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Image for Ardent™ Exacta-Film™ articulating film
Ardent™ Exacta-Film™ articulating film

Double-sided ultra-thin strips provide the best and most precise articulation possible. Each strip is only...

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Image for AccuFilm® II articulating film
AccuFilm® II articulating film

Double sided film, .008" x ⅞" x 3½".

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Image for Bausch articulating paper
Bausch articulating paper

"No-smudge" articulating paper with progressive color transfer provides accurate pressure distribution within seconds. The marking...

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Image for Exposure™ articulating film
Exposure™ articulating film

Built-in handle eliminates the need for forceps. Simply grasp, snap and bite! Use for one...

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Image for Shimstock occlusion foil
Shimstock occlusion foil

Metal occlusion foil used to accurately detect high spots in any restoration or natural tooth...

View Shimstock occlusion foil

Image for Surgident® Disporal™ articulating paper
Surgident® Disporal™ articulating paper

View Surgident® Disporal™ articulating paper

Image for Hu-Friedy articulating paper forceps
Hu-Friedy articulating paper forceps

Stainless steel.

View Hu-Friedy articulating paper forceps

Image for Safco articulating paper forceps
Safco articulating paper forceps

Easily handle and place articulating paper with Safco Articulating Paper Forceps. Our forceps are specially...

View Safco articulating paper forceps

Image for PIP - Pressure Indicating Paste
PIP - Pressure Indicating Paste

Pressure Indicating Paste (PIP) is a pure white silicone paste, used for seating crowns, bridges...

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Image for Quickcheck indicating spray
Quickcheck indicating spray

Accurately discloses unwanted contact points. Non-clogging with a smooth spray that dries instantly.

View Quickcheck indicating spray

Image for SpotIt<sup>®</sup> C&B Contact Finder
SpotIt® C&B Contact Finder

SpotIt is a more precise alternative to occlusion paper, leaving a clear and accurate indication...

View SpotIt® C&B Contact Finder

Image for Fit Checker Advanced
Fit Checker Advanced

Next generation, Vinyl Polyether Silicone (VPES) fit checking material. Excellent hydrophilicity ensures saliva no longer...

View Fit Checker Advanced

Image for Dr. Thompson's color transfer applicators
Dr. Thompson's color transfer applicators

Simple and effective method for achieving color transfers from irritated areas under dentures. Applicators are...

View Dr. Thompson's color transfer applicators

Image for Occlude®

Aerosol spray for disclosing high spots and contact points. Also perfect for seating crowns. Dries...

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Image for Hydent®

Denture indicator. Aerosol spray: Applies a thin, uniform layer of paste that clearly defines pressure...

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