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Difference Maker: Veteran Smile Day Foundation

As most Difference Maker stories start, this one begins with awareness. Having served as a dentist in the US Navy and deploying to Iraq, Deryck Pham, DDS, came home and began civilian life at a private practice in New Jersey.

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Convention Come Back

While I will always be grateful for the technology that kept us connected when we couldn’t be together, there is nothing like face-to-face interactions with like-minded professionals to keep your passion alive. Even if I don’t have my Zoom filters to make me look ten years younger.

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Difference Maker: Hygienists’ for Humanity

While we have been highlighting individuals in the series this month, we now highlight a team of angels. Hygienists for Humanity (H4H) was started in 2017 by Alicia Murria, RDH, MS(c). While attending a dental conference, Alicia couldn’t help but notice the homeless population around the conference center and wondered what she could do to make a difference

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How to get the most from your suction

Most of us take our dental unit suction lines for granted. You turn them on, they suck spit, and off they go because they are noisy. But if your suction goes down, what happens to the office?

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Learning on the Go!

Dentistry is such a dynamic profession. It’s changing all the time as new technologies are coming onto the market regularly. Science and data emerge that force us to rethink how we practice. If we were all still practicing dentistry the way we learned it in school (even if that was only a few years ago), we’d be doing a disservice to our patients and profession.

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