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Safco Dental Supply offers a range of dental pins and posts including metal posts, metal-free posts, and pins. These products are designed to provide strong support for dental restorations and enable effective bonding to the tooth structure.

We Offer the Following Types of Pins & Posts:

  • Metal Posts: These dental posts are typically made of a metal alloy and provide excellent stability for tooth restoration. Metal dental posts are suitable for use in both anterior and posterior teeth and can be used in combination with various dental materials.
  • Metal-Free Posts: As the name suggests, these dental posts are made from materials other than metal, such as fiber-reinforced composite, glass fiber, or zirconia. Metal-free posts offer a more aesthetically pleasing restoration compared to metal posts, as they are tooth-colored and blend in with natural teeth.
  • Pins:Dental pins are small metal or ceramic rods used to provide additional support for restorations, such as fillings or crowns. They can also help stabilize weakened tooth structure and prevent further damage.
Image for IntegraPost™

Titanium alloy parallel sided passive post. Patented Flow-Thru-Head® and microknurled shank assure secure stress-free antirotational...

View IntegraPost™

Image for Flexi-Overdenture™

Parallel-sided stainless steel split shank threaded post with a ball and socket attachment that delivers...

View Flexi-Overdenture™

Image for Safco Tru-Core™ Titanium Post
Safco Tru-Core™ Titanium Post

Titanium, passive parallel-sided vented posts with flat heads designed for direct post/core build-ups in one...

View Safco Tru-Core™ Titanium Post

Image for ParaPost® XH™
ParaPost® XH™

Titanium passive post with an undercut, slotted head that locks onto composite and glass ionomer...

View ParaPost® XH™

Image for Flexi-Flange®

Parallel-sided threaded post designed for situations where there is inadequate dentin:Wide flange for extra lateral...

View Flexi-Flange®

Image for Flexi-Post® accessories
Flexi-Post® accessories

Flexi-Post accessories are compatible with EDS Flexi-Post systems. Patented, hollow tube, thick-walled design, and the...

View Flexi-Post® accessories

Image for Flexi-Post®

Patented split-shank parallel sided serrated threaded post, designed for cases where adequate coronal dentin exists;...

View Flexi-Post®

Image for ParaPost® XT
ParaPost® XT

Threaded titanium parallel wall posts. Rounded edges minimize stress points that could lead to core...

View ParaPost® XT

Image for AccessPost™

Retreatable stainless steel parallel-sided passive post. Hollow-tube design allows removal without widening or sacrificing the...

View AccessPost™

Image for ParaPost® XP
ParaPost® XP

Parallel-sided passive post with patented, raised diamond retention pattern, which provides improved resistance to rotation,...

View ParaPost® XP

Image for ParaPost System®
ParaPost System®

Whaledent’s original system, released in 1964. Passive parallel-sided post with a single vent for removing...

View ParaPost System®

Image for Safco Tru-Core™ Glass Fiber Post
Safco Tru-Core™ Glass Fiber Post

Esthetic, parallel-sided, white endodontic glass fiber posts. Specifically designed to absorb and transmit any stress...

View Safco Tru-Core™ Glass Fiber Post

Image for Achromat™ Fiber Posts
Achromat™ Fiber Posts

Translucent esthetic fiber posts. High fiber content (65%) provides greater flexural strength. Serrated post design...

View Achromat™ Fiber Posts

Image for ParaPost® Fiber Lux
ParaPost® Fiber Lux

Translucent esthetic fiber resin post that reflects the natural hues of the tooth. Eliminates shadows...

View ParaPost® Fiber Lux

Image for ParaPost® Taper Lux
ParaPost® Taper Lux

Tapered design on the apical third of this metal-free fiber post means less removal of...

View ParaPost® Taper Lux

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