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Preventive dental products play a crucial role in maintaining oral health. Safco Dental Supply offers a comprehensive range of preventative products to meet your dental needs. From fluoride products to interdental cleaners, toothbrushes to prophy angles, and desensitizers to mouthwashes, Safco Dental Supply has everything you need for your preventive dental care.

Our selection of preventatives includes: 

  • Dappen dishes: these essential supplies are used to hold liquid dental materials while performing dental procedures. 

  • Sealants: are used to protect the teeth from decay by filling in the grooves and pits in the teeth where plaque and food particles can collect.

  • Toothbrushes: Safco also offers a wide range of toothbrushes, including kids and adult toothbrushes and interdental cleaners, to help keep your patient’s teeth and gums healthy

  • Floride: fluoride products, such as fluoride gel, foams, rinses, trays, varnishes, and home-care products, are essential for preventing tooth decay and promoting oral health.

  • Chlorhexidine oral rinses and mouthwashes: help kill bacteria and prevent plaque build-up

  • Prophy Products: disposable and metal prophy angles, brushes, cups, and paste, are used to clean and polish teeth during routine dental check-ups.

  • Desensitizers: these are also important for reducing tooth sensitivity and providing relief for those with dry mouth.


Image for Oral-B<sup>®</sup> CrossAction<sup>™</sup> Gentle Clean
Oral-B® CrossAction Gentle Clean

Delivers superior performance with unexpected softness your patients will appreciate. Extra soft bristles. 4 assorted...

View Oral-B® CrossAction Gentle Clean

Image for <span lang=GUM® Dome Trim® " />
GUM® Dome Trim® 

GUM Dome Trim toothbrush is designed for effective plaque removal on tooth surfaces and below...

View GUM® Dome Trim® 

Image for HurriView<sup>®</sup>

Individually wrapped Snap-n-Go™ Swabs are pre-filled with disclosing solution that highlights areas on teeth where...

View HurriView®

Image for Oral-B<sup>®</sup> Water Flosser Advanced
Oral-B® Water Flosser Advanced

Oral-B’s exclusive Oxyjet™ Technology uses water enriched with microbubbles of air to help improve gum...

View Oral-B® Water Flosser Advanced

Image for Curodont<sup>™</sup> Protect
Curodont Protect

Anti-cavity and anti-sensitivity gel. Aids in the prevention of dental cavities and builds increasing protection...

View Curodont Protect

Image for GUM® Proxabrush® Go-Betweens® Cleaners
GUM® Proxabrush® Go-Betweens® Cleaners

Interdental cleaner ideal for patients with healthy gingiva, dental restorations, orthodontics, or those who have trouble...

View GUM® Proxabrush® Go-Betweens® Cleaners

Image for BeeSure<sup>®</sup> Ice Oscillating
BeeSure® Ice Oscillating

Reciprocating disposable prophy angles. Exterior star ridges for improved interproximal cleaning. Fits all standard handpieces....

View BeeSure® Ice Oscillating

Image for Prevent Seal
Prevent Seal

Self-etching, light-cured pit & fissure sealant. Excellent bonding strength on enamel (21 MPa) for a...

View Prevent Seal

Image for Crest<sup>®</sup> Pro-Health Maximum Cavity Protection
Crest® Pro-Health Maximum Cavity Protection

Stannous fluoride formula stops cavities before they start. Most toothpastes quit working in minutes, but...

View Crest® Pro-Health Maximum Cavity Protection

Image for Sensodyne<sup>®</sup> Sensitivity & Gum
Sensodyne® Sensitivity & Gum

Dual-action toothpaste designed to help people with sensitivity and gum problems. Low abrasion formula builds...

View Sensodyne® Sensitivity & Gum

Image for Quantum Fresh Kids
Quantum Fresh Kids

This premium fluoride toothpaste has been developed to save you money without compromising on quality....

View Quantum Fresh Kids

Image for Crest<sup>®</sup> Pro-Health™ Densify™ Active Repair Pro
Crest® Pro-Health™ Densify™ Active Repair Pro

Actively reverses early decay. Extends the life of teeth through remineralization of enamel. Reduces the...

View Crest® Pro-Health™ Densify™ Active Repair Pro

Image for Cavitron® accessories
Cavitron® accessories

Assorted accessories for a variety of Cavitron ultrasonic scalers.

View Cavitron® accessories

Image for Cavitron® Select™ SPS™
Cavitron® Select™ SPS™

All the power, benefits, and features of the original Cavitron SPS (including SPS technology and...

View Cavitron® Select™ SPS™

Ordering your preventative dental products from a trusted supplier like Safco Dental Supply can help ensure that you receive high-quality products that will help maintain your oral health and prevent more serious dental problems in the future. 

So why wait? Order your preventative dental products today! 800-621-2178