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Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of dental pulp and the tissues surrounding the root of a tooth, commonly known as a root canal treatment. Whether you are a general dentist or an endodontic specialist, our wide range of Endodontic supplies and products plus our competitive prices make Safco Dental the ideal choice for all your endodontic supply needs.

Types of Endodontic Supplies We Carry:

  • Apex locator: An Apex Locator is an electronic device used in endodontics to determine the position of the apical constriction, which is the narrowest part of the root canal. This helps dentists to precisely measure the length of the root canal and perform accurate and effective root canal treatments.
  • Files, reamers, and drills: These instruments, inclusive of barbed broaches, endo burs, endo handpieces, gates glidden drills, hand files and reamers, and rotary files are all essential dental instruments used in endodontics to prepare the root canal for filling. They come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different types of root canals and their varying shapes.
  • Hand instruments: Hand instruments are used by dentists for various procedures, including scaling and root planing, restorations, and extractions.
  • Irrigating syringes: Irrigating syringes are used in endodontics to flush out debris and disinfect the root canal during treatment. They are available in different sizes and types, including disposable and reusable syringes.
  • Organizers and accessories: These products are used to organize dental instruments and accessories for easy access and to keep them clean and sterile. Organizers can range from simple trays to more advanced systems with drawers and compartments.
  • Paste fillers:Paste fillers are used in endodontics to fill the root canal after preparation with files, reamers, and drills. A common type of filler is the spiral filler.
  • Refrigerant sprays: Refrigerant sprays are used in endodontic procedures to test for pulp vitality for the patient's comfort.
  • Root canal filling: Root canal filling is the process of filling the root canal with a material, such as gutta-percha, after it has been prepared with files, reamers, and drills. This seals the canal and prevents bacteria from entering and causing an infection. These fillings include absorbent paper points, gutta percha, and obturation.
  • Sealers, cements, medicaments, and canal prep solutions: These products are used in endodontics to prepare and fill the root canal. They include sealers, which are used to seal the canal and prevent bacteria from entering, cements, which are used to hold fillings in place, medicaments, which are used to disinfect the canal, and canal prep solutions, which are used to clean and prepare the canal for filling
Image for Safco absorbent points
Safco absorbent points

Safco Absorbent Points are guaranteed to have consistent size and shape, so you can count...

View Safco absorbent points

Image for Safco C-type absorbent points
Safco C-type absorbent points

The Safco C-Type Absorbent Points are hand-rolled and guaranteed to have consistent size and shape,...

View Safco C-type absorbent points

Image for Safco Gates Glidden drills
Safco Gates Glidden drills

Designed to be used in any right-angled handpiece for the bulk removal of tooth structure....

View Safco Gates Glidden drills

Image for Safco Peeso Reamers
Safco Peeso Reamers

Safco Peeso Reamers are designed specifically to enlarge the cervical portion of the canal structure....

View Safco Peeso Reamers

Image for Safco gutta percha points
Safco gutta percha points

Every single high quality Safco gutta percha point is hand-rolled to extremely close tolerances for...

View Safco gutta percha points

Image for Safco Microtipped gutta percha points
Safco Microtipped gutta percha points

This highly tapered, and extremely fine-tipped gutta percha system better equips clinicians performing the lateral...

View Safco Microtipped gutta percha points

Image for Safco Maxim™ K-Files and hedstroms
Safco Maxim™ K-Files and hedstroms

Fine quality stainless steel files for fast, efficient cutting and removal of dentinal debris. Etched...

View Safco Maxim™ K-Files and hedstroms

Image for Safco C-Files
Safco C-Files

Safco C-Files are made from high-quality stainless steel and come in a range of sizes....

View Safco C-Files

Image for Safco flexible files
Safco flexible files

Fine quality stainless steel files combine strength and flexibility. Color-coded handles with pre-inserted silicone stops....

View Safco flexible files

Image for Safco hedstrom files
Safco hedstrom files

These Safco hedstrom files have flexible, stainless steel shafts with smooth, sharp cutting edges. Pre-inserted...

View Safco hedstrom files

Image for Safco K-Files
Safco K-Files

Safco K-Files are the perfect addition to any dental practice. Their flexible, stainless steel shafts...

View Safco K-Files

Image for Safco multipurpose curved utility syringes
Safco multipurpose curved utility syringes

Ready-to-use 12cc ungraduated, non-sterile disposable syringes with a curved tip. Use for all irrigation and periodontal...

View Safco multipurpose curved utility syringes

Image for Safco irrigation syringes
Safco irrigation syringes

Leak-free Luer lock connection securely holds irrigating needle tips. Smooth action plunger for controlled dispensing....

View Safco irrigation syringes

Image for Safco irrigating needle tips
Safco irrigating needle tips

1” bendable steel irrigating tips. Luer lock hub style. Non-sterile.

View Safco irrigating needle tips

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With a wide range of products available to choose from, dentists can find everything they need to ensure accurate and successful endodontic treatments. The right selection of endodontic instruments and accessories can help dental professionals achieve the best results, ensuring patient comfort and satisfaction. Explore the wide variety of dental supplies that Safco Dental Supply has to offer your practice.

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