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Dental Lab Products & Supplies

Image for Aluminum Oxide Powder
Aluminum Oxide Powder

Highest quality medical grade alpha aluminum powder for rapid cavity prep and surface etching air...

View Aluminum Oxide Powder

Image for Orthoprophy™ SA-85 Resin Removal Powder
Orthoprophy™ SA-85 Resin Removal Powder

85-micron highest-grade alpha-alumina particles are precisely sized for an even flow and an efficient cut....

View Orthoprophy™ SA-85 Resin Removal Powder

Image for MicroEtcher™ Sandblasters
MicroEtcher™ Sandblasters

In just a few seconds, these fast and easy units complete most surface roughening procedures....

View MicroEtcher™ Sandblasters

Image for Crown & Bridge K-Chrome Articulator
Crown & Bridge K-Chrome Articulator

Specifically engineered for crown and bridge work. Easy to adjust and separate parts. Machined for...

View Crown & Bridge K-Chrome Articulator

Image for Apex 2 Articulator
Apex 2 Articulator

Designed with a higher arch than crown and bridge articulators. Provides easy and accurate work...

View Apex 2 Articulator

Image for Magnet X
Magnet X

Designed to assure articulation accuracy. Features a one-step base pour for fast attachment and detachment...

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Image for MULTI-SEP™

Universal separating agent for multiple applications in both in-office and professional dental laboratories. Its low...


Image for Diamond D® Ultra Impact Heat Cure
Diamond D® Ultra Impact Heat Cure

Powder and liquid denture acrylic featuring exceptional working and handling characteristics for anatomical sculpting to...

View Diamond D® Ultra Impact Heat Cure

Image for Tin Foil
Tin Foil

High quality tin foil for fabricating dentures. 6" wide roll in 1 lb. package.

View Tin Foil

Image for Coe-Sep™

A tinfoil substitute specifically designed to provide a smooth, glossy and tough film on stone...

View Coe-Sep™

Image for Foilcote Liquid Foil Substitute
Foilcote Liquid Foil Substitute

Seals the pores on plaster or stone, forming a smooth surface that results in excellent...

View Foilcote Liquid Foil Substitute

Image for Fujirock® EP
Fujirock® EP

Delivers high precision, outstanding edge hardness and high pressure stability. Compressive strength: 7,700 psiInitial set time:...

View Fujirock® EP

Image for New Fujirock
New Fujirock

Delivers high precision, outstanding edge hardness and high pressure stability. Ideal for implant cases, CAD/CAM...

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Image for ResinRock

Resin-fortified die stone produces models of the highest quality. Ideal for implant and complex restorative...

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Image for Silky-Rock

Low setting expansion guarantees accuracy of dies. Creamy consistency and silky-smooth surfaces.Compressive strength: 6,000 psiInitial...

View Silky-Rock

Image for Die-Keen®

High strength but not brittle, for dies and crown & bridge work. Compressive strength: 18,000...

View Die-Keen®

Image for Vel-Mix die stone
Vel-Mix die stone

A high-strength, low-expansion crown and bridge die stone that produces smooth, hard, and accurate surfaces.Compressive...

View Vel-Mix die stone

Image for WiroGel® M
WiroGel® M

Environmentally friendly duplicating gel based on agar-agar hydrocolloid. For producing models using investment material, plaster...

View WiroGel® M

Image for Porta-Vac 550 Dust Collector
Porta-Vac 550 Dust Collector

Compact bench top dust collector for light grinding and polishing with a handpiece or lathe....

View Porta-Vac 550 Dust Collector

Image for Super Sucker II Model 62-II
Super Sucker II Model 62-II

Powerful single station dust collector provides excellent suction to a single work position. Develops 110...

View Super Sucker II Model 62-II

Image for Unversal filter hood with light
Unversal filter hood with light

This Universal Filter Hood with light collects dust and larger particles produced from light grinding...

View Unversal filter hood with light

Image for Atlas Model Flask
Atlas Model Flask

Ejector-style flasks forged from bronze alloy for years of durable service. A long-time favorite of...

View Atlas Model Flask

Image for Two Flask Compress
Two Flask Compress

This denture compress is built to hold two conventional flasks for simultaneous curing. Strong bronze...

View Two Flask Compress

Image for Lab knives
Lab knives

Carbon steel blades permanently riveted to hand-rubbed rosewood handles.

View Lab knives

Image for Plaster spatulas
Plaster spatulas

Stainless steel blades permanently riveted to hand-rubbed rosewood handles.

View Plaster spatulas

Image for Zirc lab pans
Zirc lab pans

Organizes and transports impressions, models, dentures, crowns and bridges, or appliances from the operatory to the...

View Zirc lab pans

Image for Kulzer Orthodontic Stone
Kulzer Orthodontic Stone

Kulzer orthodontic stone is essential when whiteness, accuracy and durability are important. Type III, White....

View Kulzer Orthodontic Stone

Image for CoeCal™

Type III dental model stone. Smaller particle size for a smooth, bubble-free replication. Quick setting....

View CoeCal™

Image for Safco model stone
Safco model stone

Fine particle size and surface density make it the perfect general-purpose laboratory stone.    •...

View Safco model stone

Image for Snap-Stone

An exceptionally fast setting stone with an early high compressive strength, allows separation of the...

View Snap-Stone

Image for Denstone<sup>®</sup>

High strength, easy mixing stone flows freely to capture the finest impression detail. Ideal for...

View Denstone®

Image for Microstone

General purpose lab stone, especially suited for processing acrylic appliances. Cured compressive strength: 8,500 psi...

View Microstone

Image for Orthodontic stone
Orthodontic stone

Hard, accurate stone. Super-white color for optimal aesthetics. Ample working time to allow for multiple...

View Orthodontic stone

Image for Labstone

All-purpose lab stone for reliable, consistent results. Compressive strength: 8,000 psi. Initial set time: 8-10...

View Labstone

Image for Modern Materials<sup>®</sup> Statstone®
Modern Materials® Statstone®

Use for custom trays, bleach trays, mouth guards, denture repairs and splints. Type III, Pink...

View Modern Materials® Statstone®

Image for RapidFlask™ Flowable Flasking Stone
RapidFlask™ Flowable Flasking Stone

A unique flowable flasking stone designed to flow without vibration into all areas of the...

View RapidFlask™ Flowable Flasking Stone

Image for Safco labstone buff
Safco labstone buff

Type 3 gypsum for all general-purpose lab uses. Specifically formulated with the lab technician in...

View Safco labstone buff

Image for Mounting stone
Mounting stone

A hard, fast-setting gypsum formulated for mounting casts to articulators or as a model stone...

View Mounting stone

Image for Shears

Heavy-duty scissor-style instruments for multiple cutting and trimming in laboratory applications.

View Shears

Image for Calipers and gauges
Calipers and gauges

Accurate and affordable measuring instrument for general lab applications. Measurement capacity from 1/10mm to 10mm....

View Calipers and gauges

Image for Nippers

Durable heavy-duty instruments used in a variety of lab applications requiring heavy nipping, cutting and...

View Nippers

Image for Lab carving instruments
Lab carving instruments

High quality double-ended instruments designed to carve anatomical features with precision, and to trim excess...

View Lab carving instruments

Image for Pumice

General purpose pumice for both operatory and lab use. Can be used for prophylaxis treatments,...

View Pumice

Image for Preppies™

Flour of pumice paste for procedures requiring a cleaning agent that contains no flavorings, oils or fluoride....

View Preppies™

Image for Garreco Pumice
Garreco Pumice

Garreco Pumice is an abrasive used for polishing full or partial dentures. Consistently fast, smooth cutting,...

View Garreco Pumice

Image for K5 Plus™ electric handpiece
K5 Plus™ electric handpiece

Durable, easily serviced laboratory drive handpiece designed for work on plastic and plaster and easy...

View K5 Plus™ electric handpiece

Image for X40 Electric Handpiece System
X40 Electric Handpiece System

40K electric handpiece system provides reliable and trouble-free operation, exceptional control, high torque cutting power,...

View X40 Electric Handpiece System

Image for V35 Electric Handpiece System
V35 Electric Handpiece System

Multi-speed control console paired with a dependable, durable handpiece. Heavy-duty micromotor system runs at 35,000...

View V35 Electric Handpiece System

Image for K-ERGOgrip™  Electric Handpiece
K-ERGOgrip™  Electric Handpiece

Designed with the technician in mind, the K-ERGOgrip electric handpiece is engineered to minimize wrist...

View K-ERGOgrip™  Electric Handpiece

Image for Red Wing® lathe 26A
Red Wing® lathe 26A

Standard bench polishing and grinding lathe ideal for the office or lab. A maintenance free...

View Red Wing® lathe 26A

Image for Chuk-Changer Kit
Chuk-Changer Kit

Speed up your production with fully automatic, precision changing of ¼” and 3/32” diameter burs,...

View Chuk-Changer Kit

Image for Bench lathe with tapered spindles
Bench lathe with tapered spindles

This compact Bench Lathe features a high torque permanent magnet motor that is extremely quiet...

View Bench lathe with tapered spindles

Image for Mighty Mixer Bowls
Mighty Mixer Bowls

Single-use disposable mixing bowls Acts as a liner for your existing mixing bowl Fits securely...

View Mighty Mixer Bowls

Image for Hygenic® Flexibole® mixing bowls
Hygenic® Flexibole® mixing bowls

Plaster, stone, investments, and alginates will not stick to these self-cleaning mixing bowls. More flexible...

View Hygenic® Flexibole® mixing bowls

Image for Red Wing® model trimmer 31
Red Wing® model trimmer 31

Powered by a full 1/3 HP ball bearing, capacitor start motor. The motor is covered...

View Red Wing® model trimmer 31

Image for Touch Activated Gas Burner
Touch Activated Gas Burner

The Blazer portable touch activated gas burner is completely self-contained and features instant ignition for...

View Touch Activated Gas Burner

Image for Bunsen burner
Bunsen burner

View Bunsen burner

Image for Plastic Alcohol Torch
Plastic Alcohol Torch

Needle-point torch used for easy, quick applications in the lab.  5 1/4” high torch uses...

View Plastic Alcohol Torch

Image for APT III Burner
APT III Burner

The APT III Burner is a convenient burner with one-hand operation. It provides an extra...

View APT III Burner

Image for Blazer<sup>®</sup> angled head micro torch
Blazer® angled head micro torch

Powerful, yet portable micro torch features: Angled head design and slim body shape, for ease...

View Blazer® angled head micro torch

Image for Safco laboratory plaster
Safco laboratory plaster

Type 2 Regular laboratory plaster designed for general lab use and formulated to provide a...

View Safco laboratory plaster

Image for Lab plaster
Lab plaster

Most popular Modern Materials plaster. Compressive strength: 5,000 psi Initial set times:       ...

View Lab plaster

Image for Ortho Plaster
Ortho Plaster

Velvet-smooth models set harder than ordinary plaster making this material ideal for orthodontic casts and...

View Ortho Plaster

Image for Buffalo Dental Soldering Machine
Buffalo Dental Soldering Machine

A compact unit ideal for in-office use as well as a professional dental laboratory. Designed...

View Buffalo Dental Soldering Machine

Image for Steel Splash Hood 86D
Steel Splash Hood 86D

Sturdy, powder-coated steel splash hood for polishing. Steel insert pan slides out for easy cleaning....

View Steel Splash Hood 86D

Image for Resin Splash Hood 86RHL
Resin Splash Hood 86RHL

Resin splash hood comes with light socket, power cord and adjustable acrylic shield for safety....

View Resin Splash Hood 86RHL

Image for Proline Machine III
Proline Machine III

For superior fabrication of most dental plastics. Plugs directly into 110 volt outlet; no air...

View Proline Machine III

Image for Pro-Form<sup>®</sup> niteguards
Pro-Form® niteguards

Keystone Pro-Form Niteguards are layered with soft/soft material, engineered and designed specifically for making of...

View Pro-Form® niteguards

Image for Pro-Form<sup>®</sup> retainer material
Pro-Form® retainer material

This stiff but clear retainer material is ideal for orthodontic retainers.  The long-lasting material sticks...

View Pro-Form® retainer material

Image for Pro-form splint material
Pro-form splint material

Stiff clear material is ideal for hard splints, thin splints, surgical trays, orthodontic retainers and...

View Pro-form splint material

Image for Pro-form Base Plate Material
Pro-form Base Plate Material

Pure high-impact styrene sheets used for denture base or wax bite plates. The material melts...

View Pro-form Base Plate Material

Image for Pro-form mouthguard laminates
Pro-form mouthguard laminates

Pre-made mouthguard material. Consists of two layers EVA thermoplastic laminated together, with a combined thickness...

View Pro-form mouthguard laminates

Image for Pro-Form C&B material
Pro-Form C&B material

Keystone Crown & Bridge Material is a thin, clear rigid material that is specifically designed...

View Pro-Form C&B material

Image for <p>Pro-Form soft EVA tray material</p>

Pro-Form soft EVA tray material

The Keystone Industries Soft EVA is great for the fabrication of customer fluoride trays, bleaching...


Pro-Form soft EVA tray material

Image for Vibrator #1A - Buffalo Dental
Vibrator #1A - Buffalo Dental

Buffalo’s most popular small bench vibrator, ideal for dental office laboratories. Durable 3-speed switch with a...

View Vibrator #1A - Buffalo Dental

Image for General purpose vibrator - Whip Mix
General purpose vibrator - Whip Mix

All-purpose variable, 3-speed vibrator designed to promote easy, bubble-free pouring of plaster. The 4." flanged...

View General purpose vibrator - Whip Mix

Image for VeriGuide OS™ 3D Print Resin
VeriGuide OS™ 3D Print Resin

VeriGuide OS is a Class I, CE certified resin material developed specifically to produce high...

View VeriGuide OS™ 3D Print Resin

Image for DentaMile Desk MC-5
DentaMile Desk MC-5

This complete and validated solution allows dental practices and laboratories to deliver a superior wide...

View DentaMile Desk MC-5

Image for VeriModel™ OS Ivory Resin 3D print resin
VeriModel™ OS Ivory Resin 3D print resin

Offers extreme precision and a high quality surface finish for models. Can be used in...

View VeriModel™ OS Ivory Resin 3D print resin

Image for LuxaPrint Ortho Plus
LuxaPrint Ortho Plus

LuxaPrint Ortha Plus resin is specifically indicated for the 3D printing of orthodontic and dental...

View LuxaPrint Ortho Plus

Image for LuxaPrint Ortho Flex
LuxaPrint Ortho Flex

The LuxaPrint Ortho Flex is a high-quality, light-cured resin for use with DLP printers at...

View LuxaPrint Ortho Flex

Image for LuxaPrint Model
LuxaPrint Model

LuxaPrint Model is a light-curing resin used for the fabrication of highly precise and esthetically...

View LuxaPrint Model

Image for DentaMile Connect Software
DentaMile Connect Software

The cloud-based software that’s breaking technical barriers!  With the innovative DentaMile connect Software, DMG strives...

View DentaMile Connect Software

Image for LuxaPrint Ortho
LuxaPrint Ortho

Designed for the fabrication of surgical guides and splints, LuxaPrint Ortho offers reliable support and...

View LuxaPrint Ortho

Image for VeriSplint™ OS 3D print resin
VeriSplint™ OS 3D print resin

This rigid and durable dental splint material provides a high level of efficiency by lowering...

View VeriSplint™ OS 3D print resin

Image for Keyprint® Keymodel® 3D print resin
Keyprint® Keymodel® 3D print resin

Produces highly precise and accurate dental models. Its accuracy, low shrinkage, and easy visibility make...

View Keyprint® Keymodel® 3D print resin

Image for KeyPrint® KeySplint Hard™ 3D Printer Resin
KeyPrint® KeySplint Hard™ 3D Printer Resin

Formulated specifically for rigid dental splints and nightguards. KeySplint Hard provides excellent therapy for bruxism...

View KeyPrint® KeySplint Hard™ 3D Printer Resin

Image for Asiga® 3D Printers
Asiga® 3D Printers

Asiga 3D printer technology offers a wide range of fast, efficient, and easy to use...

View Asiga® 3D Printers

Image for VeriModel™ OS Golden Brown 3D print resin
VeriModel™ OS Golden Brown 3D print resin

Methacrylate-based 3D print resin for dental models and removable dies. Compatible with both 385nm and...

View VeriModel™ OS Golden Brown 3D print resin

Image for LuxaPrint Tray
LuxaPrint Tray

LuxaPrint Tray is a high-quality, light-cured resin for use with 3D printers. This resin is...

View LuxaPrint Tray

Image for 3Demax Complete 3D Printing Solution
3Demax Complete 3D Printing Solution

The 3Demax is a compact, high-precision, high-speed 3D printer that can be used for a...

View 3Demax Complete 3D Printing Solution

Image for DentaMile Cure MC
DentaMile Cure MC

The DentaMile Desk Cure MC seamlessly aligns with the same ease-of-use and footprint as the...

View DentaMile Cure MC

Image for Keyprint® KeyOrthoModel® 3D print resin
Keyprint® KeyOrthoModel® 3D print resin

Designed for high-speed and accurate prints. Perfect for thermoforming aligners and orthodontic devices.    •...

View Keyprint® KeyOrthoModel® 3D print resin

Image for Diamond D® Ultra Impact Heat Cure
Diamond D® Ultra Impact Heat Cure

Powder and liquid denture acrylic featuring exceptional working and handling characteristics for anatomical sculpting to...

View Diamond D® Ultra Impact Heat Cure

Image for Keyprint® Keysplint Soft™ 3D print resin
Keyprint® Keysplint Soft™ 3D print resin

A one-of-a-kind 3D printing resin specifically developed for the fabrication of flexible dental splints and...

View Keyprint® Keysplint Soft™ 3D print resin

Image for DentaMile Wash MC
DentaMile Wash MC

The DentaMile Wash MC offers simple, preset programs in order to achieve fast, automatic cleaning...

View DentaMile Wash MC