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Dental Lab Products & Supplies

Image for Die-Keen®

High strength but not brittle, for dies and crown & bridge work. Compressive strength: 18,000...

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Image for Fujirock® EP
Fujirock® EP

Delivers high precision, outstanding edge hardness and high pressure stability. Compressive strength: 7,700 psiInitial set time:...

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Image for New Fujirock
New Fujirock

Delivers high precision, outstanding edge hardness and high pressure stability. Ideal for implant cases, CAD/CAM...

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Image for Safco labstone buff
Safco labstone buff

Type 3 gypsum for all general-purpose lab uses. Specifically formulated with the lab technician in...

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Image for Labstone

All-purpose lab stone for reliable, consistent results. Compressive strength: 8,000 psi. Initial set time: 8-10...

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Image for Microstone

General purpose lab stone, especially suited for processing acrylic appliances. Cured compressive strength: 8,500 psi...

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Image for Denstone<sup>®</sup>

High strength, easy mixing stone flows freely to capture the finest impression detail. Ideal for...

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Image for Safco model stone
Safco model stone

Fine particle size and surface density make it the perfect general-purpose laboratory stone.    •...

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Image for Ortho Plaster
Ortho Plaster

Velvet-smooth models set harder than ordinary plaster making this material ideal for orthodontic casts and...

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Image for Safco laboratory plaster
Safco laboratory plaster

Type 2 Regular laboratory plaster designed for general lab use and formulated to provide a...

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Image for Lab plaster
Lab plaster

Most popular Modern Materials plaster. Compressive strength: 5,000 psi Initial set times:       ...

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Image for VeriModel™ OS Golden Brown 3D print resin
VeriModel™ OS Golden Brown 3D print resin

Methacrylate-based 3D print resin for dental models and removable dies. Compatible with both 385nm and...

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Image for VeriModel™ OS Ivory Resin 3D print resin
VeriModel™ OS Ivory Resin 3D print resin

Offers extreme precision and a high quality surface finish for models. Can be used in...

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