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As a dental professional, having the right tools and supplies is essential for providing top-quality care to your patients. These items are essential for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in your dental practice, as well as ensuring patient comfort and safety during procedures. At Safco Dental, our high-quality products are affordable, reliable, and guaranteed to make your dental practice more efficient and effective.

Disposable Dental Supplies We Carry:

  • Dental Bibs & Accessories:Bibs, or patient towels, are used to protect patients' clothing during dental procedures. They are made of absorbent materials and come in a variety of sizes and colors as well as 3-ply and 4-ply options. Dental bib clips are also available to secure bibs in place during procedures.
  • Dental Cotton: Cotton is used in various forms in dental procedures, including cotton rolls, cotton pellets, cotton tip applicators, as well as other non-cotton substitutes. They are used to control bleeding, dry the oral cavity, and apply medications or anesthetics.
  • Cups:Disposable cups are used for rinsing and spitting during dental procedures. They come in different sizes and materials, such as plastic or paper.
  • Headrest Covers:Headrest covers are used to protect the headrest on dental chairs from contamination. They are made of disposable materials and come in different sizes and shapes to fit different types of chairs.
  • Tissues:Tissues are a crucial disposable item used for cleaning and wiping during procedures. Offerings include Kleenex Tissues and Bathroom Tissue.
  • Paper Towels:Paper towels are used for general cleaning and wiping during dental procedures. They are available in different types including: C-Fold Towels, Multifold Towels, and Roll Towels.
  • Sponges:Dental sponges including Cotton Filled Exodontia Sponges, 100% Cotton and Non Woven Sponges, and Unfilled Gauze Sponges are used to control bleeding, dry the oral cavity, and apply medications or anesthetics. Choose from our large assortment to address different areas in the oral cavity.
  • Dental Tray Covers:Tray covers are used to protect dental trays and instruments from contamination and to facilitate easy cleanup. Tray covers come in different sizes and materials.
Image for Cottonelle® bathroom tissue
Cottonelle® bathroom tissue

Quality and softness - ‘just like home’. 2-ply, 4.5" x 4.0" white, 505 sheets per...

View Cottonelle® bathroom tissue

Image for Biband

The Plasdent Biband is a disposable band for patient bibs. These soft, non-woven bands stretch...

View Biband

Image for U-Hold disposable bib holders
U-Hold disposable bib holders

Stretchable, disposable bib holders with self-adhesive tabs attach to any bib. Eliminates the need for...

View U-Hold disposable bib holders

Image for Safco bib clips
Safco bib clips

Safco Bib Clips are the perfect solution to keep dental bibs secure during procedures. Features...

View Safco bib clips

Image for Super Bib Clips
Super Bib Clips

14" silicone bib clips with stainless steel holding clips Will not snag hair Autoclavable and...

View Super Bib Clips

Image for Bib-Eze disposable bib holders
Bib-Eze disposable bib holders

Disposable paper bib holders eliminate any need to sterilize. Lightweight, elasticized fiber doesn’t feel cold...

View Bib-Eze disposable bib holders

Image for Crosstex Econoback® Bibs
Crosstex Econoback® Bibs

Provides the often imitated, but never duplicated Crosstex embossing pattern, which allows moisture to flow...

View Crosstex Econoback® Bibs

Image for Crosstex Patient aprons
Crosstex Patient aprons

Protects the patient from liquids Features two alligator clips attached to the front of the...

View Crosstex Patient aprons

Image for Crosstex Polyback® bibs
Crosstex Polyback® bibs

19"W x 13"L, 3 ply tissue plus 1 ply plastic. Horizontal embossing pattern.

View Crosstex Polyback® bibs

Image for Tidi Products Contour Bibs
Tidi Products Contour Bibs

Highly absorbent Tidi contour bibs offer poly-backed barrier protection with a contour neck cutout. The...

View Tidi Products Contour Bibs

Image for Safco EconoPlus 3-ply bibs
Safco EconoPlus 3-ply bibs

Polybacked 3-ply bibs (2 ply paper, 1 ply plastic). 18"W x 13"L. 2-ply soft facial...

View Safco EconoPlus 3-ply bibs

Image for Safco Standard professional bibs
Safco Standard professional bibs

All paper (3-ply, with no plastic backing) bib provides a combination of softness and absorbency....

View Safco Standard professional bibs

Image for Tidi<sup>®</sup> Chainless bibs
Tidi® Chainless bibs

Bibs with built-in ties, so you don''t need a bib chain. 18"W x 25"L. Blue...

View Tidi® Chainless bibs

Image for Medicom® SafeBasics™ Dry-Back Bibs
Medicom® SafeBasics™ Dry-Back Bibs

2-Ply Bibs. Durable patient protection thanks to high absorption. Ideal for cleanings and minor procedures....

View Medicom® SafeBasics™ Dry-Back Bibs

Image for Tidi<sup>®</sup> Ultimate waffle embossed bibs
Tidi® Ultimate waffle embossed bibs

Standard 18"W x 13"L size. 3 ply waffle-embossed tissue plus 1 ply plastic for greater...

View Tidi® Ultimate waffle embossed bibs

Image for Safco Contour 4-ply fitted bibs
Safco Contour 4-ply fitted bibs

Product is expected to be on backorder until October. Safco Contour bibs offer superior protection...

View Safco Contour 4-ply fitted bibs

Image for Safco Daily Plus bibs
Safco Daily Plus bibs

Safco Daily Plus Bibs offer superior protection and comfort, with durable and tear-resistant properties, while...

View Safco Daily Plus bibs

Image for Tidi<sup>®</sup> Choice waffle embossed bibs
Tidi® Choice waffle embossed bibs

18"W x 13"L, 2 ply tissue, 1 ply plastic.

View Tidi® Choice waffle embossed bibs

Image for Safco Royal 4-ply bibs
Safco Royal 4-ply bibs

Polybacked 4-ply bibs (3 ply paper, 1 ply plastic). 18"W x 13"L. Extra-strong bibs to...

View Safco Royal 4-ply bibs

Image for Plasdent Polybibs
Plasdent Polybibs

Quality patient bibs at an economy price! 2 ply absorbent tissue plus 1 ply protective...

View Plasdent Polybibs

Image for Tidi<sup>®</sup> waist-length endo bibs
Tidi® waist-length endo bibs

21"W x 29"L waist-length bibs for greater patient protection, especially during endo procedures. Blue color.

View Tidi® waist-length endo bibs

Image for Tidi<sup>®</sup> Everyday bibs
Tidi® Everyday bibs

18”W x 13"L, 2-ply tissue, 1-ply plastic, diamond embossed. An economical option for your most basic...

View Tidi® Everyday bibs

Image for Scott<sup>®</sup> C-fold towels (#151)
Scott® C-fold towels (#151)

Economy version with a C-Fold design. 1-ply. 10.1" x 13.15".

View Scott® C-fold towels (#151)

Image for Kleenex<sup>®</sup> C-fold towels (#150)
Kleenex® C-fold towels (#150)

Bright, white appearance with a soft, bulky feel. A faster, more absorbent towel. 1-ply. 10.1"...

View Kleenex® C-fold towels (#150)

Image for Zirc Pellet Dispensers
Zirc Pellet Dispensers

Designed for easy storage and dispensing of pellets. Allows comfortable access from your countertop at chairside. Spring...

View Zirc Pellet Dispensers

Image for Richmond cotton pellets
Richmond cotton pellets

Bulk non-sterile cotton pellets available in a variety of sizes (diameters).

View Richmond cotton pellets

Image for Dry Tips®
Dry Tips®

Saliva absorption far outlasts cotton rolls and other absorbent pads. Retains 30 times its own...

View Dry Tips®

Image for Reflective Dry Tips®
Reflective Dry Tips®

Proven Dry Tips performance with an added reflective coating for increased visibility. Saliva absorption far...

View Reflective Dry Tips®

Image for Dri-Aid® and Silver Dri-Aid®
Dri-Aid® and Silver Dri-Aid®

Super absorbent extra-thin wafer shaped cotton roll substitute. Holds its shape when wet.

View Dri-Aid® and Silver Dri-Aid®

Image for NeoDrys® Reflective
NeoDrys® Reflective

Reflective backing brightens the oral cavity by mirroring more light into the work area. Its...

View NeoDrys® Reflective

Image for Safco Dry Pads
Safco Dry Pads

Safco Dry Pads are soft, absorbant cellulose triangles that offer an excellent alternative to cotton...

View Safco Dry Pads

Image for Reflective Shields Plus®
Reflective Shields Plus®

Reflective Shields Plus are exceptionally popular with both dentists and patients. They are uniquely crafted...

View Reflective Shields Plus®

Image for Dri-Angle®

Thin absorbent cellulose triangle replacements for cotton rolls.

View Dri-Angle®

Image for NeoDrys®

Controls the risk of parotid saliva contamination while providing outstanding cheek protection. Keeps the parotid...

View NeoDrys®

Image for Richmond braided cotton rolls
Richmond braided cotton rolls

100% braided cotton rolls are bonded with silky yarn preventing them from sticking to the...

View Richmond braided cotton rolls

Image for SafeBasics<sup>®</sup> cotton rolls
SafeBasics® cotton rolls

Non-sterile #2 medium. Made from 100% pure white cotton.

View SafeBasics® cotton rolls

Image for Safco cotton rolls
Safco cotton rolls

Safco Dental Cotton Rolls provide the ultimate solution for all your dental needs with medium...

View Safco cotton rolls

Image for Richmond Econo Rolls
Richmond Econo Rolls

An economical choice for a versatile all cotton #2 medium, non-braided roll. (1½" x 3/8" diameter)....

View Richmond Econo Rolls

Image for Cotton roll dispenser
Cotton roll dispenser

Flip-up lid for easy loading. Pull out door for convenient dispensing.

View Cotton roll dispenser

Image for Crosstex premium cotton rolls
Crosstex premium cotton rolls

Non-sterile medium #2 rolls, 1½” long x 3/8” diameter. Contains no cellulose or rayon fibers....

View Crosstex premium cotton rolls

Image for Push Style Cotton Roll Dispenser
Push Style Cotton Roll Dispenser

The Plasdent cotton roll dispensers will keep your cotton rolls clean and organized and ready...

View Push Style Cotton Roll Dispenser

Image for Richmond wrapped cotton rolls
Richmond wrapped cotton rolls

100% cotton interior wrapped in non-woven fabric. #2 medium, non-sterile rolls.

View Richmond wrapped cotton rolls

Image for Defend<sup>®</sup> cotton rolls
Defend® cotton rolls

All cotton #2 medium (1½" long x 3/8" diameter). Non-braided. Non-sterile.

View Defend® cotton rolls

Image for Dukal cotton tipped applicators
Dukal cotton tipped applicators

Single-tipped cotton applicators.  

View Dukal cotton tipped applicators

Image for Vista cotton tipped applicators
Vista cotton tipped applicators

Single-tipped cotton applicators.

View Vista cotton tipped applicators

Image for Richmond Dental and Medical Cotton Tipped Applicators
Richmond Dental and Medical Cotton Tipped Applicators

Cotton tipped applicators are useful when applying medicaments or in general wound care. Even products...

View Richmond Dental and Medical Cotton Tipped Applicators

Image for SafeBasics®

Multi-purpose, exodontia cotton filled gauze sponges.

View SafeBasics®

Image for Crosstex Premium cotton-filled
Crosstex Premium cotton-filled

High quality sponges made from pure, medical grade, virgin white cotton. 100%  cotton-fiber filling. Soft...

View Crosstex Premium cotton-filled

Image for Richmond sterile sponge
Richmond sterile sponge

View Richmond sterile sponge

Image for Safco plastic drinking cups
Safco plastic drinking cups

Safco’s most popular cups have horizontal ribbing for better grip, and a double-rolled lip for...

View Safco plastic drinking cups

Image for Safco Essential™ plastic drinking cups
Safco Essential™ plastic drinking cups

Strong, disposable plastic drinking cups with a horizontal grip and rolled rim for better control...

View Safco Essential™ plastic drinking cups

Image for Crosstex Medicine Cup
Crosstex Medicine Cup

Convenient for dispensing or mixing. Features ounce, cc, ml, dram & teaspoon calibrations.  Unbreakable plastic...

View Crosstex Medicine Cup

Image for Cup Dispenser for Paper Cups
Cup Dispenser for Paper Cups

The Plasdent acrylic single cup dispenser is translucent with a white base. It is used for...

View Cup Dispenser for Paper Cups

Image for Unipack paper drinking cups
Unipack paper drinking cups

5 ounce environment-friendly paper cup. Reduces plastic waste. Rolled lip for patient comfort and added...

View Unipack paper drinking cups

Image for Dukal surgical drapes
Dukal surgical drapes

Made of tissue-poly-tissue. Polyethylene middle layer helps eliminate the risk of bacterial migration and moisture...

View Dukal surgical drapes

Image for Crosstex headrest covers
Crosstex headrest covers

Soft facial tissue combined with poly provides the ultimate in patient comfort, absorbency, strength, and...

View Crosstex headrest covers

Image for Kerr Allrap™ headrest covers
Kerr Allrap™ headrest covers

Safely contributes to infection control and creating a clean environment for patients.

View Kerr Allrap™ headrest covers

Image for Safco Kleen & Safe™ headrest covers
Safco Kleen & Safe™ headrest covers

Disposable 1-ply clear plastic barrier covers in a space-saving dispenser box.

View Safco Kleen & Safe™ headrest covers

Image for SafeBasics® headrest covers
SafeBasics® headrest covers

Soft tissue and poly-blend fabric is highly breathable, fluid repellent and increases patient comfort. Protects...

View SafeBasics® headrest covers

Image for Brixton headrest covers
Brixton headrest covers

Clear disposable 1-ply plastic headrest covers in a convenient dispenser box.

View Brixton headrest covers

Image for Kerr™ Pinnacle™ Headrest Covers
Kerr™ Pinnacle™ Headrest Covers

By using the Kerr disposable plastic headrest cover, all professionals can safely contribute to infection...

View Kerr™ Pinnacle™ Headrest Covers

Image for Safco Comfy-Cover™ headrest covers
Safco Comfy-Cover™ headrest covers

Safco Comfy-Cover Headrest Covers are designed to provide both comfort and protection in one convenient...

View Safco Comfy-Cover™ headrest covers

Image for QUIKcaps<sup>™</sup>

QUIKcaps feature an elasticized edge to slip over a variety of hard-to-clean equipment. Forms a...

View QUIKcaps

Image for Tidi<sup>®</sup> Fabricel<sup>®</sup> headrest covers
Tidi® Fabricel® headrest covers

Deluxe white headrest covers feature a crepe-like texture that makes them feel like cloth. 1-ply...

View Tidi® Fabricel® headrest covers

Image for Kleenex<sup>®</sup> multifold towels
Kleenex® multifold towels

Delivers one-at-a-time dispensing without tabbing or tearing. White, 9.2" x 9.4" 1-ply sheets.

View Kleenex® multifold towels

Image for Tork Advanced multifold towels
Tork Advanced multifold towels

1-ply, 3-panel multifold white paper towels. Unfolded, each sheet measures 9" x 9.5". Fast absorbency...

View Tork Advanced multifold towels

Image for SteriPocket®

Individual sterilized packets of 2 (8-ply) rayon/poly sponges. Perfect for dispensing to patients after an...

View SteriPocket®

Image for Richmond non-woven sponges
Richmond non-woven sponges

Economical and lint-free non-woven sponges. Will not leave fibers in dental work or residue on...

View Richmond non-woven sponges

Image for Advantage economy sponges
Advantage economy sponges

A basic 30 gram weight non-woven sponge for everyday use. 4-ply. Non-sterile.

View Advantage economy sponges

Image for Safco Supersorb™ QuickCare sponges
Safco Supersorb™ QuickCare sponges

Super-economical poly/rayon non-woven general purpose sponges. Soft and absorbent. 4-ply, 30 gram weight. Non-linting. Non-sterile.

View Safco Supersorb™ QuickCare sponges

Image for SafeGauze<sup>®</sup>

Premium non-woven sponge. 50 gram weight. Top absorbency, no lint. 4-ply. Non-sterile.

View SafeGauze®

Image for Omnisorb® II
Omnisorb® II

Non-woven sponge features a close weave configuration for maximum absorbency. 48 gram weight. 70% rayon, 30%...

View Omnisorb® II

Image for Crosstex Premium non-woven
Crosstex Premium non-woven

Extra heavy rayon/polyester blend (50 gram weight) for maximum absorbency. Non-linting, soft, strong. 4-ply. Non-sterile.

View Crosstex Premium non-woven

Image for Safco Supersorb™ Plus sponges
Safco Supersorb™ Plus sponges

SuperSorb Plus non-woven rayon-poly blend sponges offer excellent quality, at a reasonable price. Soft and...

View Safco Supersorb™ Plus sponges

Image for SafeBasics® General Purpose
SafeBasics® General Purpose

Economy non-woven sponge. 30 gram weight. A great value because it doesn’t lint, yet it’s one of...

View SafeBasics® General Purpose

Image for Crosstex Ultra Gauze™
Crosstex Ultra Gauze™

Patented rayon/polyester blend of non-woven material provides more absorbency than traditional sponges with little or...

View Crosstex Ultra Gauze™

Image for Safco Pure™ sponges
Safco Pure™ sponges

Safco now sells Pure sponges by the sleeve! For 2" x 2" sponges- order 25...

View Safco Pure™ sponges

Image for Richmond 100% cotton sponges
Richmond 100% cotton sponges

NOTE: Richmond currently does not have an expected delivery date for inventory. We recommoned the Safco...

View Richmond 100% cotton sponges

Image for SafeGauze<sup>®</sup> Cotton
SafeGauze® Cotton

100% cotton non-woven sponges offering maximum absorption and strength. Supple softness for patient comfort. Non-sterile.

View SafeGauze® Cotton

Image for Scott® roll towels
Scott® roll towels

White, 11" x 8.8", 128 1-ply sheets per roll.

View Scott® roll towels

Image for Sponge Dispensers
Sponge Dispensers

Sponge dispensers protect gauze, cotton pads, or other sponges from spray and dust while keeping...

View Sponge Dispensers

Image for Kleenex® tissues
Kleenex® tissues

Soft, 2-ply Kleenex brand facial tissues in an attractive decorator box. The box size (same for...

View Kleenex® tissues

Image for Safco One Sheet™ tray covers
Safco One Sheet™ tray covers

Heavier weight premium tray cover. The extra thickness virtually eliminates penetration or seep-through. 8½" x 12¼". ...

View Safco One Sheet™ tray covers

Image for Safco TraCovers™ Plus tray covers
Safco TraCovers™ Plus tray covers

Medium weight tray cover provides greater moisture absorption to better minimize liquid penetration. 8½" x 12¼". ...

View Safco TraCovers™ Plus tray covers

Image for Crosstex liquid proof bracket tray covers
Crosstex liquid proof bracket tray covers

Polycoated bracket tray cover prevents cross-contamination from paper to paper. 8½" x 12¼".

View Crosstex liquid proof bracket tray covers

Image for Plasdent tray papers
Plasdent tray papers

These 8½" x 12¼" tray covers are an economical choice for the operatory when fluid repellency is...

View Plasdent tray papers

Image for Crosstex heavy weight bracket tray covers
Crosstex heavy weight bracket tray covers

Tray covers stop the flow of moisture, limiting seep-through. 40% more weight than glazed type...

View Crosstex heavy weight bracket tray covers

Image for Tidi<sup>®</sup> Choice tray covers
Tidi® Choice tray covers

A convenient infection prevention barrier.  Tray covers minimize noise and improves visibility of tools, burs...

View Tidi® Choice tray covers

Image for Tidi<sup>®</sup> Venture<sup>®</sup>
Tidi® Venture®

These sponges are unfilled – there is no wisp of cotton between the woven plies....

View Tidi® Venture®

Image for Crosstex Premium all-gauze
Crosstex Premium all-gauze

Highly absorbent 100% gauze sponges. 8-ply. Unfilled and non-sterile.

View Crosstex Premium all-gauze

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