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Low prices for every practice, large or small

Safco is known for offering top quality products at prices significantly lower than other dental supply dealers. Every customer gets our best price upfront. No surprises, no need to haggle, and no need to figure out if you're really getting the prices promised by a dealer sales rep.

Free, same-day shipping

To help keep your costs low, Safco pays all standard shipping charges on orders over $40. And unlike some suppliers, we don't tack on extra handling fees or surcharges. When you order by 4:30 pm CST (3:30 pm on Friday), your supplies ship out the same day.

30-day "even-if-opened" return privileges

We want you to be happy with everything you buy from Safco. And we're happy to give you the opportunity to try new products - at no risk.

If you're not fully satisfied, you can return any product for a complete refund, even if you've opened and tried it. (For small equipment, there is a return limit of one unit in used condition.) It's the easiest and most liberal return policy in the industry!

Phone calls always answered by a real person

During business hours, calls are always answered by a friendly voice, not by a robotic automated system. And because your time is so valuable, any call not answered within 50 seconds rings on every manager's desk, including Ken, our CEO.

Calls to Safco are always fast and pressure-free because our customer service representatives are not paid by commission; there are no incentives to promote anything other than excellent customer service.

No unwanted dealer sales calls

With Safco, you order dental supplies when it's convenient for you, not when you're in the middle of 12 other things. That means you have more control over your time, and fewer distractions from your patients & practice.

Products stored in pristine conditions

From the moment they land on our docks, every single product is safely stored in our clean, state-of-the-art 80,000 sq. ft. warehouse. 24/7 climate control, dust control systems and refrigeration units guarantee that your products spend their time at Safco in the best possible conditions.

Protective, environmentally-friendly packages

We take extra steps like adding protective bags around bottles of liquid, and fitting boxes with customized carton dividers. And every piece of packaging we use, except the tape that closes the box, is 100% recyclable - You'll never see those annoying packing peanuts in our orders.

Fully authorized and licensed

Safco is an authorized distributor for every manufacturer we represent. Every single product we carry is the real deal, so every product warranty gets full support. Manufacturer list

And Safco is a "Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributor" (VAWD). The VAWD program is administered by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, an interstate regulatory association (not a trade group). And it means that Safco undergoes rigorous compliance reviews, and on-site surveys of our facility and operations. For more information visit https://nabp.pharmacy/programs/vawd/
About Us