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Dental Evacuation products

Image for Pinnacle Evac-U-Trap
Pinnacle Evac-U-Trap

Totally disposable canister, lid, mesh filter and gasket designed to replace the present canister and...

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Image for Dispos-A-Trap

Dispos-a-Trap is a disposable filter designed to replace the present trap filter in your evacuation...

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Image for Vac Attak™ Green
Vac Attak™ Green

A safe, effective and environmentally-friendly evacuation system cleaner that is compliant with the EPA’s Clean...

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Image for PowerScrub™ Vacuum Line Cleaner
PowerScrub™ Vacuum Line Cleaner

Neutral pH formula designed for use with the NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator but compatible with...

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Image for Vacuum Shock
Vacuum Shock

Use 1 tablet monthly for initial pre-cleaning of dental vacuum systems. Removes accumulations and keeps...

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Image for Monarch™ CleanStream
Monarch™ CleanStream

Proprietary blend of EDTA, non-foaming surfactants and chelating agents penetrate and loosen calcifications to increase flow and...

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Image for Bio-Pure®

Bio-Pure is an eVac cleaner that will restore your pipes. It is a microbial cleaner...

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Image for Vacuum Clean
Vacuum Clean

Use one time-released tablet weekly for continuously cleaning of evacuation system lines. Restores pressure, and...

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Image for BeeSure® HVE tips
BeeSure® HVE tips

High volume evacuation tips with a smooth finish to reduce patient irritation during procedures. Vented...

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Image for Mr. Thirsty™ One-Step
Mr. Thirsty™ One-Step

Hands-free suction device lets dentists and hygienists work continuously without repeated use of a saliva...

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Image for DryShield<sup>®</sup>

This innovative isolation system is ideally suited to reduce the risk of contamination through aerosol...

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Image for HVE Mirror Connect
HVE Mirror Connect

The HVE Mirror Connect transforms standard four-handed dentistry into comfortably streamlined two-handed dentistry. Features a...

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Image for Pink Petal™
Pink Petal™

Disposable, single-use device that slides onto any saliva ejector for hands-free suction, without additional attachments....

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Image for BeeSure® saliva ejectors
BeeSure® saliva ejectors

Fixed soft tip with smooth edges provides patient safety and comfort. Wire reinforced tube is...

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Image for SafeBasics® saliva ejectors
SafeBasics® saliva ejectors

Provides optimal suction while maintaining its shape. Available in a variety of colors to brighten...

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Image for Safco saliva ejectors
Safco saliva ejectors

Side vents with narrow, recessed center suction hole. Thickest stabilizing wire for maximum memory with...

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