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At Safco Dental Supply you'll find a wide selection of high-quality instruments for all your dental needs. From handpieces and scalers to forceps and elevators, we offer a variety of products from top brands to ensure the best patient care.

Dental Instruments & Accessories We Carry:

Image for Hu-Friedy margin trimmers
Hu-Friedy margin trimmers

The Hu-Friedy margin trimmer is used to produce proper bevel on enamel margins. Similar to...

View Hu-Friedy margin trimmers

Image for Hu-Friedy hatchets
Hu-Friedy hatchets

The Hu-Friedy hatchets are cutting instruments used for cavity preparation: retentive areas, internal line angles...

View Hu-Friedy hatchets

Image for Hu-Friedy placement instruments
Hu-Friedy placement instruments

View Hu-Friedy placement instruments

Image for Hu-Friedy cement removers
Hu-Friedy cement removers

The Hu-Friedy cement removers are double ended knives that are used for trimming excess filling...

View Hu-Friedy cement removers

Image for Hu-Friedy prosthodontic instruments
Hu-Friedy prosthodontic instruments

View Hu-Friedy prosthodontic instruments

Image for Chu's Aesthetic Gauges™
Chu's Aesthetic Gauges™

View Chu's Aesthetic Gauges™

Image for Hu-Friedy lab instruments
Hu-Friedy lab instruments

View Hu-Friedy lab instruments

Image for Hu-Friedy periodontal knives
Hu-Friedy periodontal knives

Hu-Friedy periodontal knives are finished by hand and are designed with smooth, sharp edges for...

View Hu-Friedy periodontal knives

Image for Hu-Friedy implantology instruments
Hu-Friedy implantology instruments

View Hu-Friedy implantology instruments

Image for Hu-Friedy root tip picks
Hu-Friedy root tip picks

View Hu-Friedy root tip picks

Image for Hu-Friedy tissue forceps
Hu-Friedy tissue forceps

View Hu-Friedy tissue forceps

Image for Hu-Friedy periodontal chisels
Hu-Friedy periodontal chisels

The Hu-Friedy periodontal chisels are meticulously handcrafted from the highest grade surgical stainless steel and...

View Hu-Friedy periodontal chisels

Image for Hu-Friedy cheek & tissue retractors
Hu-Friedy cheek & tissue retractors

Hu-Friedy cheek and tissue retractors are used to hold back lips, cheeks, and tongue during...

View Hu-Friedy cheek & tissue retractors

Image for Hu-Friedy periodontal files
Hu-Friedy periodontal files

View Hu-Friedy periodontal files

Image for Nite guard boxes
Nite guard boxes

View Nite guard boxes

Image for Optimize Isopropyl Alcohol
Optimize Isopropyl Alcohol

Alcohol, 70% or 99%, for use as a solvent, dehydrating agent and astringent. Convenient 1 quart...

View Optimize Isopropyl Alcohol

Image for OptraGate®

Extra soft, disposable lip and cheek retractor gently and evenly retracts to provide a full...

View OptraGate®

Image for Quick-Clean 3-way syringe
Quick-Clean 3-way syringe

This syringe offers precise control of air, water and spray. Smooth contours for quick, thorough...

View Quick-Clean 3-way syringe

Image for Monarch Vinyl Upholstery Cleaner
Monarch Vinyl Upholstery Cleaner

View Monarch Vinyl Upholstery Cleaner

Image for Retainer cases - pearlized
Retainer cases - pearlized

Strong, durable hinged plastic box keeps retainers clean and helps prevent loss.  Plastic case Latex-free...

View Retainer cases - pearlized

Image for ComfortView® lip & cheek retractor
ComfortView® lip & cheek retractor

Retracts lips and cheeks for optimal buccal and gingival access, maximum visibility, and patient comfort....

View ComfortView® lip & cheek retractor

Image for EXTND<sup>™</sup> Silicone Mouth Props
EXTND Silicone Mouth Props

 Mouth props in a variety of sizes, color coded for ease of use. Can be...

View EXTND Silicone Mouth Props

Image for Molt mouth gag - Hu-Friedy
Molt mouth gag - Hu-Friedy

Molt mouth gag is used to prop mouth open during extraction procedures and reduce TMJ...

View Molt mouth gag - Hu-Friedy

Image for Marble retainer boxes
Marble retainer boxes

Stylish and upscale marbled-color retainer cases that keep appliances safe in a tough plastic, hinged...

View Marble retainer boxes

Image for EZ-Prop™ mouth props
EZ-Prop™ mouth props

Non-elastic styrofoam holds desired angle with firmness. Tapered shape can be positioned for best fit. Drilled to...

View EZ-Prop™ mouth props

Image for Safco retainer boxes
Safco retainer boxes

Strong, durable construction make these boxes perfect for storing mouthguards, retainers, bleaching trays and splints....

View Safco retainer boxes

Image for Autoclavable Indexing Syringe Tips
Autoclavable Indexing Syringe Tips

These tips provide resistance to rotation in the DCI quick-change adapter.  Interchangeable in most common...

View Autoclavable Indexing Syringe Tips

Image for Reso-Pac<sup>®</sup>

Hydrophilic periodontal dressing designed to dissolve slowly and advance the healing process. Easily and perfectly...

View Reso-Pac®

Image for Safco bulbs
Safco bulbs

Features and benefits of Safco Bulbs: Available in different wattages and voltages for various applications....

View Safco bulbs

Image for AED Plus® Defibrillator
AED Plus® Defibrillator

This is the brand hospitals choose most for professional defibrillators. Supports the entire Chain of...

View AED Plus® Defibrillator

Image for Tokuyama silicone remover
Tokuyama silicone remover

Removes old silicone reline from acrylic dentures. Works fast and saves time, without the mess...

View Tokuyama silicone remover

Image for Safco mouth props
Safco mouth props

Mouth Props (Rubber)Gray rubber mouth props. Child and adult sizes have a stainless steel insert...

View Safco mouth props

Image for Air/water syringe tips - DCI
Air/water syringe tips - DCI

3-way stainless steel syringe tips. Autoclavable. Quick-change is ¼" longer than the A-dec style.

View Air/water syringe tips - DCI

Image for Practicon E-Prop™
Practicon E-Prop™

Like a third hand, innovative E-Prop™ mouth props maintain an open field while holding a...

View Practicon E-Prop™

Image for Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Diagnostic device simultaneously monitors blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate. Bright LED display. Low...

View Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Image for Spandex lip and cheek retractor
Spandex lip and cheek retractor

Two-sided lip and cheek retractor allows clear view of work area. Can be autoclaved or...

View Spandex lip and cheek retractor

Image for Retainer Boxes (Glitter™) - Plasdent
Retainer Boxes (Glitter™) - Plasdent

Fluorescent colors with glitter sparkles.3¼"W x 2½"L x 1½"H.

View Retainer Boxes (Glitter™) - Plasdent

Image for Safco metal air/water syringe tips
Safco metal air/water syringe tips

Fully autoclavable 3-way stainless steel syringe tips. Quick-change is ¼" longer than the A-dec style.

View Safco metal air/water syringe tips

Image for Retainer boxes - Zirc
Retainer boxes - Zirc

Extra-heavy, sturdy construction with a solid locking mechanism. Available in 1" or 1 1/2" deep boxes. Retainer...

View Retainer boxes - Zirc

Image for Syringe Tips
Syringe Tips

Quick-change air/water syringe tips. Durable. Autoclavable. Stainless steel construction.

View Syringe Tips

Image for Tongue Depressors - Dukal™ Corporation
Tongue Depressors - Dukal™ Corporation

6-inch wooden blades. Non-sterile, precision cut with clean and smooth hardwood blades. No odor, no...

View Tongue Depressors - Dukal™ Corporation

Image for Safco denture boxes
Safco denture boxes

Durable hinged construction. Designed to fit dentures of any size, and appropriate for other dental...

View Safco denture boxes

Image for Easy Prop disposable mouth props
Easy Prop disposable mouth props

View Easy Prop disposable mouth props

Image for Fixodent<sup>®</sup> Professional
Fixodent® Professional

Maximum hold formula. Precision tip for excellent hold and seal. Breath Bacteria Shield Technology kills...

View Fixodent® Professional

Image for Molt mouth gag - Integra Miltex
Molt mouth gag - Integra Miltex

View Molt mouth gag - Integra Miltex

Image for SafeBasics<sup>®</sup> Tongue Depressors
SafeBasics® Tongue Depressors

Standard 6" non-sterile wooden blades.  

View SafeBasics® Tongue Depressors

Image for Super Poligrip® Free
Super Poligrip® Free

Non-flavored denture adhesive free of artificial colors and formulated to give all-day hold. Helps to...

View Super Poligrip® Free

Image for Denture bath boxes - Plasdent
Denture bath boxes - Plasdent

Hinged, plastic. 4"W x 3"L x 2"H.

View Denture bath boxes - Plasdent

Image for Mouth props - Hu-Friedy (Markel)
Mouth props - Hu-Friedy (Markel)

The latex-free Markel mouth prop is used to prop the mouth open during extraction procedures...

View Mouth props - Hu-Friedy (Markel)

Image for Aidaco™ bite sticks
Aidaco™ bite sticks

For gently seating crown and esthetic restorations; also may be used to help locate fractured...

View Aidaco™ bite sticks

Image for Debacterol®

A safe therapeutic chemical cautery used specifically for the treatment of recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS)...

View Debacterol®

Image for First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit

25 person first aid kit contains 158 pieces. Meets OSHA and ANSI regulations. Bilingual labels...

View First Aid Kit

Image for Denture bath boxes - Zirc
Denture bath boxes - Zirc

Denture boxes are great for keeping dentures, partials, sleep appliances, and bite guards safe when...

View Denture bath boxes - Zirc

Image for Polident® Denture Cleansers
Polident® Denture Cleansers

Polident cleaners have an antibacterial formula that kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria. The 3-minute Cleanser tablets...

View Polident® Denture Cleansers

Image for Precision Comfort<sup>®</sup> 3-Way Syringe
Precision Comfort® 3-Way Syringe

Easily and precisely control and deliver the amount of air and/or water you need with...

View Precision Comfort® 3-Way Syringe

Image for Save-A-Tooth<sup>™</sup>

Save-A-Tooth is a device for saving knocked out teeth. It preserves and protects the tooth on...

View Save-A-Tooth

Image for Versa-Brush™

Ideal tool for cleaning endodontic access cavities and removing contaminents such as sealer components and smear...

View Versa-Brush™

Image for PD Dental MAP System<sup>®</sup>
PD Dental MAP System®

Micro Placement Instrument for MTA:A complete solution for the precise application of endodontic repair materials....

View PD Dental MAP System®

Image for Dentsply Sirona Maillefer Endo-M-Bloc Measuring Block
Dentsply Sirona Maillefer Endo-M-Bloc Measuring Block

The Endo-M-Bloc measuring device takes the guesswork out of setting endodontic stops. It features half-millimeter depth guides...

View Dentsply Sirona Maillefer Endo-M-Bloc Measuring Block

Image for DiaDent File Measuring Set
DiaDent File Measuring Set

Economic alternative to autoclavable counterparts. Holds 32 measuring grades in 0.5 mm increments. Gauge from...

View DiaDent File Measuring Set

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