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Dental Impressions Material

As a dentist, you understand the importance of having high-quality dental impression materials on hand to ensure the best possible outcomes for your patients. Whether you're taking impressions for crowns, bridges, or dentures, the accuracy of the impression can make all the difference in the final result. With Safco Dental’s top-of-the-line dental impression materials, you can be confident in the quality of your impressions and provide your patients with the best possible care. Our materials are easy to use and provide accurate and detailed impressions every time, making them an essential part of any dental practice. 

Trust Safco Dental Supply to provide you with the best impression materials on the market and take your dental practice to the next level! 

Types of Dental Impression Materials We Offer 

  • Alginate: A widely used, inexpensive material that's great for taking preliminary impressions or for making study models. Alginate has good flow properties, making it easy to mix and apply, and it sets quickly to produce a detailed impression. It is also non-toxic and safe for patient use. Alginate is commonly used for diagnostic impressions, preliminary impressions for partial or complete dentures, and fabricating orthodontic models.

  • Polyether: A material that offers excellent detail reproduction and dimensional stability making it perfect for impression-taking in crown and bridge work. Polyether is hydrophilic, which means it can capture very accurate impressions in a moist environment, making it an ideal choice for cases where saliva or blood may be present. 

  • Silicone: A versatile material that comes in various consistencies, including putty, light-body, and heavy-body, which allows for customized impressions for any patient. Silicone has a longer working time and a faster setting time compared to other materials, allowing dentists to work at a comfortable pace while still ensuring efficiency.

  • Vinyl polysiloxane (VPS): A popular, high-precision material that's easy to use and offers excellent dimensional stability. VPS is also easy to use, has a low viscosity, and is compatible with a wide range of disinfectants. Its high dimensional stability means it can be stored for extended periods of time without significant changes in its properties.

Image for Kromopan®

Dustless, chromatic color-changing alginate. Chromatic phase indicators ensure a perfect mix and perfectly timed insertion,...

View Kromopan®

Image for Safco Excel Alginate Chroma
Safco Excel Alginate Chroma

Dust-free, fast set chromatic color changing alginate. Chromatic phase indicator ensures a perfect mix, and...

View Safco Excel Alginate Chroma

Image for Safco Nice Bite® bite registration
Safco Nice Bite® bite registration

Formulated for unsurpassed accuracy. Easy-to-read blue color. Virtually no resistance to bite closure, yet rigid...

View Safco Nice Bite® bite registration

Image for Safco Nice Bite™ dual arch bite trays
Safco Nice Bite™ dual arch bite trays

Triple bite disposable impression trays, for crown & bridge, bite registration, or counter impressions. High...

View Safco Nice Bite™ dual arch bite trays

Image for Safco One Tray™ impression trays
Safco One Tray™ impression trays

Anatomically designed for optimum patient comfort and fit. Anterior keyway for material retention. Finger rest...

View Safco One Tray™ impression trays

Image for Safco mixing tips
Safco mixing tips

For use with vinyl polysiloxane impression material cartridges.

View Safco mixing tips

Image for Safco Excel™ vinyl polysiloxane
Safco Excel™ vinyl polysiloxane

Safco''s most popular vinyl polysiloxane impression material. Odorless and tasteless.   Working time Setting time Regular...

View Safco Excel™ vinyl polysiloxane

Competitive Pricing & Exceptional Customer Service 

Choosing the right dental impression material is key to ensuring accurate and precise results, and our selection offers a variety of options to suit your needs. 


Shop Safco Dental Supply today! We provide you with the highest quality materials for all your dental impression needs.