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Fuji Lining LC Paste Pak

GC America

(Made in Japan.)
GC Glass Ionomer Restoratives
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Product Details

Light-cured glass ionomer for base and lining. Very low solubility, exceptional biocompatibility, fluoride release for long-term protection against cavities.
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Fuji Lining LC Paste Pak
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Fuji Lining LC Paste Pak refill package

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mfg# 001887
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Fuji Lining LC Paste Pak starter package

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mfg# 432571
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GC Paste Pak dispenser

mfg# 001573
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Fuji Lining LC Paste Pak earned 4.2 stars out of a possible 5.0.
Paste-paste, making it much easier to mix than powder/liquid. Has the highest hardness in this subcategory.

Low viscosity, which means it has a tendency to pool in line angles, hand-mixed.

Bottom line:
Not automix, but still much easier than powder-liquid.
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