430 SWL® 45 and 430 SW 45 handpieces


430 SWL 45 and 430 SW 45 handpieces

Product Details

  • 45° angled head provides access to the posterior area of the oral cavity.

  • Engineered for removal of impacted third molars as well as other endodontic and periodontal procedures.

  • Specially-designed side ports exhaust air away from the surgical site reducing risk of air embolism, and protecting the integrity of the surgical site.

  • Pure stream of water to cool operatory site.

  • StarDental warranties: 1 year on the motor; 6 months on the turbine.

Safco Complete Satisfaction Guarantee
You are welcome to use the 430 SWL 45 and 430 SW 45 handpieces on a complete satisfaction guarantee basis; if you are not fully satisfied with these products, return them within 30 days for a complete refund. You may use one in your office on a trial basis; however, we can only accept the return of one unit in used condition.
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