Safco TripleCheck


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Safco TripleCheck
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Safco TripleCheck
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Product Details

Economy self-seal sterilization pouches.

  • Easy to read internal and external color-changing process indicators.
  • See-through blue tinted transparent film allows viewing of contents.
  • Thumb notch assures easy opening of pouch.
  • Complies with CDC recommendations.
  • Compatible with steam and EtO sterilization methods.
  • Produced with lead-free inks.

Compared to Safco DoubleCheck:

– TripleCheck pouches cost 10%-20% less than DoubleCheck

– TripleCheck pouch dimensions are a bit smaller than those for comparable DoubleCheck pouch sizes.

– The triple process indicators in TripleCheck pouches confirm that three key sterilization parameters have been met:

  1. Exposure to correct temperature.
  2. Exposure to saturated steam.
  3. Exposure for the correct amount of time.
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Safco TripleCheck™