Build-It® FR


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Build-It FR
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Product Details

Dual-cure glass fiber filled core material provides a compressive strength of 320 MPa for a strong, reliable foundation for indirect restorations.

Self-cures in minutes or light-cures in seconds to a rock-hard consistency. Cuts like dentin without ditching. Contains fluoride and is radiopaque.

Refrigeration required; this product is stored under refrigeration at Safco.

Item #
Automix cartridges
Automix mixing tips and gun
Cartridge intraoral tips (yellow), 48/pkg
mfg#: N32D
mfg#: N32D
Unit Price: 32.95
Mini-Mix syringes
Mini-Mix mixing tips

Clinical Evaluations

Build-It FR earned 4.1 stars out of a possible 5.0.
Minimal slumping tendencies, exceeds dentin hardness on surface when light-cured, and has the most shades in this category, with A2 and A3 being good dentin matches. Available in dual-barrel syringes and cartridges. Inexpensive.

One evaluator considered it too runny. No shades quite reached dentin hardness @ 7mm, although a few came close. Exotherm relatively high. Scrape tests just mediocre for A shades and poor for the others.

Bottom line:
Inexpensive material with dispensing options and good surface hardness when light-cured.
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