Estelite® Sigma Quick


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Estelite Sigma Quick
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Estelite Sigma Quick
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Universal supra-nano filled resin composite ideal for anterior and posterior restorations. Spherical fillers provide a uniform diffusion of light, allowing for a more forgiving shade match and outstanding polishability and wear resistance. Creamy and non-stick handling. Offers a working time of 1½ minutes with ambient light.

Special shades

Opalescent shades have opacity designed to block out dark shine from the oral cavity in Class III and Class IV restorations, or to serve as a dentin layer for the multi-shade layering technique.

  • OA1 - Opalescent light
  • OA2 - Opalescent medium
  • OA3 - Opalescent dark

Shades OA1, OA2 and BW closely match shades of primary teeth, but are not designed for masking metal or darkly stained areas. OPA2 is a deeper opaque dentin replacement that can be used to mask slight stain or to reconstruct a highly opaque tooth.

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Estelite Sigma Quick 2-Year Clinical Performance
Estelite Sigma Quick is a supra-nano filled, low-shrinkage composite indicated for anterior and posterior Class I-V resorations. Estelite Sigma Quick implements RAP technology (Radical-Amplified Photopolymerization initiator technology), which offers increased working time of 90 seconds under ambient light and decreases the curing time to 10 seconds with a halogen light.

Clinical Evaluation Protocol
  • 1,836 Estelite Sigma Quick restorations were placed using a wide variety of 6th- and 7th-generation bonding agents.
  • 353 restorations (molars – 47%, premolars – 27%, anterior teeth – 26%) in 163 patients were available for evaluation of clinical performance up to 24 months after placement.

Clinical Observations:

Fracture Resistance: Estelite Sigma Quick performed very well after two years in service. Eleven restorations exhibited slight chipping and none requiring replacement. There were seven debonds during the two years since placement. All of the debonds were facial/buccal restorations.

Esthetics: Estelite Sigma Quick exhibited very good esthetics both in the anterior and posterior regions after two years in service. The rapid cure time and excellent viscosity facilitated placement of the resin composite in all areas of the mouth. The excellent esthetics was a result of a variety of shade availability and the chameleon effect of the material.

Resistance to Marginal Discoloration: All of the Estelite Sigma Quick restorations were placed using self-etching bonding agents. Ninety-eight percent of the restorations had no marginal discoloration after two years.

Wear Resistance: Estelite Sigma Quick maintained excellent wear resistance both in the anterior and posterior regions after two years in service.

Three hundred fifty-three Estelite Sigma Quick restorations in 163 patients were available for recall up to two years after placement. A 2% debond rate and excellent resistance to marginal discoloration were observed when the resin composite was used with a variety of self-etching bonding systems. At two-year recall, the majority of restorations exhibited excellent resistance to chipping and very good esthetics. This product received a 99% clinical rating.

Consultants’ Comments
  • “After two years in service, these restorations continue to retain the esthetics achieved at placement.”
  • “This material has exhibited excellent resistance to chipping and fracture in the anterior and posterior regions over the past two years.”
  • “After two years of placing this material, the excellent handling, rapid cure and esthetics continue to make this my material of choice.”
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