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Universal light-cured composite utilizes a new monomer technology from DuPont to create a putty-like property that allows the material to spread easily. The prepolymerized fillers eliminate problems associated with composite sticking to the instruments. Luster and polishability are a result of the monomer’s long chain. The low shrinkage stress around the fillers provides better durability and longevity of the restoration.

Available in 2 opacities and multiple shades for precision matching and polychromatic stratification.
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GC Kalore 3-Year Clinical Performance
GC Kalore is a low-shrinkage, universal nanofilled composite indicated for use in all classes of direct restorations. This composite combines a new monomer from DuPont along with UDMA but contains no Bis-GMA. The product contains High Density Radiopaque (HDR) pre-polymerized fillers. Curing time is 20 seconds with a standard halogen or LED light for most shades.

Clinical Evaluation Protocol
  • 178 GC Kalore restorations were placed and monitored over a three-year period.
  • Recall ratings for 87 restorations were recorded and are included in this report.
  • Of these restorations, 93% were posterior and 7% were anterior.
  • At recall the following categories were assessed on a scale of 1-5 (1=poor, 2=fair, 3=good, 4=very good, 5=excellent).

Clinical Observations:
Resistance to Fracture/Chipping: GC Kalore proved to be very durable during the three-year recall period. Over 98% of the restorations evaluated received >an excellent rating. Of 87 restorations, one had a slight chip that did not require treatment and one fractured, requiring replacement. The fractured filling was a Class II restoration on tooth #20.

Esthetics: 90% of restorations were rated excellent for esthetics at three years. The remaining 10% were rated very good and showed minor discoloration or lack of blending with the tooth. Superior esthetics was obtained when shades >were layered at placement. It blends well and has a high quality of finish and polish at placement; restorations maintained an excellent finish over the three-year period.

Resistance to Marginal Discoloration: The majority of restorations placed were resistant to staining and marginal discoloration. 95% of restorations evaluated received an excellent rating. Four restorations showed slight staining at the margin.

Wear Resistance: Only one restoration was observed to have slight wear at year three. That restoration was a Class I filling on a second molar. The remaining 86 recalled restorations rated very good or excellent for wear resistance.

GC Kalore universal composite had excellent ratings for resistance to chipping/fracture, resistance to marginal discoloration and wear resistance over a three-year period. Shades blended well and excellent esthetics was maintained. This product received a 98% clinical performance rating.

Consultants’ Comments
  • “Body shades can be used alone or layered.”
  • “Great handling characteristics – not sticky at all.”
  • “Good consistency for establishing interproximal contacts.”
  • “Material is radiopaque.”
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