Kerr Restoratives

(Made in USA.)
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Universal nanofilled restorative composite offering superior esthetics and handling, along with outstanding strength and ultra-low shrinkage.
A proprietary tri-modal filler system uses three distinct filler sizes for smooth, consistent handling, reliable strength, and up to 45% less shrinkage than other composites. Highly sculptable, non-sticky, and non-slumping, with a quick, easy polish and a luster that lasts. Easily recreates the look of natural dentition.
Item #
Unidose refills - body shades
Unidose refills - opaque shades
Unidose refills - translucent shades
Unidose refills - packable shades
Syringe refills - body shades
Syringe refills - opaque shades
Syringe refills - translucent shades