3s PowerCure System

Ivoclar Vivadent

(Curing light: Austria. Adhesives and composites: Liechtenstein.)
3S PowerCure System
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3s PowerCure System
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Product Details

Comprised of four coordinated products designed to work together for maximum efficiency and positive outcomes:

  • Bluephase® PowerCure curing light
  • Tetric® PowerFill sculptable universal composite
  • Tetric® PowerFlow flowable composite
  • Adhese Universal® adhesive

When used together, the composites and adhesive will cure in just 3 seconds. When used with any other curing light with an intensity of 1000mW/cm2, curing time is 10 seconds.

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Bluephase PowerCure & System Kit
Tetric PowerFill Cavifil refills
Tetric PowerFill syringe refills
Tetric PowerFlow Cavifil refills
Tetric PowerFlow syringe refills
Adhese Universal
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Adhese Universal
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VivaPen refill, 2ml
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mfg#: 665156WW
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VivaPen snap-on brush cannulas, 100/pkg
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mfg#: 627178
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