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Venus White Pro
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Take-home mint flavor whitening gel for custom trays.

Updated formula has a stickier, more viscous gel for rapid and effective whitening. Contains potassium nitrate which helps decrease sensitivity associated with bleaching.

Three concentrations of carbamide peroxide provide whitening up to 8 full shades.

  • 16% concentration is recommended for overnight wear.
  • 22% concentration is worn for 1 hour once or twice per day.
  • 35% concentration can be worn daily for a 30 minute period, or 15 minutes twice per day. For patients who are not prone to sensitivity.

Refrigeration is required for all Bulk kits and for 35% concentrations of Venus White Pro. Refrigeration is suggested for Patient kits and Refill kits in 16% and 22% concentrations. All Venus White Pro kits are stored under refrigeration at Safco.

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Venus White Pro earned 4.4 stars out of a possible 5.0.
Really classy packaging, convenient, single use syringes, three strengths, potassium nitrate helps to minimize sensitivity, predictable results - all evaluators found it to be as good or better than the competition, thick viscosity.

Don't expect a total absence of sensitivity - 25% of the evaluators found more sensitivity compared to other bleaches. Two evaluators had patients with soft tissue irritation, even with the 16%. Can't tell concentration when stored on shelf and concentration on syringes is very hard to read. No dentist instructions. Only one flavor. More expensive than similar products.

Bottom line:
Very effective home bleach in a snazzy package.
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