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Kerr Restoratives

Image for Kromafaze™

Previously distributed by Dux Dental. The product is exactly the same; only the label has...

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Image for Identic

Identic is a full-strength antimicrobial dust-free alginate that mixes to a creamy consistency. Each pound...

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Image for Alginator™

Backed by years of proven performance, the Alginator takes the work out of mixing alginates...

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Image for AlgiNot™

Automix VPS impression material for quick, long-lasting impressions without the messy, time consuming hand mixing...

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Image for Life®

Calcium hydroxide pulp capping material.Minimum work time on pad: 3 minutes for regular set 2 minutes for...

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Image for Take 1® Advanced Bite Registration
Take 1® Advanced Bite Registration

Fast-cure VPS bite registration material. Enhanced formula with an optimum combination of physical properties: strength,...

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Image for OptiBond™ Universal
OptiBond™ Universal

Single-component light cure adhesive. Provides excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces and substrates for...

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Image for OptiBond™ All-In-One
OptiBond™ All-In-One

OptiBond All-In-One gives you a simple, one-step process, with no mixing. Etching, priming, and bonding...

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Image for OptiBond™ FL
OptiBond™ FL

Filled, light-cure total-etch adhesive. Simple two-bottle or unidose delivery with only one light-curing step. The...

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Image for OptiBond™ Solo Plus
OptiBond™ Solo Plus

Ethanol-based, total etch, light-cured adhesive technology proven to protect against microleakage. 15% filled with 0.4...

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Image for Kerr extruder gun
Kerr extruder gun

DS 50 dispenser 1:1/2:1.

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Image for Revolution™ Formula 2
Revolution™ Formula 2

Syringeable light-cured composite intended especially for cervical restorations. Fluoride-releasing.

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Image for Vertise™ Flow
Vertise™ Flow

Self-adhering, light-cured, resin-based flowable composite restorative. Greatly simplifies the direct placement procedure by incorporating the...

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Image for Premise™ Flowable
Premise™ Flowable

Medium viscosity, highly radiopaque nano-filled composite. Light-cured formulation is ideal for various direct anterior or...

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Image for Herculite® Ultra Flow
Herculite® Ultra Flow

This nanohybrid flowable composite flows easily when used as a base/liner and maintains its shape when...

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Image for SimpliShade<sup>™</sup> Bulk Fill Flow
SimpliShade Bulk Fill Flow

The SimpliShade Bulk Fill Flow is a simplified single-shade, bulk fill flowable composite. Powered by...

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Image for Herculite® XRV™
Herculite® XRV™

Microhybrid composite filling material. 5-year studies prove durability, high surface lustre, ideal color match in...

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Image for Point 4™
Point 4™

Point 4 represents years of research aimed at bridging the gap between microfill and hybrid...

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Image for Herculite® Ultra
Herculite® Ultra

This innovative nanohybrid composite offers advanced nanofiller technology that delivers superior esthetics and optimal handling....

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Image for SimpliShade<sup>™</sup> Bulk Fill
SimpliShade Bulk Fill

Single-fill, one-shade bulk fill composite. Powered by ART3 for easy manipulation and sculpting, color-blending to...

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Image for Premise™

Universal nanofilled restorative composite offering superior esthetics and handling, along with outstanding strength and ultra-low...

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Image for OptiDisc®

Translucent finishing and polishing disc system. These flexible polyester discs are designed for use with...

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Image for Occlubrush® Polishers
Occlubrush® Polishers

Pre-polish and finish restorations to a high gloss with one instrument. Occlubrushes come in three...

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Image for Unidose dispenser
Unidose dispenser "new" - Kerr

Cream-colored gun designed to provide greater thrust, for use with more viscous material.

View Unidose dispenser "new" - Kerr

Image for Unidose dispenser
Unidose dispenser "original" - Kerr

View Unidose dispenser "original" - Kerr

Image for Demi Plus
Demi Plus

Powered by Demetron Technology, the Demi Plus combines sophisticated engineering with innovative design advancements. True...

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Image for Kerr bent needle tips
Kerr bent needle tips

Luer-Lock, blunt applicator tips for intraoral etchant placement. 22 gauge (grey hub).

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Image for Gel Etchant®
Gel Etchant®

37.5% phosphoric acid. Purple color.

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Image for Kerr Impression Compound
Kerr Impression Compound

View Kerr Impression Compound

Image for Kerr Free Flo syringe
Kerr Free Flo syringe

All-plastic syringe is easy to load and can be autoclaved or immersed in most cold...

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Image for Kwik-Tray

Universal disposable aluminum crown and bridge trays. Can be easily bent or formed for best...

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Image for Kerr™ mixing pads
Kerr™ mixing pads

The Kerr mixing pads are made of plastic-coated special paper, which is easily detached from...

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Image for Kerr Applicators™
Kerr Applicators™

Flexible and bendable with non-linting fiber tip.

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Image for Kerr mixing tips
Kerr mixing tips

View Kerr mixing tips

Image for Kerr mixing wells
Kerr mixing wells

Disposable mixing wells for use with dental compounds.

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Image for NX3 (Nexus®)
NX3 (Nexus®)

Third generation esthetic permanent resin cement for all indirect applications, including veneers. Patented amine-free redox...

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Image for Nexus™ RMGI
Nexus™ RMGI

Resin modified glass ionomer for the final cementation of porcelain-fused-to-metal, porcelain-fused -to-zirconia, metal based crowns,...

View Nexus™ RMGI

Image for Maxcem Elite™
Maxcem Elite™

Dual cure, self-etch, self-adhesive all-purpose resin cement packaged in a dual-barrel syringe with automix tips....

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Image for Maxcem Elite™ Chroma
Maxcem Elite™ Chroma

Smart cement changes color when it’s time to clean up! Dual cure, self-etch/self-adhesive resin cement...

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Image for SoftLine™

Chairside silicone soft reline for full or partial dentures. SoftLine bonding agent ensures adhesion between...

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Image for Demetron light guides
Demetron light guides

Compatible with all Kerr/Demetron halogen and LED lights, including the Demi Plus. Autoclavable.

View Demetron light guides

Image for Demi Plus, Demi & Demetron replacement batteries
Demi Plus, Demi & Demetron replacement batteries

View Demi Plus, Demi & Demetron replacement batteries

Image for GingiKNIT+™

Knitted retraction yarn that conforms to sulcular anatomy with gentle outward force. Places easily without...

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Image for GingiBRAID+™

A retraction cord that is braided together for quick absorption allowing it to be used...

View GingiBRAID+™

Image for Permlastic®

View Permlastic®

Image for Temp-Bond® Clear™
Temp-Bond® Clear™

Dual-cure, non-eugenol, temporary resin-based cement with triclosan for use in cementation of temporary and provisional...

View Temp-Bond® Clear™

Image for Temp-Bond®

Self-curing, zinc oxide eugenol temporary cement for trial cementing restorations or cementing temporary crowns and...

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Image for Temp-Bond® NE™
Temp-Bond® NE™

Non-eugenol temporary cement that will not inhibit the polymerization of resin cements and acrylic temporaries....

View Temp-Bond® NE™

Image for Temphase

Self-cure bis-methacryl type composite material for use in both short and long-term crown and bridge temporaries....

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Image for Kerr tray adhesive
Kerr tray adhesive

View Kerr tray adhesive

Image for Take 1® Advanced™ 50ml cartridges
Take 1® Advanced™ 50ml cartridges

VPS material with the optimum combination of physical properties for consistently precise impressions: strength, elasticity,...

View Take 1® Advanced™ 50ml cartridges

Image for Take 1® Advanced™ Putty
Take 1® Advanced™ Putty

High elasticity prevents defects and protects the fit of the final restoration. Ultra-high viscosity for...

View Take 1® Advanced™ Putty

Image for Extrude®

Vinyl polysiloxane cartridge material. Extrude''s heavy-bodied material is thixotropic and won''t slump in the tray;...

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Image for Take 1® Advanced™ Volume
Take 1® Advanced™ Volume

Hard cartridge volume delivery provides welcomed relief from the slow dispensing and possible hand fatigue...

View Take 1® Advanced™ Volume

Image for Extrude™ XP Putty
Extrude™ XP Putty

VPS tray material for both simultaneous and two-step putty/wash techniques. Its thixotropic nature will drive...

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