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Dentsply Sirona

Image for Disposa-Shield® syringe sleeves
Disposa-Shield® syringe sleeves

Clear barriers for air/water syringes. 5-5/8" x 2¼".

View Disposa-Shield® syringe sleeves

Image for Jeltrate® Plus Dustless
Jeltrate® Plus Dustless

Contains an antimicrobial agent to reduce chances of cross contamination, and is formulated to reduce airborne particles....

View Jeltrate® Plus Dustless

Image for Jeltrate® Dustless
Jeltrate® Dustless

Formulated to reduce airborne particles when dispensing and mixing.   Regular set Fast set Mixing...

View Jeltrate® Dustless

Image for Jeltrate®

High algin content impression material without the excessive flow found in other alginates. Non-slump formula. High...

View Jeltrate®

Image for Jeltrate® Chroma
Jeltrate® Chroma

Dustless formulation that changes color for each preparation phase; fuchsia during mixing, lavender during tray...

View Jeltrate® Chroma

Image for Algin-X™ Ultra
Algin-X™ Ultra

ATTENTION: Algin-X Ultra cartridges have a new design that only works with the new specially...

View Algin-X™ Ultra

Image for Prime & Bond Elect™
Prime & Bond Elect™

Universal dental adhesive for any bonding technique. Allows your choice of total-etch, self-etch, or selective-etch; across all...

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Image for Prime & Bond® NT™
Prime & Bond® NT™

Single component, light cure adhesive for direct composite and compomer restorations. Exclusive Nano Technology results in nanofillers...

View Prime & Bond® NT™

Image for Prime & Bond® NT™ Dual Cure
Prime & Bond® NT™ Dual Cure

System provides light-cure, dual-cure, and self-cure capabilities for:Direct composite and compomer restorationsInlays, onlays, and veneersComposite,...

View Prime & Bond® NT™ Dual Cure

Image for Prime & Bond® XP
Prime & Bond® XP

Total etch bonding agent formulated with nano-technology chemistry for excellent bond strength to both enamel...

View Prime & Bond® XP

Image for Prisma® Finishing Burs
Prisma® Finishing Burs

Prisma Finishing Burs are designed for trimming and finishing of composite resins. Prisma Finishing Burs...

View Prisma® Finishing Burs

Image for Nupro® Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.12% oral rinse
Nupro® Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.12% oral rinse

0.12% chlorhexidine gluconate works to control oral bacteria and to help speed recovery of gingival...

View Nupro® Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.12% oral rinse

Image for Esthet-X<sup>®</sup> Flow
Esthet-X® Flow

Flowable liquid micro hybrid restorative with pseudoplastic handling; stacks cleanly in a Class V yet flows...

View Esthet-X® Flow

Image for TPH Spectra® ST Flow
TPH Spectra® ST Flow

Flowable composite with SphereTEC filler technology brings enhanced simplicity and versatility to traditional flowable indications....

View TPH Spectra® ST Flow

Image for SDR® Flow+
SDR® Flow+

Bulk fill flowable direct restorative material featuring a unique self-leveling handling which provides excellent cavity...

View SDR® Flow+

Image for TPH Spectra® ST Effects
TPH Spectra® ST Effects

Works with the 5 universal shades of TPH Spectra ST in a simplified layering approach...

View TPH Spectra® ST Effects

Image for Esthet-X<sup>®</sup> HD
Esthet-X® HD

High definition micro matrix restorative. Optimized nano-filler particle distribution provides faster, easier to achieve, brilliant and...

View Esthet-X® HD

Image for Surefil One™
Surefil One™

Dentsply has halted production of Surefil One. We do not have an estimate of when...

View Surefil One™

Image for TPH Spectra® ST
TPH Spectra® ST

Universal composite restorative material indicated for anterior and posterior restorations of all cavity classes. It...

View TPH Spectra® ST

Image for Enhance®

One-piece pre-mounted finishing discs, cups and points eliminate cumbersome and multiple disc changes; you can...

View Enhance®

Image for Enhance® Pogo®
Enhance® Pogo®

One step diamond micro-polisher that creates a glass-like luster on even the hardest composite restorative. Extremely convenient;...

View Enhance® Pogo®

Image for Enhance® Mini
Enhance® Mini

These smaller Enhance polishers offer improved access and versatility, especially on smaller restorative surfaces. In...

View Enhance® Mini

Image for Dentsply Sirona strip off transparent crown forms
Dentsply Sirona strip off transparent crown forms

The inside surfaces possess excellent anatomical detail which results in proper contouring of the restoration....

View Dentsply Sirona strip off transparent crown forms

Image for Rinn® Crescent® prophy cups
Rinn® Crescent® prophy cups

Webbed prophy cups. White color. Not made with natural rubber latex.

View Rinn® Crescent® prophy cups

Image for Smartlite Pro
Smartlite Pro

A unique modular pen-style curing light in an all-metal housing that feels balanced in the...

View Smartlite Pro

Image for Lucitone® Liquid
Lucitone® Liquid

For use with Lucitone 199, Lucitone Clear, and Characterized Lucitone.

View Lucitone® Liquid

Image for Lucitone 199®
Lucitone 199®

Premium denture base resin for both tissue and implant-supported full and partial dentures. Offers outstanding esthetics,...

View Lucitone 199®

Image for Rinn® digital sensor covers
Rinn® digital sensor covers

Clear plastic disposable sleeves. Features rounded edges for patient comfort.

View Rinn® digital sensor covers

Image for Oxivir® 1 Wipes
Oxivir® 1 Wipes

Hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant wipes kill 81 pathogens including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and TB in 1...

View Oxivir® 1 Wipes

Image for Accuject® needles
Accuject® needles

Indicator with a dot on the hub to identify the needle’s bevel position, to ensure...

View Accuject® needles

Image for FlashTips™ syringe tips
FlashTips™ syringe tips

Plastic, disposable air/water syringe tip. Separate channels for air and water minimize crossover. Soft smooth...

View FlashTips™ syringe tips

Image for Sani-Tip® syringe tips
Sani-Tip® syringe tips

Clear, disposable tips with patented tapered water spindle inside each adapter. Central water channel encircled by six separate...

View Sani-Tip® syringe tips

Image for FASTips® syringe tips
FASTips® syringe tips

Disposable air-water syringe tips interchangeable with most metal tips. No converters or adapters necessary. All plastic construction...

View FASTips® syringe tips

Image for Purevac<sup>®</sup> SC
Purevac® SC

Formulated specifically for systems with amalgam separators.  The power of Purevac in a Separator Compatible...

View Purevac® SC

Image for ChemFil™ Rock
ChemFil™ Rock

Advanced glass ionomer restorative with a unique zinc-reinforced chemistry. This formulation of glass fillers modified with...

View ChemFil™ Rock

Image for Disposa-Shield® handpiece sleeves
Disposa-Shield® handpiece sleeves

Use the 7¾" x 1¼" size for low speed handpieces. Use the 8½" long size...

View Disposa-Shield® handpiece sleeves

Image for Purevac® HVE System
Purevac® HVE System

The Purevac HVE System creates an environment with fewer potentially harmful aerosols. HVE tips with...

View Purevac® HVE System

Image for Xylocaine®

Lidocaine HCI 2% and epinephrine injection, USP. 1.7ml cartridges.

View Xylocaine®

Image for Polocaine®

Mepivacaine HCI 3% injection, USP. 1.7ml cartridges.

View Polocaine®

Image for Citanest®

Prilocaine HCI 4% Injection, USP. 1.7ml cartridges.

View Citanest®

Image for Articadent®

Articaine HCl 4% and epinephrine injection, USP. 1.7ml cartridges.

View Articadent®

Image for Disposa-Shield T-bar light handle sleeves
Disposa-Shield T-bar light handle sleeves

Clear barriers for T-bar light handles. 3½" x 3" x 6¾".

View Disposa-Shield T-bar light handle sleeves

Image for Com-Fit<sup>®</sup> Easy Breathe
Com-Fit® Easy Breathe

ASTM Level 1 earloop face mask. Breathe easy, with up to 250% more breathability than...

View Com-Fit® Easy Breathe

Image for Com-Fit<sup>®</sup> Super Sensitive
Com-Fit® Super Sensitive

ASTM Level 1 earloop face mask. Soft, hypo-allergenic construction provides excellent protection for those with...

View Com-Fit® Super Sensitive

Image for Com-Fit<sup>®</sup> Fluid-Resistant Procedural
Com-Fit® Fluid-Resistant Procedural

ASTM Level 2 earloop face mask. Comfortable fluid-resistant exterior with a soft tissue inner layer....

View Com-Fit® Fluid-Resistant Procedural

Image for Com-Fit Plush™ Natural Fit
Com-Fit Plush™ Natural Fit

ASTM Level 1, 2 and 3 earloop face masks. Softer, breathable mask with an elastic...

View Com-Fit Plush™ Natural Fit

Image for Com-Fit Plush™
Com-Fit Plush™

ASTM Level 1, 2 and 3 earloop face masks. Innovative inner material feels silky soft...

View Com-Fit Plush™

Image for Palodent® Plus sectional matrix system
Palodent® Plus sectional matrix system

Nickel-titanium rings create a consistent force to separate teeth, and then return to their original shape...

View Palodent® Plus sectional matrix system

Image for Palodent® 360 Circumferential Matrix System
Palodent® 360 Circumferential Matrix System

Matrix system with integrated tightener/thumbwheel. It provides consistent anatomically natural contours and tight, accurate contacts...

View Palodent® 360 Circumferential Matrix System

Image for Palodent® Matrix System
Palodent® Matrix System

Contoured sectional matrix system, creates perfect contacts in more conservative preparations. The shape of each Palodent matrix...

View Palodent® Matrix System

Image for Midwest® Tradition® (classic) replacement cartridges
Midwest® Tradition® (classic) replacement cartridges

Tradition cartridges have a six month warranty. Safco Complete Satisfaction Guarantee You are welcome to...

View Midwest® Tradition® (classic) replacement cartridges

Image for Nupro Freedom™ cordless prophy system
Nupro Freedom™ cordless prophy system

Lightweight cordless design gives hygienists total freedom from handpiece tubing, unlimited portability, less fatigue and...

View Nupro Freedom™ cordless prophy system

Image for Dentsply Sirona mixing tips
Dentsply Sirona mixing tips

Dentsply Sirona mixing tips can eliminate up to 64% of the waste and provide more...

View Dentsply Sirona mixing tips

Image for Dentsply mixing tips
Dentsply mixing tips

View Dentsply mixing tips

Image for Jenker™ Needle Stick Protector
Jenker™ Needle Stick Protector

Conical, stainless steel receptacle holds needle sheath for one-handed recapping. Autoclavable.

View Jenker™ Needle Stick Protector

Image for Barricaid®

Visible light cured periodontal dressing in a convenient syringe delivery system for direct placement onto...

View Barricaid®

Image for Calibra® Veneer
Calibra® Veneer

Visible light cured resin cement for the permanent cementation of ceramic, porcelain and composite veneers....

View Calibra® Veneer

Image for Calibra® Ceram
Calibra® Ceram

One out of 5 crowns are non-retentive preparations that require extra strength. Calibra CEram cement...

View Calibra® Ceram

Image for Calibra® Universal
Calibra® Universal

Two-component, dual-cure, high strength self-adhesive resin cement which contains fluoride. Combines esthetic shading with a...

View Calibra® Universal

Image for Calibra® Dual Cure Automix
Calibra® Dual Cure Automix

Dual cure esthetic resin cement. Dual barrel syringe minimizes waste and eliminates hand mixing. For...

View Calibra® Dual Cure Automix

Image for Calibra™

Combines ease of use, excellent handling, and shade-stable chemistry in a versatile light-cure/dual-cure system. Calibra...

View Calibra™

Image for Calibra® Bio
Calibra® Bio

Bioactive permanent cement with a calcium aluminate ionomer chemistry. The unique chemistry adapts seamlessly at...

View Calibra® Bio

Image for Upgrade® (new)
Upgrade® (new)

Designed for those seeking a traditional prophy angle feel, this new angle is perfect for...

View Upgrade® (new)

Image for Visco-Gel®

Temporary soft liner to provide retention and comfort where dentures are not tolerated, or to...

View Visco-Gel®

Image for Lynal®

Tissue conditioner and temporary reliner. Self-curing, resilient methacrylate formulation, intended for use as a limited...

View Lynal®

Image for Hemoban™ Gel
Hemoban™ Gel

25% aluminum chloride hemostatic agent. Transparent, non-drip gel stays where it is placed and facilitates...

View Hemoban™ Gel

Image for Sporox® II
Sporox® II

Glutaraldehyde-free. Safer for soft metal instruments containing brass or copper; not for use with carbide...

View Sporox® II

Image for Integrity® TempGrip®
Integrity® TempGrip®

Non-eugenol zinc oxide temporary cement with low film thickness and high compressive and flexural strength....

View Integrity® TempGrip®

Image for Integrity® 76g automix cartridge
Integrity® 76g automix cartridge

Composite resin temporary C&B material with fluorescence. Features minimal shrinkage and fewer adjustments to save...

View Integrity® 76g automix cartridge

Image for Integrity® Multi-Cure
Integrity® Multi-Cure

Provisional material offers 30% reduced procedure time through dual cure capability compared to original Integrity material,...

View Integrity® Multi-Cure

Image for Integrity® 15g automix mini-syringe
Integrity® 15g automix mini-syringe

With fluorescence. Composite resin temporary C&B material featuring minimal shrinkage and great consistency for easy handling....

View Integrity® 15g automix mini-syringe

Image for Oraqix®

Lidocaine and prilocaine periodontal gel, 2.5%/2.5%. Autoclavable dispenser (sold separately) is required for application. Oraqix...

View Oraqix®

Image for ReSurge™

Recommended by Dentsply Sirona for use with Cavitron® ultrasonic inserts! Delivery form: Liquid concentrate Dilution...

View ReSurge™

Image for Aquasil™ Ultra 50ml cartridges with B4
Aquasil™ Ultra 50ml cartridges with B4

Smart Wetting® impression wash material uniquely formulated to minimize voids and bubbles.  Pleasant mint scent....

View Aquasil™ Ultra 50ml cartridges with B4

Image for B4<sup>®</sup> Pre-Impression Surface Optimizer
B4® Pre-Impression Surface Optimizer

Maximizes wetting of low-viscosity wash materials allowing better flow across the surface and into subgingival...

View B4® Pre-Impression Surface Optimizer

Image for Aquasil® Ultra+ Digit™
Aquasil® Ultra+ Digit™

New Aquasil Ultra+ Smart Wetting® Impression Material in the Digit™ Targeted Delivery System. Aquasil Ultra+...

View Aquasil® Ultra+ Digit™

Image for Aquasil™ Ultra Xtra Deca
Aquasil™ Ultra Xtra Deca

When taking multiple unit impressions, Aquasil Ultra Xtra provides ample syringing time, with faster mouth...

View Aquasil™ Ultra Xtra Deca

Image for Aquasil™ Ultra Digit™
Aquasil™ Ultra Digit™

Smart Wetting® Impression Material offers an extremely low contact angle. Intraoral ‘targeted delivery system’ has the...

View Aquasil™ Ultra Digit™

Image for Aquasil<sup>®</sup> Ultra+ Deca
Aquasil® Ultra+ Deca

ATTENTION: Aquasil Ultra+ Deca cartridges have a new design that only works with the new...

View Aquasil® Ultra+ Deca

Image for Aquasil™ Ultra Xtra 50ml cartridges
Aquasil™ Ultra Xtra 50ml cartridges

Aquasil™ Smart Wetting® impression material offers an extremely low contact angle. When taking multiple unit impressions, Aquasil Ultra...

View Aquasil™ Ultra Xtra 50ml cartridges

Image for Aquasil<sup>®</sup> Ultra+ 50ml cartridges
Aquasil® Ultra+ 50ml cartridges

ATTENTION: Aquasil Ultra+ cartridges have a new design that only works with the new specially...

View Aquasil® Ultra+ 50ml cartridges

Image for Aquasil™ Ultra Cordless
Aquasil™ Ultra Cordless

Retractionless tissue managing impression system: The first and only impression system that does not require...

View Aquasil™ Ultra Cordless

Image for Aquasil™ 50ml cartridges
Aquasil™ 50ml cartridges

ATTENTION: Aquasil cartridges have a new design that only works with the new specially designed...

View Aquasil™ 50ml cartridges

Image for Aquasil™ Ultra 50ml cartridges without B4
Aquasil™ Ultra 50ml cartridges without B4

ATTENTION: Aquasil Ultra cartridges have a new design that only works with the new specially...

View Aquasil™ Ultra 50ml cartridges without B4

Image for Reprosil<sup>®</sup> Tubes
Reprosil® Tubes

Reprosil is a VPS impression material with superior resilience and material rigidity, as well as high...

View Reprosil® Tubes

Image for Aquasil<sup>®</sup> Ultra+ Soft Putty
Aquasil® Ultra+ Soft Putty

Fast set hand mix VPS putty optimized for performance with Aquasil Ultra+ Smart Wetting® Impression...

View Aquasil® Ultra+ Soft Putty

Image for Aquasil™ Easymix Putty
Aquasil™ Easymix Putty

Smart Wetting® impression materials. No unpleasant taste. Excellent surface wettability; does not float on saliva...

View Aquasil™ Easymix Putty

Image for Aquasil™ Ultra Deca™
Aquasil™ Ultra Deca™

ATTENTION: Aquasil Ultra Deca cartridges have a new design that only works with the new...

View Aquasil™ Ultra Deca™

Image for Aquasil® Ultra+ Digit Power®
Aquasil® Ultra+ Digit Power®

An innovative dispenser system to deliver Aquasil Ultra+ low viscosity materials with control and precision....

View Aquasil® Ultra+ Digit Power®

Image for Soothe-Guard Air<sup>®</sup> lead-free x-ray aprons
Soothe-Guard Air® lead-free x-ray aprons

Adult x-ray aprons with collar. These innovative lead-free alloy aprons include magnetic closures to prevent...

View Soothe-Guard Air® lead-free x-ray aprons

Image for Soothe-Guard<sup>®</sup> lead lined x-ray aprons
Soothe-Guard® lead lined x-ray aprons

Adult x-ray aprons with collar. Comfortable outer material is easy to clean; will not crack,...

View Soothe-Guard® lead lined x-ray aprons