Integrity® 15g automix mini-syringe

Dentsply Sirona

(Made in USA.)
Integrity 15g automix mini-syringe
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With fluorescence. Composite resin temporary C&B material featuring minimal shrinkage and great consistency for easy handling. Polishes to a natural luster for excellent esthetics.

15g automix mini-syringe does not require a dispensing gun,

Working time 0' 45"
Intraoral setting time 1' 15" - 2' 15"

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Integrity earned 4.2 stars out of a possible 5.0.
Relatively high hardness at 24 hours. Most shades match Vita. Cartridges and syringes.

Fluoresces, but at a level much higher than tooth structure. Sets much faster than indicated in the instructions. Expensive.

Bottom line:
Enhanced hardness and fast set, which means it can get stuck in the mouth if you blink.
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