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Dental Evacuation products

Image for Dispos-A-Screen

Helps prevent dental debris from clogging up the dental evacuation tubing and improves your suction system...

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Image for Pinnacle Evac-U-Trap
Pinnacle Evac-U-Trap

Totally disposable canister, lid, mesh filter and gasket designed to replace the present canister and...

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Image for Dispos-A-Trap

Dispos-a-Trap is a disposable filter designed to replace the present trap filter in your evacuation...

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Image for Screen-4-Vac

Screen-4-Vac disposable traps improve the performance of your evacuation system and reduce infection and contamination. They...

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Image for SOLO® evacuation cups
SOLO® evacuation cups

6 oz. (177ml) funnel-style paper cup with rolled rim to fit A-dec unit.

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Image for Bio-Pure®

Bio-Pure is an eVac cleaner that will restore your pipes. It is a microbial cleaner...

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Image for Safco Concentrated Enzymatic Evacuation Line
Safco Concentrated Enzymatic Evacuation Line

Part of the Safco KleenLine™ Series Safco Concentrated Enzymatic Evacuation Line Cleaner is designed to...

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Image for Safco Concentrated Evacuation Line Cleaner<br />(previously called KleenLine)
Safco Concentrated Evacuation Line Cleaner
(previously called KleenLine)

Part of the Safco KleenLine™ Series Safco Concentrated Evacuation Line Cleaner is eco-friendly and designed...

View Safco Concentrated Evacuation Line Cleaner
(previously called KleenLine)

Image for Purevac<sup>®</sup> SC
Purevac® SC

Formulated specifically for systems with amalgam separators.  The power of Purevac in a Separator Compatible...

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Image for SlugBuster™

Cleans and deodorizes vacuum hoses, drains and separators. Dissolves organic debris for maximum vacuum performance....

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Image for Sani Vac™
Sani Vac™

Low-foaming multi-enzyme formula with a pH of 7.8 meets the EPA requirement for use with...

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Image for Vac Attak™
Vac Attak™

High performance evacuation system cleaner. Organic chlorine formula. Safe, non-corrosive, biodegradable, non-foaming. Fresh lemon scent....

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Image for Vacuum Clean
Vacuum Clean

Use one time-released tablet weekly for continuously cleaning of evacuation system lines. Restores pressure, and...

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Image for VacuKleen E²™
VacuKleen E²™

Powerful protease enzymes allow for easy dissolving of residue in evacuation lines. Simply add contents...

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Image for Vacuum Shock
Vacuum Shock

Use 1 tablet monthly for initial pre-cleaning of dental vacuum systems. Removes accumulations and keeps...

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Image for Sani-Treet® Green
Sani-Treet® Green

Enzymatic concentrate with new generation surfactants that biodegrade quickly and efficiently. Safe for use with...

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Image for Vacu Blast™
Vacu Blast™

Powerful enzymatic liquid evacuation system cleaner compatible with all amalgam separators. Neutral pH, non-corrosive, non-foaming....

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Image for ProE-Vac™

ProE-Vac is a non-foaming, biodegradable liquid evacuation cleaner. It quickly dissolves and removes organic tissue,...

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Image for L and R Manufacturing E-Vac
L and R Manufacturing E-Vac

Specially formulated to dissolve organic debris, rope saliva and blood. Powerful non-foaming solution cleans away...

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Image for Sani-Treet Plus®
Sani-Treet Plus®

Non-foaming enzymatic pre-soak solution. Safe for use in ultrasonic cleaners and as an evacuation system...

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Image for PowerScrub™ Vacuum Line Cleaner
PowerScrub™ Vacuum Line Cleaner

Neutral pH formula designed for use with the NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator but compatible with...

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Image for Vacusol™ Neutral
Vacusol™ Neutral

The same powerful cleaning of Vacusol Ulta in a neutral pH formula that is compatible...

View Vacusol™ Neutral

Image for Turbo-Vac<sup>®</sup>

Neutral pH line flush solution dissolves debris, cleans, and deodorizes. Biodegradable, non-foaming superconcentrate. Dispenser mixes...

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Image for NeutraVac™

Dual action, super-concentrated vacuum line cleaner dissolves and removes organic and inorganic debris. Neutral pH...

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Image for Vac Attak™ Green
Vac Attak™ Green

A safe, effective and environmentally-friendly evacuation system cleaner that is compliant with the EPA’s Clean...

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Image for Monarch™ CleanStream
Monarch™ CleanStream

Proprietary blend of EDTA, non-foaming surfactants and chelating agents penetrate and loosen calcifications to increase flow and...

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Image for BeeSure® HVE tips
BeeSure® HVE tips

High volume evacuation tips with a smooth finish to reduce patient irritation during procedures. Vented...

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Image for DryShield<sup>®</sup>

This innovative isolation system is ideally suited to reduce the risk of contamination through aerosol...

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Image for MaxVac™ Plus
MaxVac™ Plus

These combo tips are vented on one end, and non-vented on the other. “S”-shaped tip...

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Image for Keystone mint HVE evacuator tips
Keystone mint HVE evacuator tips

Vented and non-vented combination tips feature a softer end for patient comfort.  Fits all standard...

View Keystone mint HVE evacuator tips

Image for Safco oral evacuators
Safco oral evacuators

Dual-use, disposable, high-volume evacuator tips. One end non-vented, for maximum power. One end vented, for...

View Safco oral evacuators

Image for Mr. Thirsty™ One-Step
Mr. Thirsty™ One-Step

Hands-free suction device lets dentists and hygienists work continuously without repeated use of a saliva...

View Mr. Thirsty™ One-Step

Image for Tip-A-Dilly

View Tip-A-Dilly

Image for Argyle™ oral evacuators
Argyle™ oral evacuators

Beveled tip with a soft-rigid wall design that''s comfortable for patients. Bendable 6" length, with...

View Argyle™ oral evacuators

Image for HVE Mirror Connect
HVE Mirror Connect

The HVE Mirror Connect transforms standard four-handed dentistry into comfortably streamlined two-handed dentistry. Features a...

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Image for Multi-Axis Spiral Suction (M.A.S.S)
Multi-Axis Spiral Suction (M.A.S.S)

HVE tip features a spiral vented design, angled barrel wall, and a rolled edge. Design...

View Multi-Axis Spiral Suction (M.A.S.S)

Image for Hi-Vac oral evacuators
Hi-Vac oral evacuators

View Hi-Vac oral evacuators

Image for Purevac® HVE System
Purevac® HVE System

The Purevac HVE System creates an environment with fewer potentially harmful aerosols. HVE tips with...

View Purevac® HVE System

Image for ReLeaf<sup>™</sup>

ReLeaf allows for safer dental and hygiene procedures by minimizing aerosol risk and risk of...

View ReLeaf

Image for HVESolo™

Effectively eliminates fluid and reduces aerosol contamination from the oral cavity. Specially designed for clinicians...

View HVESolo™

Image for Vent-O-Vac™

Made from soft plastic with polished ends, unique curve, and slotted vent.

View Vent-O-Vac™

Image for Bull Frog H.V.E Short Handpiece
Bull Frog H.V.E Short Handpiece

Autoclavable aluminum valve with 360° swivel quick-disconnect. One-piece construction. Clinically unbreakable lever with smooth action....

View Bull Frog H.V.E Short Handpiece

Image for HVE Air Protect XL
HVE Air Protect XL

Captures 90% of aerosols with a large 16mm opening, offering more protection for staff and...

View HVE Air Protect XL

Image for Aspirator Brushes
Aspirator Brushes

Cleaning brushes designed specifically for aspirators.

View Aspirator Brushes

Image for Vista Apex Micro Aspirators
Vista Apex Micro Aspirators

Designed to provide fast and efficient micro-aspiration No need for paper points Bendable needles resist...

View Vista Apex Micro Aspirators

Image for Tanigo Disposable Dental Suction-Mirror
Tanigo Disposable Dental Suction-Mirror

A disposable suction mirror that combines high-volume suction and retraction functionality with a high-definition anti-fog...

View Tanigo Disposable Dental Suction-Mirror

Image for Disposable HVE Screens
Disposable HVE Screens

Disposable plastic screens fit on most plastic or metal high volume aspirators. Helps prevent grasping...

View Disposable HVE Screens

Image for Low-Speed Saliva Ejector/Suction Valve
Low-Speed Saliva Ejector/Suction Valve

This durable metal saliva ejector/suction flip valve is simple to remove and clean.  Autoclavable. Fits...

View Low-Speed Saliva Ejector/Suction Valve

Image for Lock-On Saliva Ejector Valve Tips
Lock-On Saliva Ejector Valve Tips

Lock-Ons fit your existing saliva ejector valves and stay put under tension. Fit all standard...

View Lock-On Saliva Ejector Valve Tips

Image for Pink Petal™
Pink Petal™

Disposable, single-use device that slides onto any saliva ejector for hands-free suction, without additional attachments....

View Pink Petal™

Image for Bull Frog saliva valves
Bull Frog saliva valves

Autoclavable stainless steel valve standardized to fit all sizes of saliva tubing. 360° swivel quick-disconnect.

View Bull Frog saliva valves

Image for Ergo-Vac<sup>™</sup>

The Ergo-Vac handpiece features a clinically unbreakable lever with smooth, precise action. 360 degree swivel...

View Ergo-Vac

Image for Mini Vac saliva valve
Mini Vac saliva valve

All stainless steel autoclavable saliva ejector valve with a 360° swivel. The smaller size and lighter...

View Mini Vac saliva valve

Image for Palmero Saliva Ejector Screens
Palmero Saliva Ejector Screens

Saliva ejector screens prevent debris from getting lodged in the lines or being aspirated by...

View Palmero Saliva Ejector Screens

Image for Saliva ejector screens - Zirc
Saliva ejector screens - Zirc

Single-use plastic disposable saliva ejector screens with antimicrobial protection. Saliva ejector screens are designed to help...

View Saliva ejector screens - Zirc

Image for BeeSure® saliva ejectors
BeeSure® saliva ejectors

Fixed soft tip with smooth edges provides patient safety and comfort. Wire reinforced tube is...

View BeeSure® saliva ejectors

Image for Comfort Plus® premium saliva ejectors
Comfort Plus® premium saliva ejectors

Uniquely designed, blunt-ended saliva ejector prevents tissue from blocking suction. Engineered with rounded edges, smooth...

View Comfort Plus® premium saliva ejectors

Image for Hygoformic<sup>®</sup> Bio
Hygoformic® Bio

Saliva ejector with unique coil design and tongue holder. Produced in fossil-free Green PE, a...

View Hygoformic® Bio

Image for Safe-Flo<sup>®</sup> saliva ejectors and valves
Safe-Flo® saliva ejectors and valves

Valves prevent fluid retraction from within the vacuum line and stop fluids in the line...

View Safe-Flo® saliva ejectors and valves

Image for Safco saliva ejectors
Safco saliva ejectors

Side vents with narrow, recessed center suction hole. Thickest stabilizing wire for maximum memory with...

View Safco saliva ejectors

Image for SafeBasics® saliva ejectors
SafeBasics® saliva ejectors

Provides optimal suction while maintaining its shape. Available in a variety of colors to brighten...

View SafeBasics® saliva ejectors

Image for Flexo® saliva ejectors
Flexo® saliva ejectors


View Flexo® saliva ejectors

Image for Crosstex Premium® saliva ejectors
Crosstex Premium® saliva ejectors

Due to supply chain issues, this product is currently unavailable from the manufacturer, and there...

View Crosstex Premium® saliva ejectors

Image for Micro Suction for Root Canal and Root Tip Surgery
Micro Suction for Root Canal and Root Tip Surgery

Micro suctioning aspirators that are ideal for root canal aspiration. 1/8” diameter stainless steel. Fits...

View Micro Suction for Root Canal and Root Tip Surgery

Image for Surg-O-Vac

6½" long, fits all HVE systems. 30° angled tip for ideal positioning. Designed to be...

View Surg-O-Vac

Image for Straw Aspirator
Straw Aspirator

High-speed, side-venting suction aspirator with adjustment holes to regulate aspiration during procedures. 4.5” length. 1.5mm...

View Straw Aspirator

Image for Surgitip-endo

Surgitip-endo is an aspirating tip intended for aspiration during endodontic treatments and specifically for drying...

View Surgitip-endo

Image for Vista™ surgical evacuation tubes
Vista™ surgical evacuation tubes

Rigid plastic autoclavable tips. 6½" long with a 30° angle.

View Vista™ surgical evacuation tubes

Image for Argyle™ surgical aspirator tips
Argyle™ surgical aspirator tips

NOTE: Covidien does not currenlty have an expected delivery date, therefore, we are not accepting...

View Argyle™ surgical aspirator tips

Image for Safco surgical aspirator tips
Safco surgical aspirator tips

Opaque with a 6½" length and 30° angle. Designed to be disposable, but can be...

View Safco surgical aspirator tips