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Image for Clearfil™ Ceramic Primer Plus
Clearfil™ Ceramic Primer Plus

Adhesive primer used to enhance the bond strength of restorations made of resin-based materials, ceramics,...

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Image for Clearfil™ Photo Bond
Clearfil™ Photo Bond

Dual-cure bonding agent that adheres to enamel, dentin, metal and amalgam. Also bonds to porcelain...

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Image for Clearfil™ SE Bond
Clearfil™ SE Bond

Self-etching, light-cured bonding agent.Clearfil SE Bond consists of two solutions: SE Primer accomplishes both etching...

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Image for CLEARFIL<sup>™</sup> Universal Bond Quick
CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick

Unit dose standard packs #373-2611 will be unavailable from the manufacturer until August 2019. To...

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Image for Clearfil™ SE Bond 2
Clearfil™ SE Bond 2

This updated formula of Kuraray's original SE Bond product can now be used as a...

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Image for Clearfil™ SE Protect
Clearfil™ SE Protect

Clearfil SE Protect contains the same proprietary self-etching, light-cure technology as Clearfil SE Bond, with...

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Image for Clearfil™ Liner Bond 2V
Clearfil™ Liner Bond 2V

Self-etching, dual-cure bonding agent. Versatile product allows bonding to dentin, enamel, metal, and porcelain.Refrigeration required; this...

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Image for Clearfil<sup>™</sup> Universal Bond Quick 2
Clearfil Universal Bond Quick 2

Next generation single-bond universal adhesive with higher bond strength in all etching modes. Includes the...

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Image for Clearfil™ Porcelain Bond Activator
Clearfil™ Porcelain Bond Activator

Silane coupling agent used in conjunction with Clearfil bonding agents to enhance bond strength to...

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Image for Caries Detector
Caries Detector

Aids in the excavation of the outer decalcified and infected carious dentin layer, permitting optimal...

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Image for KATANA<sup>™</sup> Cleaner
KATANA Cleaner

Cleans prosthetic restorations after intraoral try-in to restore original bond strength before final cementation. With...

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Image for Clearfil Majesty™ Flow
Clearfil Majesty™ Flow

Light-cure, superfilled, radiopaque flowable restorative resin that has excellent consistency and strength, very low shrinkage,...

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Image for Clearfil Majesty™ ES Flow
Clearfil Majesty™ ES Flow

With its simplified polishing and high gloss capability, Clearfil Majesty ES Flow functions better than the...

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Image for CLEARFIL MAJESTY<sup>™</sup> ES Flow Universal

High-viscosity flowable composite with super low flow and physical properties equivalent to conventional paste type...


Image for Clearfil Majesty™ ES-2 Premium
Clearfil Majesty™ ES-2 Premium

Nano-hybrid composite designed for use in a dual-layer technique. Utilizing the Vita approved shade concept,...

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Image for Clearfil Majesty™ ES-2 Classic
Clearfil Majesty™ ES-2 Classic

Light-cure, radiopaque, nano-hybrid composite resin for anterior and posterior use. Designed for use with the...

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Image for Clearfil™ AP-X
Clearfil™ AP-X

Micro-hybrid light-cured composite, 85% barium filled by weight. High density filler particles for polishability and...

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Image for Clearfil Majesty™ ES-2 Universal
Clearfil Majesty™ ES-2 Universal

Single shade universal composite for all posterior restorations, regardless of the color of the underlying...

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Image for Clearfil Majesty™ Posterior
Clearfil Majesty™ Posterior

Light-cured, nano-superfilled, highly radiopaque restorative composite resin. For direct restorations of anterior and posterior teeth....

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Image for Clearfil™ DC Core Plus
Clearfil™ DC Core Plus

Dual-cure, radiopaque two-component core build-up material supplied in a convenient automix delivery system. Superior compressive...

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Image for Clearfil™ Photo Core
Clearfil™ Photo Core

Bis-GMA light-cured composite resin. Outstanding polymerization depth (up to 9mm), excellent physical properties and proven...

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Image for Teethmate™ Desensitizer
Teethmate™ Desensitizer

Biocompatible desensitizer that works with water to form hydroxyapatite. Use it to close exposed or prepared dentin....

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Image for Panavia™ F 2.0
Panavia™ F 2.0

Dual-cure fluoride-releasing resin cement. Cure time is just 30 seconds. Antibacterial, self-etching and self-adhering. Bonds...

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Image for Panavia™ 21
Panavia™ 21

Self-cure esthetic resin cement. Bonds directly to metal and silanated surfaces with no need for...

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Image for Panavia™ Veneer LC
Panavia™ Veneer LC

Light-cure resin cement with excellent color stability, high wear resistance, long working time and easy...

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Image for Panavia™ V5
Panavia™ V5

Dual-cure esthetic resin cement for the permanent cementation of all silica-based ceramics (including lithium disilicate),...

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Image for Panavia™ SA Cement Universal
Panavia™ SA Cement Universal

Dual-cure, self-adhesive, fluoride-releasing resin cement with dual monomer technology that eliminates the need for a...

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