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Image for Xantasil®

A-silicone alginate substitute covers all anatomical impression indications for which traditional alginates would typically be...

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Image for Surgident® Disporal™ articulating paper
Surgident® Disporal™ articulating paper

View Surgident® Disporal™ articulating paper

Image for Memosil® 2
Memosil® 2

Transparent VPS bite registration material allows you to visually confirm proper occlusion for bite registration.Working...

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Image for Gluma® Comfort® Bond + Desensitizer
Gluma® Comfort® Bond + Desensitizer

Prime, bond, and desensitize in a single step. This one-bottle, light-cured, ethanol-based 5th generation adhesive...

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Image for iBond® Universal
iBond® Universal

Light-curing adhesive for any bonding technique, all indications, and is compatible with all light-, self-,...

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Image for iBond® Total Etch
iBond® Total Etch

Etch and rinse 2-step light-cure bonding system that enables one-layer application and improved consistency. Bonds...

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Image for Venus® Diamond Flow
Venus® Diamond Flow

Light-cured, nano-technology flowable composite that offers high radiopacity, low shrinkage and high flexural strength. Use...

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Image for Venus® Bulk Flow One
Venus® Bulk Flow One

Flowable one shade bulk fill composite that can be used in up to 4mm increments...

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Image for Venus® Flow
Venus® Flow

Flowable, light-cured, hybrid composite containing 62% filler by weight. It is indicated for use as...

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Image for Venus<sup>®</sup> Diamond One
Venus® Diamond One

Single-shaded composite that blends seamlessly into the surrounding dentition, independent of the tooth shade, enabling...

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Image for Venus® Pearl
Venus® Pearl

Universal nano-hybrid composite indicated for all classes of anterior and posterior restorations, direct composite veneers, core...

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Image for Charisma® ABC
Charisma® ABC

Light cured, radiopaque hybrid composite for everyday restorations. Shade selection is easy and handling is...

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Image for Charisma®

Light cured universal hybrid resin-based restorative. Average particle size of 0.7 micron provides a dense,...

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Image for Durafill® VS
Durafill® VS

Light cure microfill resin for anterior restorations. Provides long term dimensional and shade stability. Natural...

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Image for Venus® Pearl One
Venus® Pearl One

Single-shaded composite that blends seamlessly into the surrounding dentition, independent of the tooth shade, enabling...

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Image for Venus® Diamond
Venus® Diamond

Nano-hybrid composite with a patented matrix structure combines extremely high durability with minimal shrinkage for...

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Image for Kulzer Ivory® Rubber Dam
Kulzer Ivory® Rubber Dam

Ivory® rubber dam is manufactured from natural latex and undergoes a special washing step during...

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Image for Gluma® Desensitizer
Gluma® Desensitizer

Glutaraldehyde/HEMA formula acts in seconds to seal dentinal tubules, preventing the fluidshifting recognized as the...

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Image for iBOND® Etch
iBOND® Etch

iBOND Etch is an etching agent based on orthophosphoric acid. It is used to etch enamel...

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Image for VacuKleen E²™
VacuKleen E²™

Powerful protease enzymes allow for easy dissolving of residue in evacuation lines. Simply add contents...

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Image for Agfa Dentus Ortholux panoramic film
Agfa Dentus Ortholux panoramic film

View Agfa Dentus Ortholux panoramic film

Image for Venus White Max
Venus White Max

38% hydrogen peroxide gel produces results in an hour or less – just three or...

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Image for Agfa Dentus M2 Comfort E/F speed film
Agfa Dentus M2 Comfort E/F speed film

E/F speed film provides lower radiation exposure to patients and staff. Agfa Dentus M2 Comfort...

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Image for Surgident<sup>®</sup> periphery wax
Surgident® periphery wax

Specially formulated for hydrocolloid impressions. Tacky but not greasy. Adheres easily to trays.

View Surgident® periphery wax

Image for Modern Materials<sup>®</sup> utility wax strips and ropes
Modern Materials® utility wax strips and ropes

For border molding impression trays and beading impressions to preserve the peripheral roll. Tacky but not...

View Modern Materials® utility wax strips and ropes

Image for Kulzer Orthodontic Stone
Kulzer Orthodontic Stone

Kulzer orthodontic stone is essential when whiteness, accuracy and durability are important. Type III, White....

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Image for Modern Materials<sup>®</sup> Statstone®
Modern Materials® Statstone®

Use for custom trays, bleach trays, mouth guards, denture repairs and splints. Type III, Pink...

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Image for Kulzer mixing tips
Kulzer mixing tips

High quality dynamic mixing tips for use with automatic impression material mixing machines. Tips are...

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Image for Rubber dam punch - Ivory (Heraeus)
Rubber dam punch - Ivory (Heraeus)

View Rubber dam punch - Ivory (Heraeus)

Image for Rubber dam clamp forceps - Ivory (Heraeus)
Rubber dam clamp forceps - Ivory (Heraeus)

View Rubber dam clamp forceps - Ivory (Heraeus)

Image for CutterSil®

Silicone impression material. Contaminants from gloves or retraction materials do not affect setting time.

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Image for CutterSil® Mucosa
CutterSil® Mucosa

Designed for edentulous impressions and relines. Flows under pressure, firms up when pressure is released,...

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Image for Venus White® Ultra
Venus White® Ultra

Pre-filled, disposable whitening trays for at-home use. Each tray comes pre-filled with mint-flavored hydrogen peroxide...

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Image for Venus White® Pro
Venus White® Pro

Take-home mint flavor whitening gel for custom trays. Updated formula has a stickier, more viscous...

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Image for Venus® Temp 2
Venus® Temp 2

Automix, two-component self-curing provisional restorative for the fabrication of temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and...

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Image for Kulzer tray adhesive
Kulzer tray adhesive

Kulzer Universal Tray Adhesive is designed for use with all A and C silicone impression...

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Image for VibraKleen™ E²
VibraKleen™ E²

Delivery form: Tablets Dilution ratio: 2 tablets per gallon Enzymatic: Yes Corrosion inhibitor: No Germicidal:...

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Image for Dri-Clave® VK-1
Dri-Clave® VK-1

General purpose non-ammoniated ultrasonic cleaning solution. Delivery form: Concentrated liquid Dilution ratio:  1 part solution...

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Image for Dri-Clave® VK-4
Dri-Clave® VK-4

Calculus, tartar, tobacco, and food stain cleaning solution. Delivery form: Ready-to-use liquid Dilution ratio: None...

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Image for Flexitime® Easy Putty
Flexitime® Easy Putty

Flexitime’s accuracy and flexible working time in a handmix putty.   Putty: 0'30" - 2'30" flexible...

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Image for Flexitime® Dynamix®
Flexitime® Dynamix®

VPS impression material in Dynamix cartridges for use in 5:1 automatic mixing machines. The ready-to...

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Image for Flexitime® Xtreme 2
Flexitime® Xtreme 2

Next generation formulation of the original Flexitime Xtreme, now with enhanced physical properties that offer...

View Flexitime® Xtreme 2

Image for Flexitime® Fast & Scan
Flexitime® Fast & Scan

Fast setting VPS material with the additional properties of scan-ability. Powder-free scanning for increased precision...

View Flexitime® Fast & Scan

Image for Flexitime® 50ml cartridges
Flexitime® 50ml cartridges

Innovative flexible working time adapts to your individual working style. Flexitime combines the advantages of...

View Flexitime® 50ml cartridges