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Image for Bond Force
Bond Force

Single component, self-etching (7th generation), light-cured, fluoride releasing adhesive. Requires only 1 application. Self-leveling technology...

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Image for Tokuyama Universal Bond
Tokuyama Universal Bond

Two-component self-cured universal adhesive system that is compatible with all etching techniques: total, self, and...

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Image for One-Up Bond F Plus
One-Up Bond F Plus

Single application, self-etching (6th generation), light-cured, fluoride releasing bonding agent. Simplified procedure eliminates pretreatment of...

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Image for Omnichroma Flow Bulk
Omnichroma Flow Bulk

One-shade bulk fill composite, capable of shade-matching any tooth color from A1 to D4. It...

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Image for Omnichroma Flow
Omnichroma Flow

Single-shade universal flowable composite that esthetically matches every tooth color with a single shade. Suitable...

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Image for Estelite® Universal Flow
Estelite® Universal Flow

Supra-nano filled composite that utilizes spherical fillers.  Easy handling, outstanding shade blendability and exceptional polishability...

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Image for Estelite® Bulk Fill Flow
Estelite® Bulk Fill Flow

Flowable bulk fill composite requires no capping layer. Produces restorations that are fast, strong and...

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Image for Estelite Omega®
Estelite Omega®

A premium polychromatic resin-based universal composite system conceptualized and crafted to simplify high esthetic restorations...

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Image for Estelite® Sigma Quick
Estelite® Sigma Quick

Universal supra-nano filled resin composite ideal for anterior and posterior restorations. Spherical fillers provide a...

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Just One Shade to Match All Patients! Groundbreaking universal composite utilizes Smart Chromatic Technology to...


Image for Shield Force Plus
Shield Force Plus

One-component, single application, light cured sealant for the treatment of hypersensitive dentin. Infiltrates and seals...

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Image for Tokuyama silicone remover
Tokuyama silicone remover

Removes old silicone reline from acrylic dentures. Works fast and saves time, without the mess...

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Image for EsteCem II
EsteCem II

Dual-cured resin cement for all restorative materials. When used with Tokuyama Universal Bond, does not...

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Image for Sofreliner Tough®
Sofreliner Tough®

Silicone-based automix soft lining material. 6 minute chairside cure. Exceptional durability and resistance to discoloration....

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Image for Rebase III Fast
Rebase III Fast

Next generation chairside hard denture reline material. Designed for long-term, complete and partial acrylic denture...

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