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Image for Amalgam & metals polishing kit CA
Amalgam & metals polishing kit CA

For slow speed finishing, polishing and super-polishing amalgam, precious, and non-precious alloys.

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Image for Ceramiste®

Silicone points for finishing and polishing porcelain and enamel. Use "Standard" for prepolishing. Use "Ultra"...

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Image for Dura-Green® Stones
Dura-Green® Stones

Silicon carbide grit for fast contouring and finishing of porcelain, composites, compomers, gold, silver, and...

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Image for Porcelain Adjustment Kit
Porcelain Adjustment Kit

A complete system for chairside adjusting and polishing of porcelain restorations prior to placement. Eliminates...

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Image for Acrylic polishing kit HP
Acrylic polishing kit HP

The only kit you will need for adjusting and polishing acrylic dentures and appliances.

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Image for Amalgam & metals polishing kit FG
Amalgam & metals polishing kit FG

The only kit you will need for high speed finishing, polishing and super-polishing of amalgam,...

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Image for Brownie®, Greenie®, Supergreenie®
Brownie®, Greenie®, Supergreenie®

For precious alloys and amalgam. Use Brownies to achieve a smooth surface. Use Greenies for...

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Image for Zirconia polishing kit CA
Zirconia polishing kit CA

All the diamond impregnated tools you need in one kit to polish harder materials to...

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Image for Dura-White® Stones
Dura-White® Stones

Dura-White Stones are ideal for fine contouring and finishing of enamel, composites, compomers and porcelains....

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Image for Porcelain & enamel polishing kit CA
Porcelain & enamel polishing kit CA

For adjusting, finishing, and polishing porcelain restoration and enamel defects. This kit has the perfect...

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Image for GlasIonomer® Base Cement
GlasIonomer® Base Cement

Self-cure base cement for use under amalgam, composite, and porcelain. Biocompatible. Bonds chemically to dentin...

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Image for BeautiBond

Single component, light-cure, self-etch, 7th generation adhesive. Provides easy one-step etch, prime, and bond with...

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Image for BeautiBond Xtreme
BeautiBond Xtreme

Universal adhesive with Quad-Adhesive Technology – single layer gives a strong and reliable bond for...

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Image for Beautifil Flow Plus®
Beautifil Flow Plus®

Light-cured, hybrid composite for all indications including Class II restorations. Combines the delivery of a...

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Image for Beautifil® Bulk Flowable
Beautifil® Bulk Flowable

Incorporates Shofu''s bioactive Giomer filler technology within a fast and easy bulk fill composite. Delivers...

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Image for Beautifil Flow Plus X
Beautifil Flow Plus X

The latest generation of Beautifil''s bioactive injectable hybrid restorative with a newly developed patented nano...

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Image for Beautifil® Kids SA
Beautifil® Kids SA

Beautifil Kids SA is a self-adhesive, nano-hybrid flowable composite restorative material with GIOMER Technology. It...

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Image for FIT SA

Nanohybrid, self-adhesive, flowable restorative restorative with bioactive Giomer Technology that releases and recharges 6 beneficial...


Image for Beautifil® II LS
Beautifil® II LS

Fluoride releasing, bioactive, nano-hybrid composite indicated for all restorations, I - V. The low-shrink (LS)...

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Image for Beautifil<sup>®</sup> II Gingiva
Beautifil® II Gingiva

Nano-hybrid gigival composite with GIOMER technology. Universal composite that comes in five unique shades; Aesthetically...

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Image for Beautifil® II
Beautifil® II

Universal nano-hybrid composite incorporating a stable phase of glass-ionomer for aesthetic and long-lasting restorations that release...

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Image for OneGloss®

Disposable finishing/polishing silicone cups and points. Used to finish for all types of composite restorations,...

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Image for Composite polishing kit CA
Composite polishing kit CA

For finishing and polishing all types of composites to a lustrous shine. This kit has...

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Image for OneGloss® PS
OneGloss® PS

Completely disposable one-step silicone polishers that are mounted on sturdy plastic CA mandrels to ensure...

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Image for Super-Snap® X-Treme
Super-Snap® X-Treme

An enhanced Super-Snap disk that provides extra thickness and a three dimensional semispherical coating that results...

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Image for Super-Snap®

Super-Snap is designed for easy, fast and safe contouring, finishing and polishing of all microfilled...

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Image for Robot® Points
Robot® Points

Precision diamonds for cavity and crown stump preparation and minimally invasive therapy. Exact dosages of...

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Image for CX-Plus GlasIonomer Cement
CX-Plus GlasIonomer Cement

An enhanced glasionomer luting cement with extended working time (3' 30") and a snap set....

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Image for MonoCem®

Self-adhesive resin cement containing a self-etch primer. Bonds to all substrates, has high retention values,...

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Image for BeautiSealant

A tooth colored, fluoride recharging, pit and fissure sealant with a self-etching primer that speeds treatment...

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