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Image for AccuDent® XD
AccuDent® XD

Dual-phase tray and syringe alginate material. Ideal for fabrication of custom impression trays, cast metal...

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Image for Valiant®

Palladium enriched for remarkably high early strengths. Blue Sure-Cap® capsules. Regular set. Alloy type: Spherical...

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Image for Valiant® Ph.D.®
Valiant® Ph.D.®

Palladium-enriched dispersed phase alloy featuring superior handling characteristics, corrosion resistance and exceptional compressive strength. Patented...

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Image for Silamat® S6
Silamat® S6

Universal high speed (4,500 rpm) mixer that accommodates all popular amalgam and glass ionomer capsules...

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Image for Virtual® CADbite Registration
Virtual® CADbite Registration

Scannable bite registration material that can be used for the optical recording of data when...

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Image for Monobond® Plus
Monobond® Plus

Universal single component silane primer for all indirect restorative materials including metal, all-ceramic, zirconia and...

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Image for Monobond® Etch & Prime
Monobond® Etch & Prime

Self-etch, single component glass ceramic primer which can etch and silanate glass-ceramic surfaces in one...

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Image for Heliobond

Unfilled light-curing resin for enamel bonding.

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Image for Adhese® Universal
Adhese® Universal

Single-component, light-cured adhesive for direct and indirect bonding procedures that features compatibility with all etching...

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Image for Excite® F DSC
Excite® F DSC

Dual-cure, single component, fluoride releasing adhesive for use in combination with the total-etch technique. Designed...

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Image for Adhese<sup>®</sup> Universal DC
Adhese® Universal DC

Dual-curing, single-component adhesive for enamel and dentin that is compatible with all etching techniques (self-etch,...

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Image for Excite® F
Excite® F

Light-cured, single-component, fluoride-releasing bonding agent for enamel and dentin bonding in conjunction with a total-etch technique.

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Image for Ivoclean

Universal cleaning paste effectively cleans the bonding surface of prosthetic restorations after intraoral try-in. Creates...

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Image for OptraSculpt® Pad
OptraSculpt® Pad

A contouring instrument with special foam pad attachments, designed for the efficient, non-stick forming and...

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Image for OptraSculpt® Next Generation
OptraSculpt® Next Generation

Placement instrument system designed to create natural tooth anatomy in posterior composite restorations. Sophisticated anatomical...

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Image for Heliomolar® Flow
Heliomolar® Flow

Microfilled, flowable light-curing composite. Ideal as the first increment in deep cavities or for restorations...

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Image for Tetric® PowerFlow
Tetric® PowerFlow

Tetric® PowerFlow is a nano hybrid, flowable, posterior 4-mm composite with all the benefits of...

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Image for Tetric EvoFlow® Bulk Fill
Tetric EvoFlow® Bulk Fill

Bulk fill version of Tetric EvoFlow. Can be placed in 4mm increments and cured in...

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Image for Tetric EvoFlow®
Tetric EvoFlow®

A light-cured, nano-optimized flowable composite that provides higher radiopacity, lower shrinkage and lower wear. Perfect...

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Image for Heliomolar®

Universal, light-cured microfill composite. High density for unsurpassed wear resistance in all cavity classes. Polishability...

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Image for 3s PowerCure™ System
3s PowerCure™ System

Comprised of four coordinated products designed to work together for maximum efficiency and positive outcomes:...

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Image for IPS Empress® Direct
IPS Empress® Direct

Nano-hybrid, light-cured resin filling material for direct restorations. The true-to-nature shades and calibrated translucencies eliminate...

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Image for Tetric EvoCeram®
Tetric EvoCeram®

Nano-optimized composite restorative. The unique combination of nano technologies in Tetric EvoCeram enables you to...

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Image for Tetric®

Light-curing, radiopaque composite for direct restorative treatments. Features high radiopacity, good polishability, continuous fluoride release...

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Image for Tetric® PowerFill
Tetric® PowerFill

Tetric® PowerFill is a sculptable, nano hybrid posterior 4mm composite, with an upgraded chemistry and...

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Image for Tetric<sup>®</sup> Prime
Tetric® Prime

Sculptable universal composite for anterior and posterior restorations. Smooth, creamy handling for flawless adaptation and...

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Image for Heliomolar® HB
Heliomolar® HB

Heliomolar HB (heavy body) is a light-cured reinforced microfill composite with heavy body handling and...

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Image for Tetric EvoCeram Aligner
Tetric EvoCeram Aligner

High quality, sculptable fluorescent composite for use with clear aligners. • Optimized fluorescence for higher...

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Image for Politip™

Latch-type silicon dioxide finishers & polishers for composites. Designed to reach more areas of tooth...

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Image for Astropol®

Multi-use latch-type finishers and polishers, for use with fine hybrid composites and ceromers. Allows easy...

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Image for Multicore® Flow
Multicore® Flow

Self-curing core build-up composite, which may be optionally light cured for added flexibility. Provides an...

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Image for Bluephase® barrier sleeves
Bluephase® barrier sleeves

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Image for Bluephase® G4
Bluephase® G4

Bluephase G4 Intelligent LED curing light with patented Polyvision™ technology helps the clinician ensure a...

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Image for Bluephase® Style
Bluephase® Style

Cordless LED light features a compact and ergonomic style to fit the hand more comfortably....

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Image for OptraDam<sup>®</sup> Plus
OptraDam® Plus

Three-dimensional natural rubber latex dam that is flexible and has an anatomical shape. Significantly reduces...

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Image for Telio®

Indicated for reducing and preventing dentinal and postoperative hypersensitivity. Suitable for conditioning and disinfecting exposed...

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Image for Cervitec® F
Cervitec® F

Clear varnish that contains fluoride in one simple, easy to apply product. Used for treatment...

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Image for Cervitec® Plus
Cervitec® Plus

Protective varnish containing 1% chlorhexidine and 1% thymol protects exposed root surfaces and controls bacteria....

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Image for VivaScan™ Intraoral Digital Scanner
VivaScan™ Intraoral Digital Scanner

The VivaScan™ Intraoral Digital Scanner is designed as a compact, intuitive solution for those practices...

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Image for OptraStick

OptraStick is a simple yet effective placement instrument with a flexible adhesive tip that allows...

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Image for OptraGate®

Extra soft, disposable lip and cheek retractor gently and evenly retracts to provide a full...

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Image for Ivoclar Vivadent mixing tips
Ivoclar Vivadent mixing tips

View Ivoclar Vivadent mixing tips

Image for SpeedCEM® Plus
SpeedCEM® Plus

Self-adhesive, self-curing resin cement with a light-curing option. Produces high bond strength on zirconium oxide,...

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Image for Variolink<sup>®</sup> Esthetic LC HV
Variolink® Esthetic LC HV

Variolink Esthetic is a versatile solution when looking for maximum flexibility in the permanent adhesive...

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Image for Variolink® Esthetic
Variolink® Esthetic

Esthetic cementation made simple. A light and dual-curing luting composite for the esthetic and permanent...

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Image for ZirCAD® Cement
ZirCAD® Cement

Radiopaque, self-curing, fluoride releasing, resin-modified glass ionomer luting cement. Tack cure option for easy removal...

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Image for Multilink® Hybrid Abutment
Multilink® Hybrid Abutment

Self-curing luting composite. For permanent, extraoral cementation of ceramic and PMMA structures on titanium bases....

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Image for Multilink® Automix
Multilink® Automix

Self-etching dual cure resin cement designed for all indirect restorations including strengthened-core posts fabricated from zirconia...

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Image for Bluephase® batteries and light probes
Bluephase® batteries and light probes

View Bluephase® batteries and light probes

Image for Helioseal<sup>®</sup> F Plus
Helioseal® F Plus

Light cured, white-shaded, fluoride-releasing pit and fissure sealant. New smaller cannula enables precise placement and...

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Image for Sil-Tech®

Two component condensation silicone impression putty for the dental laboratory. Elastic, heat resistant and fast...

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Image for Liquid Strip
Liquid Strip

Glycerin gel designed to prevent formation of oxygen-inhibiting layer during final cure of composites and...

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Image for VivaStyle® Whitening System
VivaStyle® Whitening System

Unique three step whitening system that activates, whitens and conditions teeth to give patients a...

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Image for Telio® Link
Telio® Link

Non-eugenol, dual-cure luting composite for the esthetic temporary cementation of provisional crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays...

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Image for Telio® Inlay/Onlay
Telio® Inlay/Onlay

Same great consistency and modeling properties as the Fermit line, with a reduced curing time of...

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Image for Virtual® Putty
Virtual® Putty

  Working time Set time in mouth Regular set 1'' 15" 4'' 15" Fast set...

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Image for Virtual® 50ml cartridges
Virtual® 50ml cartridges

Innovative filler technology for improved physical properties and dimensional stability. Excellent wettability and moisture displacement....

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Image for Virtual® XD Putty
Virtual® XD Putty

The putty viscosity for this advanced line of VPS impression materials featuring Extra Definition wash...

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Image for Virtual® XD 50ml cartridges
Virtual® XD 50ml cartridges

An advanced line of VPS impression materials featuring Extra Definition wash materials. Controlled flow characteristic...

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