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Hemostatics & retraction

Image for Retrax<sup>®</sup> cord packers
Retrax® cord packers

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Image for Premier® cord packers
Premier® cord packers

Cord Packers are used for easy and accurate retraction cord placement.

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Image for Hu-Friedy® cord packers
Hu-Friedy® cord packers

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Image for Access® Edge and Access® FLO
Access® Edge and Access® FLO

A high-viscosity, clay-based gingival retraction paste. Just apply for 2 minutes and then rinse away....

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Image for Roeko Comprecap
Roeko Comprecap

Compression caps hold retraction cord deep in the sulcus, opening it even wider. Ensures a...

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Image for Quick-Stat™ FREE
Quick-Stat™ FREE

Unique, clear 25% aluminum and magnesium chloride hemostatic gel with shortened hemostasis time. Metal ions...

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Image for Expasyl™

Expasyl is a viscous paste, consisting of micronized kaolin, aluminum chloride, and water, which is...

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Image for Hemodent®

Buffered aluminum chloride epinephrine-free hemostatic liquid. Effectively stops minor gingival bleeding. Hemodent is stable and...

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Image for Premier® Retraction Caps
Premier® Retraction Caps

Anatomic formed cotton caps work with Traxodent or other retraction pastes to quicken and assist...

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Image for Quick-Stat™ Liquid
Quick-Stat™ Liquid

15.5% ferric sulfate aqueous-based solution for soaking retraction cord. Achieves profound hemostasis in seconds.

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Image for Magic FoamCord
Magic FoamCord

An expanding vinyl polysiloxane material designed for easy and fast retraction. Automix cartridge dispensing system...

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Image for 3M™ Astringent Retraction Paste
3M™ Astringent Retraction Paste

High viscosity, 15% aluminum chloride astringent retraction paste. 3M™ Astringent Retraction Paste is a fast,...

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Image for Epidri

100% cotton pellets with 1.9mg racemic epinephrine HCl per pellet. Designed to aid in retraction...

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Image for Hemoban™ Gel
Hemoban™ Gel

25% aluminum chloride hemostatic agent. Transparent, non-drip gel stays where it is placed and facilitates...

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Image for GINGIPaste™ Hemostatic Retraction Paste
GINGIPaste™ Hemostatic Retraction Paste

Hemostatic retraction paste containing 15% aluminum chloride. Used for temporary gingival retraction and hemostasis while...

View GINGIPaste™ Hemostatic Retraction Paste

Image for Traxodent®

Traxodent is a 15% aluminum chloride retraction paste. Once placed in the sulcus, the absorbent...

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Image for Hemogin-L

Gingival retraction solution that consists of 25% aluminum chloride in a lubricating glycerin base. Use...

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Image for Dryz®

Gingival hemostatic retraction paste. Fast acting formula stops gingival bleeding and seepage that may interfere...

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Image for Roeko Comprecap Anatomic
Roeko Comprecap Anatomic

Newer anatomic versions have semi-circle shaped ‘contoured shoulders’ for better fit as well as placement...

View Roeko Comprecap Anatomic

Image for Take 1™ Retraction Paste
Take 1™ Retraction Paste

Dual-astringent, 15% aluminum chloride and kaolin clay retraction paste. Manages gingival tissue and provides hemostatis...

View Take 1™ Retraction Paste

Image for Ichthy's Cut-Trol
Ichthy's Cut-Trol

For the control of bleeding during a broad range of dental procedures, particularly when a...

View Ichthy's Cut-Trol

Image for Safco Arrestasyl hemostatic liquid
Safco Arrestasyl hemostatic liquid

Safco Arrestasyl Hemostatic Liquid is a highly effective solution for bleeding control during dental procedures,...

View Safco Arrestasyl hemostatic liquid

Image for Dryz<sup>®</sup> Blu
Dryz® Blu

Dryz® Blu's blue color makes it highly visible against tooth structure. Slightly stiffer than original...

View Dryz® Blu

Image for GingiTrac

Medium-viscosity, vinyl polysiloxane gingival retraction paste. The mechanical pressure of the GingiCap™ combined with the...

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Image for Safco Hemo-Trac™ Gingival Hemostatic Retraction Paste
Safco Hemo-Trac™ Gingival Hemostatic Retraction Paste

Formulated to quickly and effectively stop bleeding and crevicular fluid seepage that interferes with impression...

View Safco Hemo-Trac™ Gingival Hemostatic Retraction Paste

Image for Stasis®

21% ferric sulfate hemostyptic formulation that offers superior hemorrhage control, without the use of epinephrine....

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Image for Racellet Pellets
Racellet Pellets

Hemostatic cotton pellets with epinephrine that are activated by normal tissue moisture. Color-coded green and...

View Racellet Pellets

Image for Gel-Cord®

25% aluminum sulfate tissue management gel. Proven hemostatic agent with reduced tissue trauma and no...

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Image for Expasyl™ Exact
Expasyl™ Exact

All the benefits of Expasyl in single-use capsules containing the exact amount of material for...

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Image for Quick-Stat™ FS
Quick-Stat™ FS

Thixotropic, 20.0% ferric sulfate hemostatic gel in convenient prefilled syringes. Provides effective tissue management when...

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Image for SilTrax® Plus
SilTrax® Plus

Ideal for creating full exposure of the margin which is the foundation for success in...

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Image for Racord® Plus
Racord® Plus

Note: This product was formally named Racord Two. The product is the same - only the name...

View Racord® Plus

Image for Gingi-Aid® Max™ (blue label)
Gingi-Aid® Max™ (blue label)

Impregnated with aluminum sulfate. Offers a unique braided configuration that provides excellent handling characteristics. The 100%...

View Gingi-Aid® Max™ (blue label)

Image for Gingi-Plain® Max™ (purple label)
Gingi-Plain® Max™ (purple label)

Non-impregnated retraction cord. Offers a unique braided configuration that provides excellent handling characteristics. The 100% cotton...

View Gingi-Plain® Max™ (purple label)

Image for SilTrax® EPI
SilTrax® EPI

Braided, 100% pure cotton retraction cord impregnated with a solution of stabilized epinephrine hydrochloride then...

View SilTrax® EPI

Image for Gingi-Pak<sup>®</sup> Max™ (green label)
Gingi-Pak® Max™ (green label)

Impregnated with dl epinephrine HCl. Offers a unique braided configuration that provides excellent handling characteristics. The...

View Gingi-Pak® Max™ (green label)

Image for SilTrax® AS
SilTrax® AS

Ideal for creating full exposure of the margin which is the foundation for success in...

View SilTrax® AS

Image for GingiKNIT+™

Knitted retraction yarn that conforms to sulcular anatomy with gentle outward force. Places easily without...

View GingiKNIT+™

Image for Roeko Stay-Put
Roeko Stay-Put

Non-impregnated. Combination of softly braided retraction cord and an ultra fine copper filament that provides...

View Roeko Stay-Put

Image for Knit-Pak™+

All-cotton retraction cord impregnated with aluminum chloride. The unique, interlocking knitted weave of the cord...

View Knit-Pak™+

Image for Racord®

Twisted cord, impregnated with racemic epinephrine HCl. Cotton strands will not separate and packing instruments will...

View Racord®

Image for Knit-Pak™

Non-impregnated retraction cord made from all cotton. The unique, interlocking knitted weave of the cord...

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Image for GingiBRAID+™

A retraction cord that is braided together for quick absorption allowing it to be used...

View GingiBRAID+™