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Image for Premier Conventional Cell Paper Points
Premier Conventional Cell Paper Points

Quality absorbent points in each easy-opening cell. Maintain sterile condition until each cell is open....

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Image for Premier® Amalgam Carriers
Premier® Amalgam Carriers

Premier Carriers are unique placement instruments with a sleek design. They enable the operator to...

View Premier® Amalgam Carriers

Image for Premier® amalgam pluggers
Premier® amalgam pluggers

Premier amalgam pluggers are double end instruments designed to flawlessly plug and place amalgam without...

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Image for IntegraBond™

Clinically proven IntegraBond provides outstanding performance for all restorative challenges. It offers outstanding shear bond...

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Image for Clean-A-Diamond®

Recommended for coarse and medium grit preparation burs, the Clean-A-Diamond mini squares will help keep your...

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Image for Premier® bur blocks
Premier® bur blocks

Autoclavable, anodized aluminum bur blocks. Snap-lock lid design keeps even the short instruments upright and...

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Image for Premier burnishers
Premier burnishers

Premier burnishers are high quality instruments used for polishing and contouring amalgam fillings and for polishing...

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Image for Premier carvers
Premier carvers

View Premier carvers

Image for Premier® cement spatulas
Premier® cement spatulas

The Premier cement spatulas are single end operative hand dental instruments made from high quality...

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Image for Premier Slix™ composite & plastic filling instruments
Premier Slix™ composite & plastic filling instruments

Features a revolutionary non-stick protective coating and large, lightweight ergonomic handles with medical-grade silicone grips.

View Premier Slix™ composite & plastic filling instruments

Image for Premier standard composite & plastic filling instruments
Premier standard composite & plastic filling instruments

Composite and plastic filling instruments are designed with rounded ends to safely and gently place...

View Premier standard composite & plastic filling instruments

Image for Premier anodized aluminum composite & plastic filling ins.
Premier anodized aluminum composite & plastic filling ins.

The black anodized aluminum surface of these instruments eliminates composite sticking and does not abrade...

View Premier anodized aluminum composite & plastic filling ins.

Image for Premier® cord packers
Premier® cord packers

Cord Packers are used for easy and accurate retraction cord placement.

View Premier® cord packers

Image for CompCore™ AF Stack SyringeMix™
CompCore™ AF Stack SyringeMix™

Dual-cure, stackable core material incorporating Hyperbranched Technology™ to enhance the mechanical properties of conventional Bis-GMA composites. Radiopaque....

View CompCore™ AF Stack SyringeMix™

Image for CompCore™

Smooth flowing, syringeable, non-slumping composite core material with fluoride.Refrigeration suggested; this product is stored under refrigeration...

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Image for CompCore™ AF Stack Automix
CompCore™ AF Stack Automix

Dual-cure, stackable core material incorporating Hyperbranched Technology™ to enhance the mechanical properties of conventional Bis-GMA...

View CompCore™ AF Stack Automix

Image for Premier cotton & dressing pliers
Premier cotton & dressing pliers

Popular pliers used for a variety of intraoral tasks such as placing or removing cotton pellets, cotton rolls, small...

View Premier cotton & dressing pliers

Image for Cure-Shield

Premier Cure-Shield effectively blocks out potentially harmful ultra-violet and blue light at wave-lengths shorter than...

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Image for Two Striper® Black
Two Striper® Black

The Two Striper BLACK super coarse diamonds are designed to provide more rapid cutting through...

View Two Striper® Black

Image for Two Striper TSZtech™
Two Striper TSZtech™

The Two Striper Ztech friction grip diamond burs have orange stripes indicating their proprietary diamond...

View Two Striper TSZtech™

Image for Two Striper® diamonds
Two Striper® diamonds

Two Striper® stays sharp longer and delivers faster cutting than electroplated brands, which means less...

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Image for Solo Diamond®
Solo Diamond®

Always sharp, Solo diamonds are engineered to provide a superior cut. And because each Solo...

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Image for Premier® Glick endo pluggers and excavators
Premier® Glick endo pluggers and excavators

Glick endo pluggers have one blunt end for packing gutta percha into the root canal;...

View Premier® Glick endo pluggers and excavators

Image for Premier® endo pluggers DE
Premier® endo pluggers DE

View Premier® endo pluggers DE

Image for Premier® endo spreaders SE
Premier® endo spreaders SE

View Premier® endo spreaders SE

Image for Premier® endo excavators DE
Premier® endo excavators DE

Premier Endodontic Excavators are double ended, stainless steel instruments used to remove caries dentin during...

View Premier® endo excavators DE

Image for Premier® endo explorers
Premier® endo explorers

View Premier® endo explorers

Image for Spot-On™ Etch
Spot-On™ Etch

37% high-viscosity phosphoric etch gel for all routine and selective-etch procedures. Deep blue color for...

View Spot-On™ Etch

Image for Vac Attak™ Green
Vac Attak™ Green

A safe, effective and environmentally-friendly evacuation system cleaner that is compliant with the EPA’s Clean...

View Vac Attak™ Green

Image for Vacu Blast™
Vacu Blast™

Powerful enzymatic liquid evacuation system cleaner compatible with all amalgam separators. Neutral pH, non-corrosive, non-foaming....

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Image for Vac Attak™
Vac Attak™

High performance evacuation system cleaner. Organic chlorine formula. Safe, non-corrosive, biodegradable, non-foaming. Fresh lemon scent....

View Vac Attak™

Image for Premier excavators
Premier excavators

Double-ended excavators for removing decayed dentin and tooth debris. 

View Premier excavators

Image for Premier explorers - double end
Premier explorers - double end

Lightweight, ergonomically designed instruments combine rugged polymer handles with a comfortable non-slip grip. Less pressure...

View Premier explorers - double end

Image for Premier explorers - single end
Premier explorers - single end

View Premier explorers - single end

Image for Enamel Pro® Varnish
Enamel Pro® Varnish

The only 5% sodium fluoride varnish formulated to deliver ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate). Desensitizes dentin...

View Enamel Pro® Varnish

Image for Tastytooth™ Varnish
Tastytooth™ Varnish

New improved formula with enhanced flowability and better consistency. 5% sodium fluoride varnish for the...

View Tastytooth™ Varnish

Image for Premier Gracey curettes
Premier Gracey curettes

View Premier Gracey curettes

Image for Premier® K-Files
Premier® K-Files

Stainless steel files with pre-placed silicone stops. Sizes 06 through 40 feature a safe-end tip...

View Premier® K-Files

Image for Premier® hedstrom files
Premier® hedstrom files

View Premier® hedstrom files

Image for Premier hemostats
Premier hemostats

View Premier hemostats

Image for Premier implant scalers
Premier implant scalers

Made of autoclavable high-carbon plastic that will not damage titanium. Double ends of each scaler are identical.

View Premier implant scalers

Image for T-Loc™ Triple Tray
T-Loc™ Triple Tray

Unique retention tracks eliminate the need for adhesives. Greater posterior rigidity for enhanced accuracy. Low...

View T-Loc™ Triple Tray

Image for Triple Tray®
Triple Tray®

Triple bite disposable impression trays; proven accurate in over 80 million impressions. Triple Trays have...

View Triple Tray®

Image for NeoTray™

Triple bite disposable impression trays. Golden Mesh™ technology provides virtually tear proof material. KR plastic...

View NeoTray™

Image for Cartridge dispenser & warmer
Cartridge dispenser & warmer

Heats up to 60 cartridges to approximate body temperature to avoid anesthetic trauma from thermal...

View Cartridge dispenser & warmer

Image for D.I.S.C. instrument sharpener
D.I.S.C. instrument sharpener

Autoclavable sharpener for metal scalers and curettes. Quickly sharpens without damaging the cutting surface.

View D.I.S.C. instrument sharpener

Image for Stop Strips
Stop Strips

Transparent, straight anterior matrix bands with integrated stopper; self-attaching at one end. No need to...

View Stop Strips

Image for Cure-Thru® Clear Cervical Matrices
Cure-Thru® Clear Cervical Matrices

Compresses restorative material as you light-cure. Flexible to the exact contour of the tooth for...

View Cure-Thru® Clear Cervical Matrices

Image for Premier® X5 Sectional Matrix System™
Premier® X5 Sectional Matrix System™

Matrix system with reusable resin universal ring that can be autoclaved up to 5 times....

View Premier® X5 Sectional Matrix System™

Image for RC-Prep®

The unique RC-Prep formulation of glycol, urea peroxide and EDTA in a special water-soluble base...

View RC-Prep®

Image for IntegraPost™

Titanium alloy parallel sided passive post. Patented Flow-Thru-Head® and microknurled shank assure secure stress-free antirotational...

View IntegraPost™

Image for BioGREEN™ Biodegradable Micro-Applicators
BioGREEN™ Biodegradable Micro-Applicators

Biodegradable micro-applicators are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic applicators. Made from a food...

View BioGREEN™ Biodegradable Micro-Applicators

Image for ComfortView® lip & cheek retractor
ComfortView® lip & cheek retractor

Retracts lips and cheeks for optimal buccal and gingival access, maximum visibility, and patient comfort....

View ComfortView® lip & cheek retractor

Image for Premier® Implant Cement™
Premier® Implant Cement™

Non-eugenol radiopaque resin cement in an automix syringe. Provides secure long-term retention for permanent implant-retained...

View Premier® Implant Cement™

Image for Premier<sup>®</sup> Implant Cement™ Plus
Premier® Implant Cement™ Plus

Non-eugenol resin cement in an automix syringe. Now with significantly greater radiopacity for excellent visibility...

View Premier® Implant Cement™ Plus

Image for ZR-Cem™

Dual-cure, self-etch, self-adhesive universal resin cement specifically formulated for zirconia restorations. Optimal viscosity and easy...

View ZR-Cem™

Image for Diamond Twist
Diamond Twist

One-step diamond polishing paste gives you a glaze-like polish. Apply with felt barrel, wheel, or...

View Diamond Twist

Image for Two Striper® Luminescence® Plus!™
Two Striper® Luminescence® Plus!™

Single step diamond polishing gel with potassium nitrate as a topical desensitizer. Ideal for use...

View Two Striper® Luminescence® Plus!™

Image for Two Striper® Luminescence®
Two Striper® Luminescence®

Single step diamond polishing system.

View Two Striper® Luminescence®

Image for AeroPro™ cordless hygiene handpiece
AeroPro™ cordless hygiene handpiece

Lightweight, ergonomic cordless and pedal-less handpiece for unlimited mobility. Generates less aerosol & less splatter...

View AeroPro™ cordless hygiene handpiece

Image for Premier® metal probes
Premier® metal probes

Premier PerioWise probes Slightly flexible for greater patient comfort Clearly visible when using intra-oral camera...

View Premier® metal probes

Image for Premier Probex (probe+explorer)
Premier Probex (probe+explorer)

Tips are colored for better readability; tips are not notched.

View Premier Probex (probe+explorer)

Image for Premier PerioWise® probes
Premier PerioWise® probes

Dual colored reusable single-end plastic probe:Easier to read - green indicates healthy tissue, red markings indicate...

View Premier PerioWise® probes

Image for ProFlare<sup>™</sup>

Articulating disposable prophy angle provides a better way to polish. Its unique articulating cup pivots...

View ProFlare

Image for 2Pro®

Unique 2-in-1 cup and tip design provides total access to all tooth surfaces, improving efficiency...

View 2Pro®

Image for Enamel Pro®
Enamel Pro®

The only prophy paste formulated to deliver ACP! ACP (Amorphous Calcium Phosphate) stimulates remineralization of tooth...

View Enamel Pro®

Image for Glitter™

Smooth, pliable and splatter-free fluoride formulation to clean teeth quickly; easy to rinse off teeth....

View Glitter™

Image for Ziroxide™

Ziroxide™ Prophy Paste removes stains fast, including tobacco and other difficult stains, and leaves enamel with a...

View Ziroxide™

Image for Enamelon®

Treats sensitivity, helps prevent cavities, and relieves the discomfort of dry mouth tissues.* Relieves sensitivity...

View Enamelon®

Image for Dryz<sup>®</sup> Blu
Dryz® Blu

Dryz® Blu's blue color makes it highly visible against tooth structure. Slightly stiffer than original...

View Dryz® Blu

Image for Hemodent®

Buffered aluminum chloride epinephrine-free hemostatic liquid. Effectively stops minor gingival bleeding. Hemodent is stable and...

View Hemodent®

Image for Premier® Retraction Caps
Premier® Retraction Caps

Anatomic formed cotton caps work with Traxodent or other retraction pastes to quicken and assist...

View Premier® Retraction Caps

Image for Traxodent®

Traxodent is a 15% aluminum chloride retraction paste. Once placed in the sulcus, the absorbent...

View Traxodent®

Image for Knit-Pak™

Non-impregnated retraction cord made from all cotton. The unique, interlocking knitted weave of the cord...

View Knit-Pak™

Image for Knit-Pak™+

All-cotton retraction cord impregnated with aluminum chloride. The unique, interlocking knitted weave of the cord...

View Knit-Pak™+

Image for Rubber dam forceps - Premier
Rubber dam forceps - Premier

Designed to make the placement of rubber dams easier. Made of high-quality stainless steel for...

View Rubber dam forceps - Premier

Image for Premier scalers
Premier scalers

View Premier scalers

Image for Premier Scissors
Premier Scissors

Stainless steel scissors designed for durability and precision.

View Premier Scissors

Image for BioCoat™

Bioactive resin pit and fissure sealant provides relentless protection and superior handling. Opaque shade with...

View BioCoat™

Image for Compo-Strip®

Thin, flexible one-sided diamond abrasive strips. Uncoated safe center allows easy access through the contact...

View Compo-Strip®

Image for Two Striper<sup>®</sup> Perforated Diamond Finishing Strips
Two Striper® Perforated Diamond Finishing Strips

Designed for interproximal reduction, shaping, and contouring. The perforations assist in debris removal. Available in...

View Two Striper® Perforated Diamond Finishing Strips

Image for Sleeve-It™

Disposable barrier sleeves provide cross-contamination protection. Sleeves slide over syringe and cartridge dispensers and feature...

View Sleeve-It™

Image for Perfecta®

Take-home carbamide peroxide gel. Glycol based formulation delivers excellent results with minimum dehydration. The 21%...

View Perfecta®

Image for Perfecta® (Tubes)
Perfecta® (Tubes)

Note: New tube design is no longer color-coded by concentration. All concentrations now in come...

View Perfecta® (Tubes)

Image for Perfecta® Bravo®
Perfecta® Bravo®

Water based, 9% hydrogen peroxide gel take-home formula offers faster whitening results with shorter wear...

View Perfecta® Bravo®

Image for Perfecta® Rev!®
Perfecta® Rev!®

With a shorter wear time than most other professional whitening products, the revolutionary 2-step process...

View Perfecta® Rev!®

Image for NexTemp<sup>® </sup>Temporary Cement
NexTemp® Temporary Cement

Non-eugenol, resin based cement in an automix syringe. Initial gel-set stabilizes the temporary; final set...

View NexTemp® Temporary Cement

Image for Topicale® Gel Pump
Topicale® Gel Pump

Each pump bottle contains 43g (1.5 oz.) – 50% more product than a 1 oz....

View Topicale® Gel Pump

Image for Premier® Big Easy® Implant ultrasonic inserts
Premier® Big Easy® Implant ultrasonic inserts

No-scratch, medical-grade PEEK thermoplastic polymer tip provides a safe, quick method for subgingival cleaning around implant...

View Premier® Big Easy® Implant ultrasonic inserts

Image for Premier® ultrasonic inserts
Premier® ultrasonic inserts

Large diameter (7/16") silicone grip for maximum comfort. Sculpted medical grade silicone grip cushions fingers...

View Premier® ultrasonic inserts

Image for Brite Shield™
Brite Shield™

Delivery form: Powder Dilution ratio: 1 scoop per 64 oz.  Heavier contamination: 2 scoops per...

View Brite Shield™

Image for Pro Clean™
Pro Clean™

Tartar and stain remover for at-home or in-office cleaning of dentures, partials, retainers and night...

View Pro Clean™

Image for Premier universal curettes
Premier universal curettes

View Premier universal curettes

Image for Sycamore Wedges
Sycamore Wedges

Anatomically carved wooden wedges. Rounded tip easily passes over gingiva; concave side conforms matrix band...

View Sycamore Wedges