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Are you looking for reliable and effective anesthetics for your practice? At Safco Dental Supply, we understand the importance of pain management during dental procedures. Our extensive line of dental anesthetics includes a variety of formulations to meet the needs of every patient. With our high-quality products and competitive prices, you can trust Safco Dental Supply for all of your anesthetic needs.

Types of Anesthetic Dental Supplies We Offer

  • Anesthetics:Safco Dental Supply offers a wide variety of anesthetics to provide effective pain relief for patients during dental procedures.. With our high-quality injectable anesthetics and topical anesthetics, dentists can confidently provide comfortable and pain-free experiences for their patients.
  • Needles:We carry a variety of needles for local anesthesia administration, including disposable needles for injectable anesthetics for dental procedures. All of our needles are designed with precision and sharpness for easy insertion, and come in different gauges to fit the needs of your patients.
  • Nitrous Oxide Accessories:Choose from a wide range of Nitrous oxide accessories to help dentists administer sedation comfortably and effectively. With our high-quality Nitrous oxide masks, tubing, and regulators, dentists can provide a safe and comfortable experience for their patients, making their practice stand out among the rest.
  • Syringes:Safco Dental Supply offers high-quality dental syringes that provide precise and accurate delivery of anesthesia. From traditional aspirating syringes to intraligamental, Safco Dental Supply has the right syringe to meet the needs of any dental practice. Choose Safco Dental Supply for reliable and consistent delivery of anesthesia.
Image for Dentapen

Powered anesthetic injector provides a more comfortable, practical and effortless injection. Battery-powered; cordless. Delivers consistent...

View Dentapen

Image for Aspirating syringes - Hu-Friedy
Aspirating syringes - Hu-Friedy

The Hu-Friedy aspirating syringes have an ergonomic design allowing for precision suction, helping to remove...

View Aspirating syringes - Hu-Friedy

Image for Safco aspirating syringes
Safco aspirating syringes

Experience the benefits of high-quality dental tools with our chrome-plated solid brass aspirating syringes. Our...

View Safco aspirating syringes

Image for Aspirating syringes - Septodont
Aspirating syringes - Septodont

Stainless steel syringes with no removable parts to lose or break off. Standard (gold): larger...

View Aspirating syringes - Septodont

Image for Aspirating syringes - Vista
Aspirating syringes - Vista

Chrome construction. Autoclavable.

View Aspirating syringes - Vista

Image for <p>GripRite Aspirating Syringe</p>

GripRite Aspirating Syringe

The Miltex Grip Rite aspirating syringes come with silicone covered handles and wings that offers...


GripRite Aspirating Syringe

Image for Aspirating and self-aspirating syringes - Integra Miltex
Aspirating and self-aspirating syringes - Integra Miltex

The Cook-Waite type petite and Cook-Waite type self-aspirating syringes are made in Germany. The Astra...

View Aspirating and self-aspirating syringes - Integra Miltex

Image for JM needles
JM needles

Indicator dot on hub assures easy identification of the lancet bevel position for less insertion...

View JM needles

Image for Monoject™ needles
Monoject™ needles

Ultra sharp, tri-beveled, anti-coring lancet point; no bevel indicator. Latex-free.

View Monoject™ needles

Image for Septoject® needles
Septoject® needles

Bevel indicator for needle tip orientation. Tri-beveled tip for smooth, easy insertion. Plastic, pre-threaded hub...

View Septoject® needles

Image for Accuject® needles
Accuject® needles

Indicator with a dot on the hub to identify the needle’s bevel position, to ensure...

View Accuject® needles

Image for Septoject® Evolution needles
Septoject® Evolution needles

Innovative and patented scalpel-designed bevel engineered for a smoother penetration with less tissue displacement. Reduces...

View Septoject® Evolution needles

Image for Safco Shotgum™ needles
Safco Shotgum™ needles

Pre-threaded plastic hub for quick and secure attachment to the syringe.  Triple bevel tip for...

View Safco Shotgum™ needles

Image for X-Tip<sup>™</sup>

Increase patient comfort with this fast, efficient anesthesia delivery system. A special funnel-shaped guide sleeve stays...

View X-Tip

Image for Ultra Safety Plus Twist XL
Ultra Safety Plus Twist XL

Sterile, single-use, self-aspirating syringe system. Features a patented locking system for increased ease of use...

View Ultra Safety Plus Twist XL

Image for Orabloc® dental needles
Orabloc® dental needles

Stainless steel needles with ultra thin wall, triple-sharpened tip and silicone-coated to ensure a painless...

View Orabloc® dental needles

Image for Septoject® XL needles
Septoject® XL needles

Boxes clearly marked "Block" or "Infiltration" make it easier to choose the right needle for...

View Septoject® XL needles

Image for Painless Steel™ needles
Painless Steel™ needles

Ultra-sharp, three-edge bevel lancet offers smooth entry into tissue, enhancing patient comfort. Bevel indicator is...

View Painless Steel™ needles

Image for Safco Articaine
Safco Articaine

Articaine HCl 4% and epinephrine injection. 1.8ml cartridges. Product Features: Indicated for local, infiltrative, or...

View Safco Articaine

Image for Carbocaine®

Carbocaine 3%: Mepivacaine hydrochloride injection, USP. Carbocaine 2% with Neo-Cobefrin 1:20,000: Mepivacaine hydrochloride and levonordefrin...

View Carbocaine®

Image for Orabloc<sup>®</sup>

Articaine HCl 4% and epinephrine injection, USP. 1.8ml cartridges.

View Orabloc®

Image for Citanest®

Prilocaine HCI 4% Injection, USP. 1.7ml cartridges.

View Citanest®

Image for Septocaine®

Articaine HCl 4% and epinephrine injection, USP. 1.7ml cartridges.

View Septocaine®

Image for Cook-Waite Lidocaine
Cook-Waite Lidocaine

1.7ml cartridges.

View Cook-Waite Lidocaine

Image for Cartridge dispenser & warmer
Cartridge dispenser & warmer

Heats up to 60 cartridges to approximate body temperature to avoid anesthetic trauma from thermal...

View Cartridge dispenser & warmer

Image for Xylocaine®

Lidocaine HCI 2% and epinephrine injection, USP. 1.7ml cartridges.

View Xylocaine®

Image for Polocaine®

Mepivacaine HCI 3% injection, USP. 1.7ml cartridges.

View Polocaine®

Image for Articadent®

Articaine HCl 4% and epinephrine injection, USP. 1.7ml cartridges.

View Articadent®

Image for OraVerse®

Click here to see full prescribing information Local anesthesia reversal agent restores normal sensation to...

View OraVerse®

Image for Safco Lidocaine
Safco Lidocaine

Lidocaine HCl 2% and epinephrine 1:100,000 injection, USP. 1.7ml cartridges.

View Safco Lidocaine

Image for Safco Mepivacaine
Safco Mepivacaine

Mepivacaine HCl 3% injection, USP plain (no vasoconstrictor). 1.7ml cartridges.

View Safco Mepivacaine

Image for Marcaine®

Marcaine 0.5% with epinephrine 1:200,000 injection (as bitartrate) (bupivacaine hydrochloride and epinephrine injection, USP). 1.8ml cartridges.

View Marcaine®

Image for Lignospan®

Lidocaine HCl 2% and epinephrine injection, USP. 1.7ml cartridges.

View Lignospan®

Image for Paroject®

"Pen-style" intraligamental syringe accepts standard needles and delivers 0.06cc of anesthetic per click from any...

View Paroject®

Image for N-Tralig®

Intraligamental syringe dispenses exactly 0.2cc of anesthetic from any standard cartridge. The slow infiltration of...

View N-Tralig®

Image for Jenker™ Needle Stick Protector
Jenker™ Needle Stick Protector

Conical, stainless steel receptacle holds needle sheath for one-handed recapping. Autoclavable.

View Jenker™ Needle Stick Protector

Image for Protector™ Needle Sheath Prop
Protector™ Needle Sheath Prop

Securely holds needle cap in a ready position for safe, one-handed recapping. Non-sterile. OSHA compliant.

View Protector™ Needle Sheath Prop

Image for Orabloc Needlestick Safety System
Orabloc Needlestick Safety System

Prevents accidental needle stick during recapping or disposal. Provides protection by covering the end of...

View Orabloc Needlestick Safety System

Image for Personal Inhaler Plus+™ (PIP+) nasal hoods
Personal Inhaler Plus+™ (PIP+) nasal hoods

Colorful, scented, single patient use nasal masks that give your patients reliable, comfortable high-quality N2O...

View Personal Inhaler Plus+™ (PIP+) nasal hoods

Image for WhiteGaps® nasal hood protectors
WhiteGaps® nasal hood protectors

A clinically proven and effective method to inhibit contamination of nitrous oxide units. These disposable...

View WhiteGaps® nasal hood protectors

Image for Double Nasal Hood
Double Nasal Hood

Soft, single-use scented double nasal hoods offer a superior seal that reduces the escape of...

View Double Nasal Hood

Image for Belmed Standard Hoods
Belmed Standard Hoods

Autoclavable hood for scavenging circuit. Available in three sizes: large, medium, and small (pedo).  

View Belmed Standard Hoods

Image for Axess™

The manufacturer has notified Safco that due to production issues some Axess nasal mask products...

View Axess™

Image for ClearView™ Classic nasal hoods
ClearView™ Classic nasal hoods

Single-use nasal mask-in-mask for the delivery of nitrous oxide conscious sedation. Double mask design further...

View ClearView™ Classic nasal hoods

Image for Belmed Breathing Bag
Belmed Breathing Bag

3L neoprene breathing bag Ideal for various respiratory and anesthesia applications Latex-free Single patient use...

View Belmed Breathing Bag

Image for DEFEND® topical anesthetic gel
DEFEND® topical anesthetic gel

This 20% benzocaine anesthetic gel is fast acting with no systemic absorption. The gel provides...

View DEFEND® topical anesthetic gel

Image for GINGICaine®

A safe, proven, topical anesthetic available in several great-tasting flavors in jars and syringe delivery....

View GINGICaine®

Image for LolliCaine®

20% benzocaine gel in a convenient single-use LolliPack® package. The disposable packaging reduces cross-contamination and...

View LolliCaine®

Image for CaineTips

Individually wrapped disposable swabs pre-filled with a 20% benzocaine solution. Ideal for intraoral pain relief...

View CaineTips

Image for Hurricaine®

20% benzocaine in a water soluble flavored base.  Indicated for fast, temporary relief of occasional...

View Hurricaine®

Image for CoraCaine®

Cora-Caine is a pain-relieving dental analgesic (16% benzocaine) adhesive ointment for new or intermediate dentures....

View CoraCaine®

Image for Oraqix®

Lidocaine and prilocaine periodontal gel, 2.5%/2.5%. Autoclavable dispenser (sold separately) is required for application. Oraqix...

View Oraqix®

Image for Topicale<sup>®</sup> Gel Pump
Topicale® Gel Pump

Each pump bottle contains 43g (1.5 oz.) – 50% more product than a 1 oz....

View Topicale® Gel Pump

Image for DycloPro

Dyclonine hydrochloride topical solution, USP 0.5%. Topical anesthetic indicated for anesthetizing accessible mucous membranes prior...

View DycloPro

Image for Topex® topical metered spray
Topex® topical metered spray

Metered spray valve delivers approximately 50mg of anesthetic, with no chance of overspray. More than...

View Topex® topical metered spray

Image for Cetacaine®

Triple-active formula is well-suited for scaling and root planing, or pre-injection. Pleasant taste. Active ingredients:...

View Cetacaine®

Image for Lidocaine Ointment USP, 5% (jars)
Lidocaine Ointment USP, 5% (jars)

Lidocaine ointment USP 5%, amide-based topical anesthetic designed to improve patient comfort before anesthetic injection...

View Lidocaine Ointment USP, 5% (jars)

Image for Safco SensiCaine™ Ultra topical anesthetic gel
Safco SensiCaine™ Ultra topical anesthetic gel

20% benzocaine gel features patient-pleasing taste without bitterness, and is water soluble.

View Safco SensiCaine™ Ultra topical anesthetic gel

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