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Dust-free alginate in a pleasing mint scent. Offers easy mixing, excellent stone surface, unsurpassed smoothness...

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Image for Correct Plus® Bite Superfast
Correct Plus® Bite Superfast

Odorless and tasteless vinyl polysiloxane bite registration material. Hydrophilic, ultra-fast VPS for more accurate impressions...

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Image for Correct Quick® Bite
Correct Quick® Bite

Odorless and tasteless vinyl polysiloxane bite registration material. Minimum working time is 0' 30"; Maximum...

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Image for Bond-1®

Fifth generation total etch bonding system in a convenient single bottle application. High bond strength...

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Image for Pentron Silane Primer
Pentron Silane Primer

Apply Silane Primer to the internal surface of any metal-free porcelain restoration to enhance the...

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Image for Pentron dispensing gun
Pentron dispensing gun

Quickly and easily dispense automix impression materials from 25ml cartridges. 

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Image for Flow-It™ ALC™
Flow-It™ ALC™

Flow-It ALC (Accelerated Light Cure) material is a versatile flowable composite with flexural and tensile...

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Image for Simile®

Universal nano-hybrid composite combines strength and esthetics for anterior or posterior restorations. Creates a superior...

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Image for Build-It® FR™
Build-It® FR™

Dual-cure glass fiber filled core material provides a compressive strength of 320 MPa for a...

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Image for Build-It® Light Cure
Build-It® Light Cure

Bis-GMA-free, light cure resin core material. High translucency with a 10mm depth of cure capability...

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Image for FibreKleer® 4X fiber post
FibreKleer® 4X fiber post

Translucent fiber posts allow better light transmission to set dual cure cements.  Dentin-like flexural modulus...

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Image for FibreKor® post system
FibreKor® post system

Endodontic post fabricated from longitudinal glass fibers and encompassed in a strong composite resin matrix....

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Image for Cement-It™ Universal C&B™
Cement-It™ Universal C&B™

The ideal choice for all indirect bonding needs. Can be used when bonding indirect composite,...

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Image for Breeze™ RMGI
Breeze™ RMGI

Designed to deliver a stable and long-term durable restoration with its outstanding bond strength. For...

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Image for Breeze®

Self-adhesive resin cement with a dual-cure option for maximum versatility. The cement quickly conditions dentin,...

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Image for Embonte™+

Enhanced formulation offers better bond strength, consistency, clean-up and removal of excess material. ZOE-based temporary...

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Image for TempSpan® Transparent
TempSpan® Transparent

Dual-cure, resin based, eugenol-free temporary cement. Offers strong, long-lasting restorations while allowing easy removal when...

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Image for Zone™

Zinc oxide, non-eugenol, translucent temporary cement. Ideal for the temporary cementation of provisionals or permanent...

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Image for Zone Free™
Zone Free™

Zinc oxide, non-eugenol, translucent temporary cement that uses reflective nanofillers to create color blending for...

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Image for TempSpan®

Dual-cure composite specifically formulated to produce highly esthetic and durable provisional restorations in the shortest...

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Image for Correct Plus®
Correct Plus®

Premium hydrophilic polyvinyl impression material formulated to provide exceptional tear strength for more accurate detail...

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