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Image for Alpen CAD/CAM Polishers
Alpen CAD/CAM Polishers

Diamond impregnated polishers.

View Alpen CAD/CAM Polishers

Image for Hygenic® absorbent points
Hygenic® absorbent points

View Hygenic® absorbent points

Image for Jet Bite
Jet Bite

Vinyl polysiloxane bite registration material.

View Jet Bite

Image for Jet Blue™ Bite
Jet Blue™ Bite

Smooth, creamy consistency flows exactly where you want it in a predictable quantity and ribbon...

View Jet Blue™ Bite

Image for One Coat 7 Universal
One Coat 7 Universal

Light-cure, one-component bonding agent. Can be used with the self-etch, selective etch or total etch...

View One Coat 7 Universal

Image for ParaBond®

Chemical-curing, self-conditioning adhesive system for enamel and dentin. Seals the tooth surface and minimizes the...

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Image for One Coat Bond
One Coat Bond

One-component, one-layer light cure adhesive is dispensed out of a syringe and applied with a...

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Image for Alpen<sup>®</sup> Speedster burs
Alpen® Speedster burs

Alpen® Speedster® Carbide metal cutting burs rapidly cut amalgam, metal, enamel and dentin. The computer aided...

View Alpen® Speedster burs

Image for Alpen<sup><sub>®</sub></sup> carbide burs
Alpen® carbide burs

Provide clinicians with a comprehensive line of advance one-piece carbides. Almost all carbides currently sold are based...

View Alpen® carbide burs

Image for Alpen® surgical length burs
Alpen® surgical length burs

Alpen carbide operative and surgical friction grip burs are rotary instruments used for various dental...

View Alpen® surgical length burs

Image for Alpen<sup>®</sup> T&F burs
Alpen® T&F burs

Alpen Trimming & Finishing Burs may be used to smooth the walls of the prepared...

View Alpen® T&F burs

Image for Coltene dispensing gun
Coltene dispensing gun

DS 74 dispenser 1:1/2:1.

View Coltene dispensing gun

Image for Fill-Up!™

Dual-cure flowable composite for bulk-filling posterior restorations.  The dual-cure capability enables fillings of unlimited depth...

View Fill-Up!™

Image for BRILLIANT EverGlow™ Flow
BRILLIANT EverGlow™ Flow

Submicron hybrid composite in a flowable consistency. Combines high stability and excellent flowability in an...

View BRILLIANT EverGlow™ Flow

Image for BRILLIANT EverGlow™

Stackable universal submicron hybrid composite that offers easy polishability, long-lasting brilliance, easy handling and exceptional...

View BRILLIANT EverGlow™

Image for Synergy® Nano Formula
Synergy® Nano Formula

Refractive resin matrix creates a restoration that blends into the surrounding tooth structure. Each Duo...

View Synergy® Nano Formula

Image for Synergy® D6
Synergy® D6

Nano-filled hybrid resin restorative material. Six dentin shades were created by grouping Vita shades with...

View Synergy® D6

Image for Alpen® ShapeGuard Composite Plus
Alpen® ShapeGuard Composite Plus

Two-step, diamond impregnated composite polishing system adapts to any surface. Outstanding high luster polishing results....

View Alpen® ShapeGuard Composite Plus

Image for ParaCore® 25ml automix cartridge
ParaCore® 25ml automix cartridge

Resin-based, fiber reinforced, dual cure core material. When used with dual-cured dentin bonding agents, the...

View ParaCore® 25ml automix cartridge

Image for ParaCore® 5ml automix syringe
ParaCore® 5ml automix syringe

Resin-based, fiber reinforced, dual cure core material. When used with dual-cured dentin bonding agents, the...

View ParaCore® 5ml automix syringe

Image for Coltolux® LED barrier sleeves
Coltolux® LED barrier sleeves

View Coltolux® LED barrier sleeves

Image for Coltolux Comfort
Coltolux Comfort

This simple to use, one-button, single-mode LED curing light has a low-profile head with a...

View Coltolux Comfort

Image for Coltolux® LED
Coltolux® LED

Cordless, pen-style high output LED. Powerful 10 second cure with audible beep. The slim curing...

View Coltolux® LED

Image for S.P.E.C. 3
S.P.E.C. 3

Chair-time can be effectively reduced due to rapid and deep polymerization on various light-cured materials. ...

View S.P.E.C. 3

Image for HySolate Fiesta latex dental dam
HySolate Fiesta latex dental dam

Powder free, low protein natural rubber latex dam. Reduces the risk of developing latex hypersensitivity....

View HySolate Fiesta latex dental dam

Image for HySolate<sup>®</sup> Flexi Dam<sup>®</sup> Framed
HySolate® Flexi Dam® Framed

Non-latex dam with a convenient flexible frame built into each sheet. The frame has a...

View HySolate® Flexi Dam® Framed

Image for HySolate<sup>®</sup> non-latex dental dam
HySolate® non-latex dental dam

Non-latex, powder-free dental dam in medium thickness. Smooth (non-textured). Teal green color.

View HySolate® non-latex dental dam

Image for HySolate<sup>®</sup> Flexi Dam<sup>®</sup>
HySolate® Flexi Dam®

Non-latex, powder-free ready-cut sheets. Textured for easier handling and placement. Medium thickness.

View HySolate® Flexi Dam®

Image for HySolate Black latex dental dam
HySolate Black latex dental dam

Powder free, low protein natural rubber latex dam. Reduces the risk of developing latex hypersensitivity....

View HySolate Black latex dental dam

Image for HySolate latex dental dam
HySolate latex dental dam

Powder free, low protein natural rubber latex dam Reduces the risk of developing latex hypersensitivity....

View HySolate latex dental dam

Image for Alpen® diamonds
Alpen® diamonds

Alpen Diamond Instruments provide an extended cutting life and enhanced cutting efficiency due to their...

View Alpen® diamonds

Image for Alpen<sup>™</sup> Z-Rex
Alpen Z-Rex

Alpen Z-Rex Zirconia Diamonds combine durability and effectiveness, minimizing the quantity of burs required for...

View Alpen Z-Rex

Image for Alpen® x1 diamonds
Alpen® x1 diamonds

View Alpen® x1 diamonds

Image for CanalPro X-Move Endodontic Motor
CanalPro X-Move Endodontic Motor

Cordless endodontic motor with an integrated root canal apex locator. It can be used as...

View CanalPro X-Move Endodontic Motor

Image for HyFlex™ CM Gutta Percha
HyFlex™ CM Gutta Percha

HyFlex CM Gutta Percha Points are perfectly optimized for obturating canals prepared with HyFlex CM...

View HyFlex™ CM Gutta Percha

Image for HyFlex™ EDM Gutta Percha
HyFlex™ EDM Gutta Percha

HyFlex EDM gutta percha points are ideal for obturating root canals which have been prepared...

View HyFlex™ EDM Gutta Percha

Image for MicroMega K-Files
MicroMega K-Files

Pre-sterilized, stainless steel files packaged in individual blister packs. ISO color-coded handles. Pre-mounted, radiopaque silicone...

View MicroMega K-Files

Image for Hygenic® orthodontic tray wax strips
Hygenic® orthodontic tray wax strips

The Hygenic orthodontic tray wax sticks are used for peripheral lining of trays, increasing tray...

View Hygenic® orthodontic tray wax strips

Image for Hygenic® base plate wax
Hygenic® base plate wax

Sheets of wax used for arranging teeth, waxing-up, and taking bite and quadrant checks. Medium...

View Hygenic® base plate wax

Image for Hygenic® U-shaped occlusal rims
Hygenic® U-shaped occlusal rims

Pink wax blocks used to set denture teeth after heating. The recessed base aids in...

View Hygenic® U-shaped occlusal rims

Image for Hygenic® plastic wax sticks
Hygenic® plastic wax sticks

View Hygenic® plastic wax sticks

Image for Hygenic® bite wafers
Hygenic® bite wafers

Blue, foil-laminated: Aluminum foil is laminated between two U-shaped layers of soft bite wax. Lessens...

View Hygenic® bite wafers

Image for Hygenic® utility wax strips/square ropes
Hygenic® utility wax strips/square ropes

Round strips are especially useful for preserving the periphery roll, extending and building up impression...

View Hygenic® utility wax strips/square ropes

Image for Hygenic® boxing wax
Hygenic® boxing wax

Designed for boxing impressions, it withstands the extreme heat given off by dental stone during...

View Hygenic® boxing wax

Image for President<sup>®</sup> Trays
President® Trays

Transparent disposable trays. Patented system of intersecting ribs and rails provides unprecedented rigidity. Anatomically correct.

View President® Trays

Image for CanalPro Color Coded Syringes
CanalPro Color Coded Syringes

Color-coded syringes virtually prevent any mix-ups. The basic colours provide maximum contrast and add to...

View CanalPro Color Coded Syringes

Image for CanalPro™ EndoUltra
CanalPro™ EndoUltra

The CanalPro™ EndoUltra is a high-cleansing ultrasonic activation handpiece whose power can shorten the final...

View CanalPro™ EndoUltra

Image for Hygenic<sup>®</sup> Endo-Ice<sup>®</sup>
Hygenic® Endo-Ice®

Fast and easy method to test pulp vitality. At -26.2°C, Endo-Ice is much colder than...

View Hygenic® Endo-Ice®

Image for ParaPost Plus®
ParaPost Plus®

2nd generation of ParaPost line. Same passive parallel-sided post with a single vent for removing...

View ParaPost Plus®

Image for ParaPost® XP
ParaPost® XP

Parallel-sided passive post with patented, raised diamond retention pattern, which provides improved resistance to rotation,...

View ParaPost® XP

Image for ParaPost XP Casting Technique
ParaPost XP Casting Technique

Plastic burnout posts with parallel-sided castings evenly distribute functional stress while eliminating wedging effect. Raised...

View ParaPost XP Casting Technique

Image for ParaPost System®
ParaPost System®

Whaledent’s original system, released in 1964. Passive parallel-sided post with a single vent for removing...

View ParaPost System®

Image for ParaPost® XT
ParaPost® XT

Threaded titanium parallel wall posts. Rounded edges minimize stress points that could lead to core...

View ParaPost® XT

Image for ParaPost® XH™
ParaPost® XH™

Titanium passive post with an undercut, slotted head that locks onto composite and glass ionomer...

View ParaPost® XH™

Image for ParaPost® drills
ParaPost® drills

Two-fluted drills for ParaPost, ParaPost Plus, ParaPost XH, and ParaPost XP.

View ParaPost® drills

Image for ParaPost® Fiber White
ParaPost® Fiber White

Metal-free, parallel-sided, passive post system specially fabricated to bond with dual and self cure resin...

View ParaPost® Fiber White

Image for ParaPost® Fiber Lux
ParaPost® Fiber Lux

Translucent esthetic fiber resin post that reflects the natural hues of the tooth. Eliminates shadows...

View ParaPost® Fiber Lux

Image for ParaPost® Taper Lux
ParaPost® Taper Lux

Tapered design on the apical third of this metal-free fiber post means less removal of...

View ParaPost® Taper Lux

Image for Hygenic® Flexibole® mixing bowls
Hygenic® Flexibole® mixing bowls

Plaster, stone, investments, and alginates will not stick to these self-cleaning mixing bowls. More flexible...

View Hygenic® Flexibole® mixing bowls

Image for Coltene mixing tips
Coltene mixing tips

View Coltene mixing tips

Image for Roeko GuttaFlow®2
Roeko GuttaFlow®2

Injectable flowable, cold-filling capsule system combines gutta percha with a sealer to prevent the material from heating...

View Roeko GuttaFlow®2

Image for SoloCem®

Dual-cure, self-adhesive resin cement with antibacterial zinc oxide that ensures reliable, tight restoration, in concert...

View SoloCem®

Image for TMS Link Plus®
TMS Link Plus®

Self-threading parapulpal pins with a shoulder/occlusal stop. Offers smooth self-alignment during placement and features wider...

View TMS Link Plus®

Image for Bondent® Dentin Bonding Pins
Bondent® Dentin Bonding Pins

Self-threading, flat head pins for core buildup or composite restoration. Flat shoulder for reduced apical...

View Bondent® Dentin Bonding Pins

Image for TMS Link Series®
TMS Link Series®

Same pin design as TMS but this system has pins pre-mounted onto plastic RA shanks,...

View TMS Link Series®

Image for TMS® - Thread Mate System®
TMS® - Thread Mate System®

Original TMS self-threading gold plated stainless steel pins. Pins are manually placed in tooth using...

View TMS® - Thread Mate System®

Image for TMS® drills and accessories
TMS® drills and accessories

For TMS, TMS Link, and TMS Link Plus.

View TMS® drills and accessories

Image for Max® Restorative Pins
Max® Restorative Pins

Whaledent’s state-of-the-art titanium self-threading pin. Features include rounded, undercut head; broad shoulder stop; wide pitch...

View Max® Restorative Pins

Image for Hygenic<sup>®</sup> Endo-Ice<sup>®</sup>
Hygenic® Endo-Ice®

Fast and easy method to test pulp vitality. At -26.2°C, Hygenic Endo-Ice is much colder...

View Hygenic® Endo-Ice®

Image for CanalPro<sup>®</sup> Endo-Ice™ Green
CanalPro® Endo-Ice™ Green

Easy-to-use pulp vitality testing spray offering the same performance as the original Endo-Ice in an...

View CanalPro® Endo-Ice™ Green

Image for Magic FoamCord
Magic FoamCord

An expanding vinyl polysiloxane material designed for easy and fast retraction. Automix cartridge dispensing system...

View Magic FoamCord

Image for Roeko Comprecap Anatomic
Roeko Comprecap Anatomic

Newer anatomic versions have semi-circle shaped ‘contoured shoulders’ for better fit as well as placement...

View Roeko Comprecap Anatomic

Image for Roeko Comprecap
Roeko Comprecap

Compression caps hold retraction cord deep in the sulcus, opening it even wider. Ensures a...

View Roeko Comprecap

Image for Roeko Stay-Put
Roeko Stay-Put

Non-impregnated. Combination of softly braided retraction cord and an ultra fine copper filament that provides...

View Roeko Stay-Put

Image for Hyflex® CM™ nickel titanium rotary files
Hyflex® CM™ nickel titanium rotary files

Pre-sterilized nickel titanium rotary files packaged in individual blister packs. Controlled memory files manufactured utilizing...

View Hyflex® CM™ nickel titanium rotary files

Image for HyFlex® EDM
HyFlex® EDM

Provided as a modular system of sterile, rotary NiTi instruments, HyFlex EDM files are characterized...

View HyFlex® EDM

Image for HyFlex<sup>®</sup> Remover
HyFlex® Remover

Single file designed to remove gutta percha during non-surgical endodontic retreatment without the use of...

View HyFlex® Remover

Image for MicroMega One
MicroMega One

MicorMega One RECI is a single-use reciprocating nickel titanium file for root canal shaping. C-Wire...

View MicroMega One

Image for Rubber dam frames - Hygenic®
Rubber dam frames - Hygenic®

Lightweight metal frames Contoured. Hooks provided for safety floss. Rounded ends for patient comfort and...

View Rubber dam frames - Hygenic®

Image for <p>HYGENIC<sup>®</sup> Dental Dam Forceps</p>

HYGENIC® Dental Dam Forceps

High quality forceps ensure a secure transfer and fixation of rubber dam clamps during procedures. Made of light-weight...


HYGENIC® Dental Dam Forceps

Image for HySolate Fiesta Color-Coded Matte Finish Clamps
HySolate Fiesta Color-Coded Matte Finish Clamps

High-quality, stainless steel Coltene dental dam clamps make placing clamps quick and easy. Each clamp...

View HySolate Fiesta Color-Coded Matte Finish Clamps

Image for Hygenic® Ora-Shield® dental dam napkins
Hygenic® Ora-Shield® dental dam napkins

Soft dental dam napkins serve as a barrier between dam and sensitive skin. Available to...

View Hygenic® Ora-Shield® dental dam napkins

Image for Hygenic® Fiesta Matte rubber dam clamps
Hygenic® Fiesta Matte rubber dam clamps

View Hygenic® Fiesta Matte rubber dam clamps

Image for Hygenic® rubber dam clamps
Hygenic® rubber dam clamps

View Hygenic® rubber dam clamps

Image for Surgitip-endo

Surgitip-endo is an aspirating tip intended for aspiration during endodontic treatments and specifically for drying...

View Surgitip-endo

Image for Cool Temp® Natural
Cool Temp® Natural

Fast-setting temporary C&B material. Low curing temperature does not damage or irritate the pulp, and...

View Cool Temp® Natural

Image for DuoTEMP

DuoTEMP is a dual-curing temporary filling material. It is a white-colored material that is eugenol-free,...

View DuoTEMP

Image for Coltosol F
Coltosol F

View Coltosol F

Image for Coltene tray adhesive
Coltene tray adhesive

niversal adhesive for silicone-based dental impression materials bonds impression material and the impression tray. Prevents...

View Coltene tray adhesive

Image for BioSonic® UC150
BioSonic® UC150

The BioSonic UC150 is a quiet, compact 1.5 gallon ultrasonic cleaner with features that include:...

View BioSonic® UC150

Image for BioSonic® UC300
BioSonic® UC300

Ultrasonic cleaning system with a large 3 gallon tank capacity. Included hinged cover limits airborne...

View BioSonic® UC300

Image for BioSonic® Original inserts
BioSonic® Original inserts

BioSonic ultrasonic inserts are fully compatible with all brands of magnetostrictive ultrasonic scalers. 90-day warranty.Original...

View BioSonic® Original inserts

Image for BioSonic® Supersoft inserts
BioSonic® Supersoft inserts

BioSonic ultrasonic inserts are fully compatible with all brands of magnetostrictive ultrasonic scalers. 90-day warranty.SuperSoft...

View BioSonic® Supersoft inserts

Image for BioSonic® US100R
BioSonic® US100R

Versatile, compact scaler with a sensible price tag. Intuitive, clearly marked controls are easy to...

View BioSonic® US100R

Image for BioSonic® Germicidal Cleaner
BioSonic® Germicidal Cleaner

Delivery form: Liquid concentrate Dilution ratio: ¼ oz. per quart Yield: 16 gallons Enzymatic: No...

View BioSonic® Germicidal Cleaner

Image for BioSonic® General Purpose Solution
BioSonic® General Purpose Solution

Delivery form: Liquid concentrate Dilution ratio: ½ oz. per quart Yield: 8 gallons Enzymatic: No Corrosion...

View BioSonic® General Purpose Solution

Image for BioSonic® Enzymatic Ultrasonic Cleaner
BioSonic® Enzymatic Ultrasonic Cleaner

Delivery form: Liquid concentrate Dilution ratio: ¼ oz. per quart Yield: 8 gallons Enzymatic: Yes...

View BioSonic® Enzymatic Ultrasonic Cleaner

Image for BioSonic<sup>®</sup> Piezo Tip U-Files
BioSonic® Piezo Tip U-Files

BioSonic Piezo tips are compatible with major Piezo ultrasonic scalers and cover a wide range...

View BioSonic® Piezo Tip U-Files

Image for President® Plus
President® Plus

Surface activated to improve performance in a wet environment. More thixotropic properties so it clings...

View President® Plus

Image for AFFINIS® Putty

Hand-mix putty. Affinis provides outstanding model fabrication, with no voids or margin distortion.   Working time...

View AFFINIS® Putty

Image for AFFINIS® System 360
AFFINIS® System 360

Affinis impression material in hard plastic cartridges for use in automated mixing machines. Exceptionally low contact...

View AFFINIS® System 360

Image for AFFINIS® Precious
AFFINIS® Precious

Silver and gold metallic pigmentation drastically reduces the light scattering effect, thus improving the visibility...

View AFFINIS® Precious

Image for AFFINIS® 50ml cartridges
AFFINIS® 50ml cartridges

Exceptionally low contact angle results in hydrocolloid-like flow and superior wetting ability. Affinis provides outstanding...

View AFFINIS® 50ml cartridges

Image for AFFINIS® 75ml cartridges
AFFINIS® 75ml cartridges

Large 75ml cartridge contains 50% more material than normal cartridges to allow for two full-arch impressions....

View AFFINIS® 75ml cartridges

Image for President® Putty
President® Putty

Quick mixing putty for the 2-step technique when pressure is required. When encountering a difficult...

View President® Putty