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Image for Palmero barrier film
Palmero barrier film

4" x 6" perforated sheets. Low-tack adhesive allows this polyethylene material to lightly adhere to...

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Image for Pump Dispensers
Pump Dispensers

Printed with the word "Alcohol" to ensure proper usage of contents. Press lightly on the...

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Image for Palmero® Digital X-Ray Sensor Protectors
Palmero® Digital X-Ray Sensor Protectors

Disposable plastic covers for digital x-ray sensors. Prevents cross-contamination, protecting patients and staff. Latex-free. Designed...

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Image for DisCide<sup>®</sup> Ultra
DisCide® Ultra

Ready-to-use hospital-level disinfectant that kills TB, viruses (HBV, HCV, RSV, HIV-1), bacteria (MRSA, VRE, E....

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Image for DisCide® Ultra Towelettes
DisCide® Ultra Towelettes

Ready-to-use disposable towelettes impregnated with a hospital-level disinfectant that kills TB, viruses (HBV, HCV, RSV,...

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Image for Palmero syringe tip covers
Palmero syringe tip covers

Use with virtually all air/water syringes. Syringe tip cover slides easily over the existing syringe...

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Image for Vacuum Clean
Vacuum Clean

Use one time-released tablet weekly for continuously cleaning of evacuation system lines. Restores pressure, and...

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Image for Vacuum Shock
Vacuum Shock

Use 1 tablet monthly for initial pre-cleaning of dental vacuum systems. Removes accumulations and keeps...

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Image for HVESolo™

Effectively eliminates fluid and reduces aerosol contamination from the oral cavity. Specially designed for clinicians...

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Image for Barrier Protector bite block protectors
Barrier Protector bite block protectors

Clear, disposable bite block covers. Dispenser box.

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Image for ProVision® See-Breez™
ProVision® See-Breez™

Ultra-lightweight frames with telescoping arms ensure a comfortable fit. Fog-free, scratch-resistant and adjustable.

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Image for ProVision® Air™
ProVision® Air™

Safety eyewear designed to protect dental professionals and patients from blue light exposure. Protects from...

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Image for ProVision<sup>®</sup> Eyewear Sleeks™
ProVision® Eyewear Sleeks™

Economical goggles that are sleek and ultra-light. Adjustable temples allow for a broader facial fit....

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Image for Dynamic Disposables® Safety Eyewear
Dynamic Disposables® Safety Eyewear

Ergonomic frames fit comfortably against the forehead. Ultra-Clear™ technology prevents fogging, glare and static. Can...

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Image for ProVision® Econo Wraps™
ProVision® Econo Wraps™

Feather-weight, sleek, compact appearance with superior optical quality. Unsurpassed protection for both patients and staff....

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Image for Palmero ProVision® Eyesavers™
Palmero ProVision® Eyesavers™

Ultra-light, economical, durable no-frills eye protection Hinged temples allow for convenient storage when not in...

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Image for ProVision® Rainbow™ Mini
ProVision® Rainbow™ Mini

Flexible temples in assorted colors make it easy for younger patients to wear their safety...

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Image for ProVision® Econo Bonding
ProVision® Econo Bonding

The ProVision Econo Bonding eyewear filters 95% of harmful blue light to the back of...

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Image for ProVision® Bonding Wraps™
ProVision® Bonding Wraps™

Provides protection from blue light while using a curing light. Comfortable, lightweight, fog-free, and scratch-resistant....

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Image for ProVision® Secure™
ProVision® Secure™

The ProVision Secure with strap is safety eyewear that has a distortion-free wraparound anti-fog and...

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Image for ProVision® Contour Wraps™
ProVision® Contour Wraps™

Safety and style at an affordable price. Lightweight black frame with telescoping arms for a “contoured”...

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Image for Palmero Saliva Ejector Screens
Palmero Saliva Ejector Screens

Saliva ejector screens prevent debris from getting lodged in the lines or being aspirated by...

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