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Image for Bite

VPS bite registration material offering extreme accuracy and stability. Easy to extrude and trim. Four...

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Image for Zirconia Prime
Zirconia Prime

Designed to treat the surfaces of zirconia, alumina and metal restorations. Formulated with MDP for...

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Image for Tenure®

Self-curing adhesive system for bonding to all intraoral surfaces, including enamel, dentin, porcelain and metal....

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Image for Virtuoso® Flowable
Virtuoso® Flowable

Light-cured, low viscosity resin composite with smooth, easy handling characteristics. Ideal problem solver for small...

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Image for Core Paste®
Core Paste®

Self curing composite core build-up material. Also indicated for use with integral post and core...

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Image for Core Paste® XP Syringe
Core Paste® XP Syringe

Dual cure composite core build-up material in an automix syringe. Specially developed for high-strength core...

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Image for Core Paste® Syringeable
Core Paste® Syringeable

Creamy, radiopaque composite resin core build-up material in automix cartridges. The stackable viscosity allows you...

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Image for FlashLite Magna 4.0
FlashLite Magna 4.0

Powered by an LED engine that delivers advanced beam collimation. Proprietary optics reduce divergence of...

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Image for NV<sup>®</sup> Pro3 Microlaser
NV® Pro3 Microlaser

The NV® Pro3 Microlaser has set new quality levels for convenience, portability and ease-of-use among...

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Image for SOL<sup>®</sup> Desktop Laser
SOL® Desktop Laser

For years the SOL® Portable Soft-Tissue Diode Desktop Laser has delivered exceptional performance at an...

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Image for The Gripper®
The Gripper®

Super rigid bite trays featuring a revolutionary hybrid construction which fuses metal and plastic for...

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Image for Lumibrite® Chairside Whitening
Lumibrite® Chairside Whitening

35% hydrogen peroxide for in-office treatment with or without a bleaching light. Proven to whiten...

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Image for PeriOptix® Loupes
PeriOptix® Loupes

PeriOptix Loupes feature the Opti-lock technology and patented dual-point convergence lock which allows fast, simple,...

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Image for DenMat mixing tips
DenMat mixing tips

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Image for Infinity® Syringeable
Infinity® Syringeable

Dual cure, fluoride-releasing, self-adhesive resin cement. Convenient automix syringe speeds placement and minimizes waste. Indicated...

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Image for Infinity® SE Syringeable
Infinity® SE Syringeable

Self-etch formulation of Infinity Syringeable dual cure, self-adhesive resin ionomer cement. Recommended for all-porcelain, zirconium,...

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Image for Ultra-Bond® Plus
Ultra-Bond® Plus

Versatile dual-cure resin cement for bonding of veneers, inlays, onlays and ceramic crowns. Automix syringe...

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Image for Geristore® Syringeable
Geristore® Syringeable

Dual cure, fluoride-releasing hybrid resin-ionomer composite.  Self-adhesive formula bonds to all surfaces including enamel, dentin,...

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Image for Zen CP+®
Zen CP+®

Calcium phosphate desensitizing gel alleviates pain from dentin hypersensitivity by actively mineralizing and occluding the...

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Image for Geristore<sup>®</sup>

Geristore is the self-adhesive, dual-cure, easy-to-use, resin-modified glass ionomer of choice for treating a variety...

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Image for Lumibrite® Take-Home Whitening
Lumibrite® Take-Home Whitening

Carbamide peroxide formulation available in three concentrations and two flavors. Whitens up to nine shades...

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Image for PerfecTemp<sup>®</sup> II
PerfecTemp® II

Automix dispensed bis-acrylic temporary provisional material for crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays. Possesses the strength to...

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Image for Splash!® Putty
Splash!® Putty

Heavy viscosity, super-hydrophilic VPS impression material in a wild berry flavor. High tear strength means margins won’t rip...

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Image for Precision®

VPS impression material that displaces moisture and moves blood and saliva out of the tooth’s...

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Image for Splash!®

VPS impression material in a wild berry flavor. High tear strengthmeans margins won’t rip upon removal from the...

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Image for Splash!Max

Premium VPS impression material offers instant hydrophilicity resulting in consistent highly detailed impressions in a...

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