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Discovering the Benefits of Self-Ligating Brackets

Discovering the Benefits of Self-Ligating Brackets

Discovering the Benefits of Self-Ligating Brackets

About This Course

Orthodontic appliances are constantly evolving, with modern day versions bearing only a vague resemblance to their earliest predecessors. Advancements are constantly made to allow for more efficient and safer tooth movement, while providing practitioners with tools to optimize clinical productivity.

In this course, we will go over one such advancement: self-ligating brackets. This course will cover the basics of self-ligating brackets along with what differentiates these appliances from conventional braces and clear aligners. Throughout this course, you will learn the differences between active and passive self-ligating brackets, while gaining an understanding on how each type of appliance can better help you achieve desired tooth movements and results. Along with discussing some of the purported clinical benefits of these appliances, we will also cover orthodontic basics and discuss the fundamentals of tooth movement to help you better understand how these appliances can be beneficial. Afterwards, we will turn our focus onto how self-ligating brackets can positively impact your clinical efficiency and improve chair time.

After completing this course, the reader will be able to:

  1. Recognize the fundamentals of tooth movement
  2. Discover the potential benefits of self-ligating brackets on orthodontic tooth movement
  3. Distinguish the similarities and differences between passive and active self-ligating brackets
  4. Gather how self-ligating brackets may improve clinical efficiency


ADA Credits: 1

AGD Credits: 1