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Expedited Excellence: Faster & Simpler with Cements & Bonding

Expedited Excellence: Faster & Simpler with Cements & Bonding

Tuesday, April 25th  8pm EST | 7pm CST | 6pm MST | 5pm PST

Credit: 1 Self-Study CE

It seems as if there are more pressures than ever on dental practice owners in 2022.  Inflation, rising overhead and diminishing reimbursements to name a few.  The only way to be able to offer great care and stay profitable is work faster and smarter.  With all the options in the bonding and cementation world, that can be difficult.  There are so many options and products, we need to be smart and strategic when stocking our armamentariums.  This webinar will help create a solid, simple system for bonding and cementation.

Learning Objectives
After completing this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Review universal adhesives and their advantages
  • Review current cements and identify which classes are superior
  • Discuss when luting is an appropriate choice instead of bonding

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