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Introducing the next little thing... Vera by Young prophy angle from Young Dental. For over 100 years, Young Dental has been dedicated and committed to creating solutions for the dental hygienist. It was this drive that brought us to design and manufacture Vera by Young right here in the USA -- to focus on things that matter to YOU. We understand the importance of Visibility, Ergonomics, Reach and Access with the amount of patients you see on a daily basis, so we thought a lot about incorporating these features while developing Vera by Young, and we're happy to report we made improvements across the board! Vera by Young is available with our popular Elite Original™ prophy cup, featuring outer ridges for reduced splatter and improved stain removal.
Protect yourself and your patients by nearly eliminating airborne particles during prophylaxis polishing with Splatter Guard. This cleverly engineered prophy angle features a small shield that delivers BIG results - splatter reduction of up to 15x that of traditional prophy angles. Like all Young prophy angles, Splatter Guard is manufactured in the USA under strict quality guidelines. Available in two varieties: Vera® Splatter Guard® Classic Elite Original™ and Young™ Splatter Guard® Classic Petite Web™.


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