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Image for DentalEZ StarDental® Endo Explorers
DentalEZ StarDental® Endo Explorers

Designed to locate opening of the root canal after pulp chamber has been opened.

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Image for DentaLube® II
DentaLube® II

Squeeze bottle lubricant for Titan low speed handpieces.

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Image for Junk-Out chuck cleaner kit
Junk-Out chuck cleaner kit

For weekly cleaning of debris that forms inside the chucking mechanism of high-speed handpieces from...

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Image for Sparkl<sup>®</sup> Dental Instrument Cleaner
Sparkl® Dental Instrument Cleaner

Sparkl is formulated to clean: Diamond instruments. Perforated and hollow instruments. Carbide and steel burs....

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Image for DentalEZ StarDental Visi-Frame
DentalEZ StarDental Visi-Frame

Nylon rubber dam holder Radiolucent Provides greater accessibility to molar and anteriors and increases patient...

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Image for Blis-Sonic™

The Blis-sonic SW (swivel) and Blis-sonic K (fixed connection) scalers replace the previous Titan SW...

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Image for Swivels for StarDental handpieces
Swivels for StarDental handpieces

StarDental offers a wide selection of swivel couplers to meet the needs of any dental...

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Image for 430 SW™ handpiece
430 SW™ handpiece

High speed non-fiber optic autochuck handpiece. LubeFree cartridge with ceramic bearings. Available in original smooth...

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Image for Star® replacement cartridges
Star® replacement cartridges

The StarDental handpiece ball bearing turbines are offered for both lubricated and LubeFree 430 series...

View Star® replacement cartridges

Image for 430 SWL® fiber optic handpiece
430 SWL® fiber optic handpiece

LubeFree autochuck cartridge with ceramic bearings improves efficiency, saves time, and eliminates the high cost...

View 430 SWL® fiber optic handpiece

Image for 430K® handpiece
430K® handpiece

The 430K offers a high speed autochuck handpiece featuring a LubeFree cartridge with ceramic bearings....

View 430K® handpiece

Image for 430 SWL® 45 and 430 SW™ 45 handpieces
430 SWL® 45 and 430 SW™ 45 handpieces

45° angled head provides access to the posterior area of the oral cavity. Engineered for...

View 430 SWL® 45 and 430 SW™ 45 handpieces

Image for Solara® QT fiber optic handpiece
Solara® QT fiber optic handpiece

This lightweight (32g) fiber optic swivel handpiece is constructed of titanium, which is 40% lighter...

View Solara® QT fiber optic handpiece

Image for 430 SW™ Torque and 430 SWL® Torque handpieces
430 SW™ Torque and 430 SWL® Torque handpieces

430 Torque Series offers a wide range of options in an incredibly powerful handpiece at...

View 430 SW™ Torque and 430 SWL® Torque handpieces

Image for Prophy Star<sup>®</sup> 3 hygiene handpiece
Prophy Star® 3 hygiene handpiece

Prophy handpiece optimized for use with disposable prophy angles. Weighing in at just 62g, including...

View Prophy Star® 3 hygiene handpiece

Image for iStar® cordless prophy handpiece
iStar® cordless prophy handpiece

Prophy handpiece that features a compact, cordless design to simplify prophy procedures. It eliminates stress...

View iStar® cordless prophy handpiece

Image for Titan® 3
Titan® 3

Autoclavable air-driven straight handpiece. Titan 3 is a versatile low-speed air-driven handpiece system made with...

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Image for Prophy Star® 3 SW
Prophy Star® 3 SW

Lightweight design only weighs 79 grams. Swivel back-end helps save time with set-up. Anodized aluminum...

View Prophy Star® 3 SW