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Image for Permite

Sealing qualities are not affected by moisture. Excellent margin adaptation especially after burnishing. Alloy type:...

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Image for GS-80

Alloy type: Dispersed phase Self-activating: Yes Compressive strength @24 hrs: 73,950 psi Metal composition: Silver...

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Image for Lojic ®
Lojic ®

High silver, high strength spherical amalgam. Alloy type: Spherical Self-activating: Yes Compressive strength @24 hrs:...

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Image for ZipBond

Single component, fluoride releasing universal adhesive that is compatible with self etch, selective etch, and...

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Image for Wave

A light-cured, flowable composite appropriate for both Class III and V, and small Class I...

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Image for Stela

Stela is the ultimate high-performance self-cure flowable composite and the ideal restorative for Classes I,...

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Image for Luna Flow
Luna Flow

Luna Flow  is an extra strong, flowable composite available in two viscosities. A blend of...

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Image for Luna 2
Luna 2

Luna 2 is a Universal composite with a unique blend of BPA-free fillers optimized to...

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Image for Radii Plus barrier sleeves
Radii Plus barrier sleeves

Perfectly fitted disposable barrier sleeves for the Radii Plus curing light to prevent cross contamination.

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Image for Radii Plus +
Radii Plus +

High-powered cordless LED curing light emits a high-intensity 1500 mW/cm2 of power. 360° swivel design...

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Image for Radii-Cal CX
Radii-Cal CX

Cordless, high intensity LED curing light (1,200mW/cm2) that penetrates to cure the underlying restoration, achieving...

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Image for Riva Star
Riva Star

Silver diamine fluoride and potassium iodide formula provides immediate relief of sensitivity that lasts over...

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Image for Riva Star Aqua
Riva Star Aqua

Water-based silver diamine fluoride solution. Provides all the clinical benefits of Riva Star but with...

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Image for Super Etch
Super Etch

Super Etch is a 37% wt phosphoric acid etchant with blue tint for enamel and...

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Image for Riva Self Cure
Riva Self Cure

Conventional self-cure, resin reinforced glass ionomer restorative. Chemically adheres to tooth structure without the need...

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Image for Riva Light Cure
Riva Light Cure

Light-cured, resin reinforced glass ionomer restorative. High compressive strength. Fluoride releasing. Having many shades available,...

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Image for Pola Office+
Pola Office+

In-office 37.5% hydrogen peroxide in a neutral pH formula. Contains potassium nitrate to inhibit post-operative...

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Image for Pola Rapid
Pola Rapid

A unique 38% hydrogen peroxide formulation that releases active ingredients immediately. In only 1 visit,...

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Image for Set PP
Set PP

Self-etch, self-adhesive, dual-cure resin cement for final cementation of metal, resin and ceramic based restorations...

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Image for SDI Polishing Paste
SDI Polishing Paste

SDI Polishing Paste imparts a mirror like appearance using agglomerated primary crystal aluminum oxide particles for...

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Image for Pola Day CP
Pola Day CP

Neutral pH 35% carbamide peroxide for maximum whitening results. 15 minute at-home treatment once per...

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Image for Pola Luminate
Pola Luminate

6% hydrogen peroxide tooth whitener in an easy-to-use brush-on tube. The low viscosity, fast drying...

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Image for Pola Night
Pola Night

High viscosity neutral pH carbamide peroxide whitening gel. Contains fluoride for tooth remineralization and desensitizing...

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Image for Pola Light
Pola Light

Combines Pola whitening formula with LED light technology to accelerate the whitening procedure. Wear time...

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Image for Pola For Aligners
Pola For Aligners

Whitening gel perfectly formulated for use with orthodontic aligner trays. Can be used in office...

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Image for Pola Day
Pola Day

High viscosity neutral pH hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. Contains fluoride for tooth remineralization and to...

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