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Dentsply Maillefer

Image for Maillefer absorbent points
Maillefer absorbent points

View Maillefer absorbent points

Image for Maillefer barbed broaches
Maillefer barbed broaches

Pre-sterilized, 21mm length.

View Maillefer barbed broaches

Image for X-Tip<sup>™</sup>

Increase patient comfort with this fast, efficient anesthesia delivery system. A special funnel-shaped guide sleeve stays...

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Image for Dentsply Sirona Maillefer Multi-Purpose Bur
Dentsply Sirona Maillefer Multi-Purpose Bur

This bur is ideal for a variety of procedures including initial access, sectioning of impacted...

View Dentsply Sirona Maillefer Multi-Purpose Bur

Image for Endo Access Bur
Endo Access Bur

FG stainless steel burs with a special diamond coating to reduce gouging. Each tip matches...

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Image for Endo-Z™ bur
Endo-Z™ bur

Friction grip (FG) safe-end tungsten carbide bur. After initial penetration, this long, tapered bur creates...

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Image for Transmetal bur
Transmetal bur

FG carbide bur designed to remove old amalgam fillings. Also used to cut through porcelain...

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Image for Maillefer finger pluggers
Maillefer finger pluggers

This instrument combines a conical shape with a flat tip allowing for both lateral and vertical...

View Maillefer finger pluggers

Image for Dentsply Maillefer Schilder Pluggers
Dentsply Maillefer Schilder Pluggers

Designed exclusively for the Schilder warm vertical gutta-percha technique, these stainless steel pluggers and spreaders...

View Dentsply Maillefer Schilder Pluggers

Image for Dentsply Maillefer Micro-Instruments
Dentsply Maillefer Micro-Instruments

The first endodontic tools designed to improve visibility. If you have ever tried to negotiate...

View Dentsply Maillefer Micro-Instruments

Image for Maillefer NiTi Spreaders
Maillefer NiTi Spreaders

Superior flexibility means deeper penetration, better gutta-percha fill and exceptional durability.  Tip created with nickel titanium....

View Maillefer NiTi Spreaders

Image for Maillefer Peeso reamers
Maillefer Peeso reamers

Excellent for enlarging the cervical portion of the canal and preparing the canal entrance; also useful...

View Maillefer Peeso reamers

Image for Maillefer Gates Glidden drills
Maillefer Gates Glidden drills

Drills enlarge the upper portion of the canal for bulk removal of tooth structure. Drills are...

View Maillefer Gates Glidden drills

Image for Maillefer gutta percha points
Maillefer gutta percha points

Hand rolled, boxes of 120 points (6 vials of 20 points each)

View Maillefer gutta percha points

Image for Maillefer Unifile®
Maillefer Unifile®

Burns Unifiles feature a patented double hedstrom design that offers efficient cutting ability on insertion...

View Maillefer Unifile®

Image for Maillefer K-Files
Maillefer K-Files

Precision handling and superior cutting efficiency. Features a twisted design and manufactured from a square...

View Maillefer K-Files

Image for Maillefer ReadySteel™ C+ File
Maillefer ReadySteel™ C+ File

Ultra-stiff tapered files for extreme calcification. Pyramid shaped tip and unique taper provide added stiffness...

View Maillefer ReadySteel™ C+ File

Image for Maillefer SureFlex® files
Maillefer SureFlex® files

Nickel-titanium provides enhanced flexibility, easier canal navigation, and less stress in curved canals. Non-cutting Batt® tip.

View Maillefer SureFlex® files

Image for Dentsply Sirona Maillefer READY-STEEL™ Reamers
Dentsply Sirona Maillefer READY-STEEL™ Reamers

The READY-STEEL™ K-Reamer is known for its superior cutting ability, precision handling and efficient removal of...

View Dentsply Sirona Maillefer READY-STEEL™ Reamers

Image for Maillefer ReadySteel™ hedstrom files
Maillefer ReadySteel™ hedstrom files

Stainless steel files with effective upward motion cutting efficiency. Ribbed handle design provides improved tactile feel. Includes...

View Maillefer ReadySteel™ hedstrom files

Image for Maillefer ReadySteel™ K-File
Maillefer ReadySteel™ K-File

Safe-ended non-cutting tip, and pre-inserted silicone stops. Pre-sterilized; packaged in blister packs. Reduced risk of file...

View Maillefer ReadySteel™ K-File

Image for Maillefer C-File
Maillefer C-File

A stiffer stainless steel hand file ideal for gaining access to calcified canals with challenging orifices.

View Maillefer C-File

Image for Maillefer ReadySteel™ Senseus® FlexoFile®
Maillefer ReadySteel™ Senseus® FlexoFile®

Flexible stainless steel file with a large, highly ergonomic handle made from soft-texture silicone. Provides...

View Maillefer ReadySteel™ Senseus® FlexoFile®

Image for Maillefer ReadySteel™ FlexoFiles®
Maillefer ReadySteel™ FlexoFiles®

The Ready-Steel FlexoFile hand file combines the best stainless steel technology with enhanced flexibility for cleaning and...

View Maillefer ReadySteel™ FlexoFiles®

Image for Max-I-Probe® irrigation probes
Max-I-Probe® irrigation probes

Endodontic/periodontic irrigation probes. Side port irrigates the full length of root canal preparations cleansing several millimeters...

View Max-I-Probe® irrigation probes

Image for Glyde™

Used to facilitate the cleaning and shaping of the canal by lifting debris coronally while it...

View Glyde™

Image for Radix-Anker®

Titanium alloy, fully vented parallel post. Core section has 20 undercuts that secure any core...

View Radix-Anker®

Image for Dentsply Sirona Maillefer Endo-M-Bloc Measuring Block
Dentsply Sirona Maillefer Endo-M-Bloc Measuring Block

The Endo-M-Bloc measuring device takes the guesswork out of setting endodontic stops. It features half-millimeter depth guides...

View Dentsply Sirona Maillefer Endo-M-Bloc Measuring Block

Image for Densfil™

Densfil's patented endodontic obturator consists of a flexible central carrier that is uniformly coated with a...

View Densfil™

Image for Instrument Organizer
Instrument Organizer

Organize your instruments with your choice of inserts that allow you to customize the organizer....

View Instrument Organizer

Image for Endo-Clean stand
Endo-Clean stand

Multipurpose autoclavable organizer for cleaning, sterilizing and staging endo files and instruments. Designed to hold a...

View Endo-Clean stand

Image for Dentsply Sirona Maillefer FileMate Measuring Device
Dentsply Sirona Maillefer FileMate Measuring Device

The FileMate measuring block has 32 depth guides designed to take the guesswork out of...

View Dentsply Sirona Maillefer FileMate Measuring Device

Image for Sure-Stop™

Dispenser box provides safe, easy placement of premarked silicone stops.

View Sure-Stop™

Image for Endo Stand
Endo Stand

Keeps up to 40 instruments close at hand Constructed of autoclavable aluminum with a stainless...

View Endo Stand

Image for Lentulo spiral fillers
Lentulo spiral fillers

ISO color-coded instrument has consistently spaced spirals which provide outstanding flexibility in distributing root canal sealer...

View Lentulo spiral fillers

Image for AH Plus®
AH Plus®

Paste/paste manual mix root canal sealer compatible with any obturation filling technique. Excellent radiopacity. Superior...

View AH Plus®

Image for AH 26®
AH 26®

Resin-based root canal sealer is a non-acrylic and eugenol-free. Excellent radiopacity. Suitable for cold and...

View AH 26®

Image for AH Plus® Jet™
AH Plus® Jet™

The time-tested formula of AH Plus in a double-barrel automix syringe. Ready-to-use efficiency with no...

View AH Plus® Jet™