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Dental Alloys & Amalgamator Supplies

Safco Dental Supply offers a wide range of high-quality dental alloys, as well as solutions for amalgam waste recycling and dental amalgamators. Our products and services are designed to meet the unique needs of dental professionals, providing reliable and efficient solutions for your practice.

Types of Dental Alloy Supplies We Offer:

  • Alloys: we offer a wide range of dental dispersed or spherical alloys in a variety of different metal compositions including silver, copper, tin and palladium, providing exceptional strength and durability as fillings for various dental applications.

  • Amalgam waste recycling: our selection of safe and efficient recycling solutions for dental amalgam waste, ensure compliance with environmental regulations and reduce the risk of exposure to harmful materials.

  • Amalgamators: Our selection of high-quality amalgamators like the Ivoclar Silamat® S6 provide efficient mixing of dental amalgam, ensuring a consistent and reliable mix every time.

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At Safco Dental Supply, we offer a wide range of high-quality dental alloys and related products to meet your clinical needs. From dental amalgam recycling to amalgamators and alloys, we provide the tools you need to provide effective, efficient care for your patients. Browse our entire selection of dental supplies today to find the ideal solutions for your practice.

Image for Safco Conform™ Spherical Alloy
Safco Conform™ Spherical Alloy

Our fast-setting silver spherical alloy offers the ultimate in strength, fracture resistance, and “ditching” while...

View Safco Conform™ Spherical Alloy

Image for Permite

Sealing qualities are not affected by moisture. Excellent margin adaptation especially after burnishing. Alloy type:...

View Permite

Image for Ultra™ silver alloy
Ultra™ silver alloy

Alloy type: Dispersed phase Self-activating: Yes Compressive strength @24 hrs: 58,000 psi Metal composition: Silver...

View Ultra™ silver alloy

Image for Original D®
Original D®

Alloy type: Dispersed phase Self-activating: Yes Compressive strength @24 hrs: 76,150 psi Metal composition: Silver...

View Original D®

Image for GS-80

Alloy type: Dispersed phase Self-activating: Yes Compressive strength @24 hrs: 73,950 psi Metal composition: Silver...

View GS-80

Image for Lojic ®
Lojic ®

High silver, high strength spherical amalgam. Alloy type: Spherical Self-activating: Yes Compressive strength @24 hrs:...

View Lojic ®

Image for Valiant®

Palladium enriched for remarkably high early strengths. Blue Sure-Cap® capsules. Regular set. Alloy type: Spherical...

View Valiant®

Image for Valiant® Ph.D.®
Valiant® Ph.D.®

Palladium-enriched dispersed phase alloy featuring superior handling characteristics, corrosion resistance and exceptional compressive strength. Patented...

View Valiant® Ph.D.®

Image for Amalgon®

Convenient mail-in container for safe disposal of all amalgam-contaminated items: amalgam removals, chairside traps, filters, and scrap amalgam. When...

View Amalgon®

Image for Solmetex<sup>®</sup> NXT Hg5® Amalgam Separator
Solmetex® NXT Hg5® Amalgam Separator

ISO 11143 certified and meets or exceeds all state and federal requirements for the safe...

View Solmetex® NXT Hg5® Amalgam Separator

Image for Acadia Plus
Acadia Plus

Amalgam separator features an extra-large collection container capable of capturing up to a years worth...

View Acadia Plus

Image for Solmetex® Amalgam Buckets
Solmetex® Amalgam Buckets

Recycling buckets for all amalgam waste including removed amalgam, capsules, traps, filters, and screens.  When...

View Solmetex® Amalgam Buckets

Image for ECO II+ amalgam separator
ECO II+ amalgam separator

Designed to work with all vacuum systems, wet or dry. Compact design, zero maintenance and...

View ECO II+ amalgam separator

Image for Cap Mixer CM-II
Cap Mixer CM-II

View Cap Mixer CM-II

Image for DMG Variable Speed Amalgamator
DMG Variable Speed Amalgamator

The DMG Variable Speed Amalgamator features a powerful high-torque motor, a durable case and choice of...

View DMG Variable Speed Amalgamator

Image for Silamat® S6
Silamat® S6

Universal high speed (4,500 rpm) mixer that accommodates all popular amalgam and glass ionomer capsules...

View Silamat® S6

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