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Image for Solmetex<sup>®</sup> NXT Hg5® Amalgam Separator
Solmetex® NXT Hg5® Amalgam Separator

ISO 11143 certified and meets or exceeds all state and federal requirements for the safe...

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Image for Solmetex® Amalgam Buckets
Solmetex® Amalgam Buckets

Recycling buckets for all amalgam waste including removed amalgam, capsules, traps, filters, and screens.  When...

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Image for PowerScrub™ Vacuum Line Cleaner
PowerScrub™ Vacuum Line Cleaner

Neutral pH formula designed for use with the NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator but compatible with...

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Image for PowerSonic™ Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution
PowerSonic™ Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution

General purpose ultrasonic cleaning solution is plant and mineral based, and 100% enzyme free. Catalytic...

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Image for NXT DryVac™ Tankless Dry Vacuum
NXT DryVac™ Tankless Dry Vacuum

Designed for high performance operation, low acquisition cost and engineered for durability with virtually no...

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Image for FastCheck15<sup>™</sup>

Quick, 15-minute in-office water bacteria test to monitor water quality. Detects microbials exceeding 500 CFU/ml....

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