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Image for Aspirating syringes - Septodont
Aspirating syringes - Septodont

Stainless steel syringes with no removable parts to lose or break off. Standard (gold): larger...

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Image for Dentapen

Powered anesthetic injector provides a more comfortable, practical and effortless injection. Battery-powered; cordless. Delivers consistent...

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Image for Biodentine® XP
Biodentine® XP

Provides clinicians with an optimal solution for vital pulp therapy. It is a highly-pure bioactive...

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Image for Biodentine®

Bioactive dentin substitute, in single-dose capsules, replaces natural dentin with similar mechanical behavior and properties....

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Image for R.T.R. Membrane
R.T.R. Membrane

Biocompatible Type I bovine Achilles tendon collagen. The absorbable, implantable material creates a barrier to...

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Image for R.T.R.+ Syringe
R.T.R.+ Syringe

Sterile and fully resorbable synthetic bone grafting material. Ideal osteogenic matrix mimics human bone. Available...

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Image for Septoject® XL needles
Septoject® XL needles

Boxes clearly marked "Block" or "Infiltration" make it easier to choose the right needle for...

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Image for Septoject® needles
Septoject® needles

Bevel indicator for needle tip orientation. Tri-beveled tip for smooth, easy insertion. Plastic, pre-threaded hub...

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Image for Ultra Safety Plus Twist XL
Ultra Safety Plus Twist XL

Sterile, single-use, self-aspirating syringe system. Features a patented locking system for increased ease of use...

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Image for Septoject® Evolution needles
Septoject® Evolution needles

Innovative and patented scalpel-designed bevel engineered for a smoother penetration with less tissue displacement. Reduces...

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Image for OraVerse®

Click here to see full prescribing information Local anesthesia reversal agent restores normal sensation to...

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Image for Septocaine®

Articaine HCl 4% and epinephrine injection, USP. 1.7ml cartridges.

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Image for Lignospan®

Lidocaine HCl 2% and epinephrine injection, USP. 1.7ml cartridges.

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Image for Paroject®

"Pen-style" intraligamental syringe accepts standard needles and delivers 0.06cc of anesthetic per click from any...

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Image for Septodont hand cream®
Septodont hand cream®

Permeates the skin to replenish the moisture lost from frequent washing; also forms an effective...

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Image for BioRoot™ Flow
BioRoot™ Flow

Permanent mineral-based root canal sealer for all obturation techniques (warm and cold). Proprietary Active Biosilicate...

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Image for BioRoot™ RCS
BioRoot™ RCS

Bioactive mineral-based permanent root canal sealer provides outstanding adhesion to dentin and gutta percha. Uses...

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Image for OraSoothe® SOCKIT Gel
OraSoothe® SOCKIT Gel

Hydrogel dressing treats intraoral wounds and lesions. Provides fast, continuous pain relief without numbing. Protects...

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Image for Lidocaine Ointment USP, 5% (jars)
Lidocaine Ointment USP, 5% (jars)

Lidocaine ointment USP 5%, amide-based topical anesthetic designed to improve patient comfort before anesthetic injection...

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Image for DycloPro

Dyclonine hydrochloride topical solution, USP 0.5%. Topical anesthetic indicated for anesthetizing accessible mucous membranes prior...

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