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Image for SciCan STATIM Replacement Parts
SciCan STATIM Replacement Parts

STATIM 2000 & 5000 Cassette seal and lube kits - replace every 500 cycles or...

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Image for Optim® 1
Optim® 1

Ready-to-use hydrogen peroxide-based surface cleaner offering a 1-minute broad-spectrum contact time, including for TB. It...

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Image for Optim® 33TB
Optim® 33TB

A fast and convenient one-step disinfectant surface cleaner offering a 1-minute bactericidal and virucidal claim...

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Image for OPT<em>IM</em><sup>®</sup> 1 Wipes
OPTIM® 1 Wipes

One minute broad-spectrum contact time. 30-second virucidal contact time is effective against the Novel Coronavirus...

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Image for Optim® 33TB Wipes
Optim® 33TB Wipes

Mild hydrogen peroxide formula effectively kills a wide range of common bacteria in one minute....

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Image for STATCARE<sup>™</sup> Spray

Maintain your handpieces with this one-step lubricating spray. Increases the life of dental handpieces. Cleans and...


Image for STATMATIC™ Spray

One step, pre-sterilization, cleaning and lubricating spray for handpiece maintenance. The STATMATIC™ spray provides lubrication...


Image for Hydrim® cleaning solutions
Hydrim® cleaning solutions

Cleaning solutions specially formulated to work with SciCan series L and series C instrument washers....

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